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Australia offer more assistance towards elections

08:49 Today


Taken from/By: FBC Report by: Mika Loga

The Australian government has expressed its willingness to offer more assistance towards Fiji’s elections by September 30th.

In an exclusive interview with FBC News, Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says, her government is committed to helping Fiji restore full democratic rule.

Australia is already assisting Fiji’s electoral process  with some technical expertise.

“Australia would offer Australian observers , we can offer technical assistance and we want to do what we can to help Fiji hold free and fair elections that reflect the will of the people of Fiji. We’re delighted so many people in  Fiji have registered to vote. I think that’s a very positive sign that people are ready for any election and looking forward to it”.

Meanwhile, the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group Chairperson and New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully says, the Ministers have been received  assurances by Attorney General Aiyaz Saiyed-Khaiyum, on the early appointment of  the Supervisor of Elections.

“its not for me to announce the dates but what I can say is that in relation to both the election rules and the appointment of an Elections Supervisor, we were given very strong assurances by the Attorney General that those matters would be dealt with eminently, so we were satisfied with his response”.

The Forum Ministers Group are also looking forward to thee early release of the Elections Decree and legal framework for elections.


7 thoughts on “Australia offer more assistance towards elections

  1. “So we are satisfied with his (iarse) response” What dumb and gullible comment. By not giving a timeline when do you think the appointments and other requirements will be made. Next week, next month or two or three or a week before election. And everyhting seemed to be controlled by the iAG. This is the man who is responsible for manufacturing the election process so that bai will win.

  2. so touching to know Julie Bishop’s government will be giving more assistance to the rogue military regime in fiji to conduct the elections.
    only a very short time back Julie Bishop was thinking of asking an Australian Colin Russel to payback the costs of counsellor assistance he received from Bishop’s government. Russel had been arrested and detained in Russia for protesting oil drilling in the Arctic. The Australian was doing something for the good of planet earth.
    And by contrast Bishop’s government had assured the drug smuggler Schappele Corby that she will not be ask to pay for the assistance she received. Here is someone who was out to do harm to the Indonesian people.
    Now you draw your own conclusion about the Bishop government.

  3. So under all the diplo-ese what’s really changed in the Australian stance where the illegal & treasonous regime is concerned? Not alot.

    Bolatiki of the SunK is naively swooning over the ‘warm words’ but they seem like nebulous platitudes of conditionality.

  4. McCully : “First of all we recognised the substantial progress that’s been made…”
    What substantial progress, you idiot?
    The same people who unlawfully seized power on 5 Dec 2006 are still holding the country hostage.
    How can that be described as “substantial progress”?
    First of all you are an unfit person – a person without backbone – to ask the Bainimarama dictatorship the hard questions .
    it’s a waste to have people like you come to check on what concrete steps have been taken to dismantle the Fijian dictatorship and return the country to genuine democractic rule.
    you a rubbish falla.

  5. take a good look at the photo in the Fiji Times of MCG chair McCully addressing the media and his MCG members looking on (FT 16/2)
    Mc Cully looks like he doesn’t know what the fuck he is saying
    and the 3 Pacific islander members look very constipated
    perhaps they had had TOO MUCH of the Fijian hospitality put out for them by the Fijian dictator.
    the only woman in the photo is there to make the photo look nice because all the men look shit.!

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