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Unreported cases will take this epidemic over the 5000 mark. It is probably only safe for tourists if they stay in the resorts. Most resorts have a spraying program to kill mosquitos.

Minimal risk of Dengue Fever in tourism areas

07:07 Today


Taken from/By: Google Report by: Ritika Pratap

The Health Ministry has assured tourists there is little risk to visitors from the Dengue Fever outbreak in certain parts of the country.

To date a total of 2,589 Fijians have been tested positive to the mosquito-borne disease, however there are no international visitors among the confirmed cases.

The Ministry says on the Coral Coast where several major resorts are situated – the 30 people diagnosed with Dengue Fever are locals who contracted the disease elsewhere in the country.

And while there are 255 suspected cases around the airport town of Nadi, none of them are from the main resort island of Denarau.

The Ministry says no outbreak has been reported on Denarau itself, where health authorities are working with resort operators on prevention measures.

To date Central division recorded the most number of cases which stands at 1,635.

International visitors, like the locals, are being advised to take the usual precautions, including the use of mosquito repellent and the lighting of coils and pads.


22 thoughts on “Unreported cases will take this epidemic over the 5000 mark. It is probably only safe for tourists if they stay in the resorts. Most resorts have a spraying program to kill mosquitos.

  1. Educate the people,Eradicate the cause, Treat the infected.

    For the umpteen time the ministry must educate the people on the causation and eradication of such viruses.

    Have people of Fiji gotten dumber,oops! they were never intelligent.

  2. Jeke

    Are on a high or what? I don’t have a clue what you are on about but you certainly have the courage to continue supporting your master…the doppy Bai.

  3. sai.

    Why don’t you use your real name, are ashamed of the name you parents gave you or do you fell intelligent using other peoples name?

    it is hardly a sign of courage now is it?

    But than again people of your ilk suffer from the disease others have suffered from and that is the the joining of two bodily parts into one which on all accounts is a birth defect.

    It is very hard to separate your mouth from your cici.

  4. sai.

    Don’t be embarrassed of your real name. you must pluck up the courage and use the name your parents gave you.

    Than again courage was always your weakness.

  5. Jeke

    Why should I be embarrassed when I am using my real name.

    Unlike you; how many names have you used in this forum?

    Your overrated intelligence has always been your weakness no matter what name you use.

  6. sai.

    You not lack courage but you are very good in lying, something I might add is genetic.

    What name did your parents blessed you with?

    One can only guess its probably a name like sona-ua maybe or is it one that demeans your not only your character but minuscule intelligence.

    What ever it is, you boy/girl ought not to be ashamed of your native Fijian name se vakacava toce.

  7. It’s as clear as day that a cover-up by the illegal & treasonous regime is in play.

    There is a serious national health crisis happening yet the ‘Minister’ is nowhere to be seen and the taxpaying public is supposed to take comfort from a redheaded country bumpkin who can’t even ensure that the numbers they bandy about daily are the same.

    To add insult to the injury the regime is just galvanizing themselves into action with spraying when the horse has already bolted and they seem more concerned about tourists then they are their own citizens.

  8. And what government would not be concerned about the tourists?

    Just how much more do you idiots in Fiji expect a government to do for you, get off your arses and buy your own spray and spray your own villages, clean up your filth. You live in the tropics what the hell do you expect and why it it always someone else’s responsibility?

  9. A new Decree is being released by KaiAss called ” Save the Army/Tourist Decree”


    Signed : KaiAss and Baicici

  10. Yea whatever anon. The illegal and treasonous regime have fucked up badly plonking bridges, houses, roads here and there to woo rural voters, flitted all around the Pacific to beg for friendship and yet basic healthcare for its citizens is a joke because they diverted meager national healthcare resources towards Neil Sharma’s harebrained schemes.

    Too late — the chickens have come home to roost.

  11. It’s time you realise you can not have it all. On one hand you have the villagers crying out for water and roads and on the other hand the sick people crying out for better hospitals.

    Fiji’s problem is that there are too many who WANT but contribute nothing towards these WANTS.

    Just think of the amount of mosquito sprayers and spray that could have been purchased by the WANTERS if they had saved the money they have gained from school fees, grog purchase and building so many churches, but this of course is forward thinking.

  12. My man VB’s Govt will lead the nation in taking care of this dengue problem.

    Various plans are being implemented and this problem will be contained.

    All these done for the benefit of all Fijians.

    VB values our health.

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  13. @ Nabua Princy
    the doctors from St Giles are looking for you . your treatment is not finished yet.please return voluntarily or else we will have to send our “best ever” police to get you.

  14. @ anon little cockroach

    Hehehehehe ……………………… you ungrateful borthy!

    My man VB even cares for the health of people like you who have contributed nothing.

    VB my man cares for all Fijians and he will continuously work for a better and safer and brighter Fiji.

    Vinaka VB – Fiji’s best ever PM.

  15. @Nabua Princy
    you need a whack on the head with my truncheon to knock some sense into your thick head you regime borthy levu!!

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