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Military Commander also told his soldiers, the path the military is heading on won’t change, despite the change in leadership.

Elections win will be a bonus: PM

07:08 Today


Taken from/By: Report by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama says winning the elections will be a bonus considering the tremendous work the military has done so far.

Speaking at his farewell church service at the Sukanaivalu Barracks in Labasa yesterday, Bainimarama says this was part of his conversation with Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop during their historical meeting last Friday.

“We were talking about elections and I told her , if I win the elections it will be a bonus. The military has done a huge job in changing people’s views to see clearly the dark times Fiji lived in before. We now have a new constitution. A constitution that allows us, who are being paid, to work extra hard and to provide services to those Fijians who rely on us.”

And with only a couple of weeks left before he steps down, the Military Commander also told his soldiers, the path the military is heading on won’t change, despite the change in leadership.

“When I say there will be no change, there will be no change in the government leadership, I will still be the Prime Minister until the elections. The path of the military is taking will not change as well. My trust is on the senior officers here that they will lead the military on the direction we are going since 2000.”

Bainimarama is expected to step down on the 28th of this month and will announce his new political movement early March.

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7 thoughts on “Military Commander also told his soldiers, the path the military is heading on won’t change, despite the change in leadership.

  1. The path of the RFMF won’t change because they are corrupted by the criminality of their leadership, who claim to be ‘following’ their own laws, but really just do whatever short-sighted idea that comes to them.

    One rule for Frank, the law for everyone else.

  2. R Sai we cant afford to go back to our old ways of leadership as it was just full of crap,selfish and corrupt, no please. the people of Fiji do oppose that

  3. @ Mack

    Whether its the old way, the new way, or the high way Bai will soon find out the reality of living without the power of guns. For one his word will not be law and people will be free to challenge him and demand accountability.

  4. @ mack

    And how many false-promises has your false-idol made to the people of Fiji?

    1. Promised to “clean” away corruption and encourage transparency: instead, Fiji is more corrupt than ever before and there is no transparency in his so-called government. He charged everyone with corruption but only managed to get Qarase on a charge from over 20 years ago – what BS.

    2. Promised that ‘no army officer would be involved in government: now, all government is army officers, including his own fat ass. Liar.

    3. Promised to investigate assaults, murders and Speights coup: Nothing. Everything is brushed under the rug and ignored, because he was the main perpetrator of those crimes.

    So much for the “old” v the “new”. The new ways of bullshit and lies has cost the country a decade of growth and a dark stain on our history.

  5. Mack – the language used by the leader who committed the ultimate crime is deceptive and misleading and is targeted only at the ignorant. For the wise the lies and deceptive ploys are clear as daylight! A criminal lecturing Fiji about the misdeeds of past governments without questioning the legality of his own rule, is exhibiting limitless hypocrisy!! A person at the heart of Fiji’s problem and terminal decline cannot be seriously seen as Fiji’s prophet and savior.That is the saddest joke one expects to hear and that is what the dictator expects everyone to buy. Its not a one way story though because citizens are wiser and understanding enough to question – the self-imposed transformation of a person who overthrew an elected government for personal reasons in the first place! How can one who unlawfully overthrew the government we elected, re-incarnate himself as the savior of the nation! Is he trustworthy enough, leave aside the money and assistance he has been bribing us with? Haven’t we heard this kind of question before? How can the man who overtook our government and helped himself to the state’s wealth along with his friends impose himself on us as the best leader? Is his record credible enough? Should we allow him to lead us, given that all he’s been doing over the past months and years is buying our support? These are worthy questions. The more important issue is – How can Fiji find itself on the path of justice and righteousness where democratic stability is secured, with this kind of self-imposed reincarnation and deceptive style? This is the bugging challenge that citizens are more awake to now. Past model whereby election is staged to legitimise illegal rule will not work easily because people have realised they have been duped in the past! Freedom, democracy and stable government don’t come from criminals who reincarnate themselves as saviors and stage-manage election to meet their own ends. That reflects more of an animal farm, not a nation of people with real feelings and emotions that express themselves. .

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