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Fiji to take Refugees?

Although the Fiji government will be well aware of this correct history, it will also know the underlying reason for the rapprochement being sought by the current Australian government. What the Tony Abbott-led coalition wants desperately is for Fiji to assist with its “Pacific Solution”. By using whatever influence PM Bainimarama has in the Melanesian Spearhead Group, the Australian government hopes that he will assist in finding more countries which will open refugee camps. Fiji too is on the radar as a settlement target. –


12 thoughts on “Fiji to take Refugees?

  1. Lets make a deal Ms Bishop: The PNG guys obviously can’t manage the asylum seekers as yesterdays events on Manus have shown. Fiji’s RFMF is in a much better position to deter these refugees. We torture and beat the crap out of the first lot arriving in Fiji and the rest will stay where they are. We charge less than PNG for the favour as long as Ms Bishop pays aunty Nur her commission and keeps her mouth shut about Free and Fair Elections.

  2. and recall Mr Bainimaramas administration repelling any Aus or NZ influence – claiming that they’re the reason for stalling development in the Pacific.

  3. Send all the refugees to Fiji, Fiji has unused land that these people will gladly use and most probably be very productive at it,

    In fact I have no doubt they would be better citizens than the indigens.

    All the indigens are good for is lying and being gutless.

  4. Before playing good samaritan to the rest of the Pacific our Government should first pay the wages of the new nurses and doctors taken into the Ministry of Health in this years intake.

    Since the start of this year none have received any wages.

    Students who graduated with MBBS and Nursing Degrees from FSM and National University of Fiji have been working without pay since January 1st.

  5. I am sure there are many in Fiji who are likely to seek refuge in Australia or NZ from this repressive dictatorship. Come on Ms Bishop can’t you wait till after election to start dealing with a duly elected government in Fiji. And by that I mean a freely, fairly and credibly elected government. It is not too long now. And if all goes fair and square whoever wins will have the mandate to represent the people.

  6. Another spin doctor at full speed. How the anti regime bloggers try and justify the stance of forum ministers, a stark contrast to when they gave a low rating previously.

    The bottom line is that fiji is moving forward to elections. If u don’t like it, don’t stand. I find FLP’s response as gutter, self centred and backward.

    I can’t wait to see what excuse MPC will have when he goes to the dock next month. For someone who was a bigger architect than ASK, I say, thank god his lies has finally caught up with him.

  7. I read in the fiji sun dated 15-2-14, FLP leader trying to take credit for the economic growth in 1999. As a student of Prof Narsey, I remembered that the FLP only xcame to power in the middle of 1999, so how can he take credit for the growth. SVT should be credit for the growth as it was their budget.

    The FLP leader also lies about the 2% devaluation when it was actually 20% due to the crisis in Asia. This devalution in 1998 resulted in a rise in tourist numbers which Mr chaudary wants to take credit for. Why is he taking credit when he criticised the devaluation.

    Mr chaudary also wants to take credit for the sugar production in 1999. We all know that by the time he came to power, the crushing was about to start. So how can he boast about cane production. Against, he is taking to take the shine away from SVT.

    Chaudary is a manipulator who tells half truths. Just like he lied about his money or millions in Aust.

  8. Just like everything the common Fijian will face, the devil is in the details. Asylum seekers, mismanaged super funds, crooked politicians, all playing their role, while the so call Christian nation rolls on. The challenge again falls on the churches, a weak, self centered lot. When Ms Bishop was there you had your chances to present a case. To all the so call Christians in Fiji ya all a bunch of lazy hypocrites!

  9. Bainimarama ‘s son will execute the next coup if dad losses the coming election, he has got a private army disguising as a private security company and they are given excesses to all facilities at the army camp, mark my word people of Fiji .

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