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Fiji….. the way the world should be

Bashing gangs terrorise central Suva area: Victims robbed, left in street

A wave of unprovoked bashings accompanied by robbery has swept an area of about one aquare mile in central Suva, where people walking alone at night have fallen victim to young louts.

At least five cases of robbery with violence are known to have taken place in the heavily populated area bounded by Albert Park Road, Mitchell, Gordon, Kimberly and Loftus Streets, and Victoria Parade.

Mr F.H Gardiner of Duncan Road, said that about a week ago he had a meal at the Golden Dragon Restaurant soon after 11pm and decided to walk home.

He walked up Goodenough Street and when he got near the Presbyterian Church, a figure darted out from behind a parked car and punched him.

Mr Gardiner said he hit his head on the concrete kerb as he fell. While he lay bleeding on the road, he could make out two young men going through his pockets.

However, they got away with only about 80c and a pair of spectacles in a plastic case.


6 thoughts on “Fiji….. the way the world should be

  1. the man’s lucky to be alive to tell the tale.
    he could have easily lost his life when his head hit the concrete kerb after being punched.
    bet you he won’t be walking around at night anymore in Paradise.

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