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Political parties need breathing space: Bishop

07:05 Today


Taken from/By: FBC News Report by: Mika Loga

The Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group has called for more breathing space and full engagement of political parties in the electoral process.

The Group however has noted significant progress in the area since their last visit in April 2013.

FMCG members and Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says, political parties should be able to meet freely and campaign openly in the lead up to the elections.

“We’ve encouraged Fiji to ensure that it adopts laws and practices that encourage freedom of speech, freedom of the media, freedom of association and freedom of assembly. These are the fundamental values of a democracy and I feel sure that Fiji would want to embrace these freedoms as underpinning the return to democratic rule in this country.”

Ministerial Contact Group Chairman Murray McCully describes their encounters with political parties, trade unions and the government as positive adding this might just be the last time the Group will visit before the general election.

“We’ll just wait and see as we get a little bit closer to the time but if things work out we would certainly hope this is our last formal visit here. We may well be able to do the next stage which is report back after the elections based on the Observer Missions that are here that would be our preference.”

The Ministerial Contact left Fiji on Saturday.


8 thoughts on “Political parties need breathing space: Bishop

  1. These are the fundamental values of a democracy and I feel sure that Fiji would want to embrace these freedoms

    Fiji wants to embrace it, but I don’t think that Frank and Aiyaz want to embrace anything but their own selfish best interests...

  2. Why doesn’t she come out and say what she really means? By give them ‘space to breathe’ she means get their thug cowardly hands of their throats!!! Overall however she has to be congratulated for giving the cowardly thug bhaini and his master the treasonous khaiyum SFA while she gave them another cheap cocktail!!!

  3. Bishop is a fool, at least McCully isnt totally fooled but KaiBai. The constitution itself implicitly limits the right of assoc within the statement of essential national services. Bishop is nothing more than sheep dressed as lamb. She is out of her depth here.

  4. what political parties in Fiji need is democratic space to get on with doing the job they are meant to do for the public good and the national good.
    that is the legitimate right of political parties in a free society.
    Fiji is not a free society
    It is under a dictatorship
    and a dictatorship does not believing in giving genuine democratic space to anybody.
    but that of course does not stop it from making appropriate noises about “democratic reforms”
    that’s where the international mob get sucked in.

  5. Frank doesn’t need to embrace anything in fact he epitomises democracy, Fiji couldn’t if they tried to find a down to earth honest leader only because Frank is walking embodiment of such ideals.

    Aren’t the people of Fiji lucky?

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