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FICTU wants trade unionists to be able to contest elections


Publish date/time: 16/02/2014 [09:07]

The Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions General Secretary Attar Singh is still asking for a fair constitution as he said the current constitution is denying trade unionists from contesting the elections.

Singh presented some of these issues to the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group during a meeting yesterday.

There is an audio file attached to this story. Please login to listen.

He said the contact group has noted these issues.

Singh has also highlighted that he is not part of any political party at the moment although he has spoken at National Federation Party meetings.

Story by: Prasheel Chandra


16 thoughts on “FICTU wants trade unionists to be able to contest elections

  1. So these parasites want to be supported by their union members PLUS all the countries taxpayers.

    Sai may want her politicians splitting their effort between union and government work but the majority of sane taxpayers want value for their money.

  2. we all know who are the parasites – the biggest parasites – Fiji had had in its history.
    any one wants to make a guess
    no prizes though for guessing!

  3. Attar Singh ought to count his lucky stars he is in full time employment at the behest of union members.

    Fiji do not need union reps infact these types of people are the worst type of parasites, because they do as little as possible for thier members and expect to be remunerated handsomely.

  4. @Sai

    Unfortunately in Fiji where the mass of the population has not evolved and still needs others to wipe it’s ass, teach them how to cross a road and keep clean there is a need to curtail the so called freedoms that certain parasitic individuals will use to exploit the dumb.

    Of course, the dumb are unlikely to recognise this.

  5. @ jerk ke
    the worst type of parasites are the ones who appointed themselves ministers, PM and President and have paid themselves handsomely without disclosing to the people of Fiji how much.
    how come you have not noticed these parasites?

  6. Union members need to know the salaries and other perks of their union leaders.

    Taxpayers need to know the salaries and other perks of PM, Arse and the rest of them.

  7. and that is democratic accountability and transparency means. they are public officials operating in a free and open society and not mafia thugs operating in a dark closed society.

  8. each dog will have his or her day as the saying goes.

    whether someone is crooking , doing evil or doing good ,the day is coming for judgement.

    not here on earth but in GOD’s chambers where no one is allowed to engage or bring a lawyer.

    each will account for his or herself with GOD ALMIGHTY .

    The thief or kingdom of darkness or law breakers cometh to steal, kill and destroy , I cometh ( YAHSHUA ) and followers to give life in all its fullness and overflowing . john 10 verse 10.

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