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Australia offers “Partner of Choice” in exchange for taking refugees?

Australia wants Fiji recognition

07:12 Today


Taken from/By: Report by: Mika Loga

The Australian government says, it wants Fiji to regard it as a partner of choice in trade, investment, development assistance, educational exchanges and in private and public sector exchanges.

After her talks with Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama last Friday, the Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, is hoping her government’s messages to the Fijian government was well received.

“I hope I was able to convey my enthusiasm for a deeper engagement between Australia and Fiji with Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.”

Australia was overwhelmed with its encounter with the Fijian government, and has pledged to better and deepen their diplomatic relations in the months and years ahead.

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8 thoughts on “Australia offers “Partner of Choice” in exchange for taking refugees?

  1. Isnt it interesting to note the difference in attitude between Julie Bishop and Helen Clarke in their interaction with coup leader Voreqe Bainimarama? While Bishop was gushing and just about falling over (or into his arms??) Bainimarama, Clarke frostily refused to sit next to him at a regional meeting. What a snub! And how sickeningly fawning Bishop looked as she locked hands with the dictator! If her attitude is any indication of what to expect from Australia in the coming months, god help Fiji in its efforts to return to genuine democracy. The signs are hardly encouraging.

  2. aare yaar these gang put out the red carpet for the fascist ruler of Sri lanka!!
    what to expect ? ( accompanied by side to side nodding of the head!!)

  3. Commenting from Australia I can honestly state that Bishop is not a seasoned politician esp. in the area of foreign affairs. She is trying to make her bones and unfortunately it is the people of Fiji who will suffer the consequences of her pandering to BaiKai. Kai is only worried about him getting travel privileges to Aust. Not doubt once elections come he will swiftly apply to regain his residency status in Aust. McCully rightly has the cautious approach. Maybe Bishop is just playing along… Politics brings all types to the trough. Look at the current Fiji illegal govt.

  4. Ya. It’s not rocket science to understand that Bishop is delving into things clearly beyond her ‘federal only’ capabilities.

    She gives Bainimarama an AFL jersey (Australian rules football). Was it too hard for her Canberra posse to figure out that the irrelevance of that gesture is akin to giving cricket merchandise to Obama?

    Perhaps that was the intention. Token gestures and grandstanding until the goods are delivered.

  5. Guys, lets be honest here: The Abbott regime has a lot in common with Khaiyum’s rule of Fiji. Look how Australian Unions are being viciously attacked by Abbott. It would not surprise me if some form of the essential industries decree is in the making in Oz.

    But what this “reengagement” with Khaiyum and his thugs is all about are Australia’s problem with their Asylum seekers. Look what happened yesterday in Maunus Island. Refugees staged a major riot which left 77 injured and one dead. The PNG media have been all over the place and the story is making international headlines. This would not have happendend if the concentration camps were in Fiji. The RFMF thugs and the media laws would have kept a tight grip on this. So what we see is the attempt of a right wing government to move their refugee problem out of sight, no more no less.

  6. At least it will again be known on record that yet another Australian government has again followed the path of its former administrations to warm up to the dictatorship and forget about its criminal past for political expediency and commercial interests sake! And its not surprising to see Australia keenly selling its refugee management plan to Fiji in recent talk, asking Fiji and other islands to participate in the scheme because building stable democracies is not the priority but building isles of refugees. Australia’s tendencies and record on the issue of refugees and asylum seekers is certainly not a clean bill as the record of Nauru shows us! So as we assess what is beginning to unfold, we are witnessing yet again the shabby mannerisms of the Pacific continent’s style of engaging to suit its own interest. Australia has always engaged with China without denouncing China’s human rights record! It has always allowed shipment of uranium and other nuclear proliferating material across Pacific waters, threatening sea life to the islands without airing any concern. Australia has been this kind of sheriff all along – a sheriff that does not protect its neighbors but itself! We can obviously see from all the years of its engagement with Fiji (since Fiji’s independence) that nothing has really turned out well except for the persisting Fiji coups and the casual falling back into each others arms for political expediency and commercial interest sake! And so the Fiji coup problem does not really go away and the agenda to promote stable democracy fades even further into oblivion! Is this what the new Security Council member should be judge on? Absolutely because you cannot prove to be worthy in big challenges if you are not worthy in small ones. Fiji’s coups has been a persistent problem at Australia’s doorstep that Australia just can’t seem to find a lasting solution to, except pat the back of the criminal who overthrew the government in the first place!! What a way to manage unlawful, undemocratic Pacific island affairs, let alone manage asylum and refugees!!

  7. The following Cambodian example should provide some relevant background on Australian foreign policy towards the regime in Fiji.
    to Hong Lim a Victorian MP born in Cambodia says Australia should put pressure on the country of his birth over a crackdown on protesting garment workers which left 5 people dead.
    He told ABC’s Jim Middleton (25/2) that the Cambodian elections was rigged and Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop asking Cambodia to take in some asylum seekers amounted to an endorsement of the brutal rogue Cambodian regime.
    Cambodia Watch – Australia
    The Abbot government wants to send some asylum seekers to Cambodia at a time when the country’s strongmen Prime Minister Hun Sen is overseeing a brutal crackdown on dissent in one of south east Asia’s poorest nations…

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