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ABC reporting a case by case visa will be issued but senior coup plotters not welcome until after the election.

No clear answers on travel sanctions

15:08 Fri Feb 14, 2014


Taken from/By: ABC Report by: Edwin Nand

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop hasn’t given any clear answers on when travel sanctions against members of the Bainimarama government will be lifted.

Before leaving for Fiji, Bishop spoke to ABC in Australia, saying the issue will be discussed with Fijian leaders over the next two days.

“Our travel sanctions on figures in the Fijian government are under review. I have had very productive discussions with Foreign Minister Kubuabola about this and I expect to have discussions this weekend as well.”

Bishop is here with the Pacific Island Forum Ministerial Contact Group but will also be having bilateral meetings with Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama during her visit.

She stresses that Canberra has relaxed its stand on the travel ban in recent years.

“Exemptions have been made, visas have been granted. Arrangements have been made particularly on compassionate grounds. So as we move towards September, I’m ensuring that the visa arrangements remain under review and hopefully, we’ll be able to make some announcements about that.”

The Liberal Party, during elections in Australia had committed to normalizing relations with Fiji.


32 thoughts on “ABC reporting a case by case visa will be issued but senior coup plotters not welcome until after the election.

  1. yeah normalize relations even if the Fijian regime today is the same old regime that grabbed power unlawfully over 7 years ago. why then all the impotent noise about it being a pariah state not in conformity with the world democratic community etc etc?
    what’s changed?
    Fiji is still a Bainimarama dictatorship, isn’t it?
    The hypocrisy of the diplomatic dialogue stinks like cow die finis !

  2. and when will senior coup plotters be hauled before a court of law to face justice?
    Is that a matter of concern?
    Should that be a matter of concern – if we want to seriously end the coup culture?

  3. Anon huh that wont happen,you have turned the whole story right round into garbage,why should they face justice when they did not take over Govt. It was the president who had given them executive authority to correct all the wrongs of previous Govt s.Look at what we have achieved so far,a 3.6 growth rating which will surely be the answer to all your queries,what say anon

  4. @ mackeral
    the President was a senile old fool who didn’t even know whether he was awake or asleep!!
    mackeral, you one of the senior plotters?

  5. Mack you must be misguided.

    Bainimarma and Khayium are thugs and have committed treason.

    They will face it when SOPDELA forms the government.

    All the growth figures are bullshit to suit the illegal regime.

    The fact is 50% people in Fiji live below poverty line.

    Mack go the supermarket and see the prices of food items.

    Get to basics!

    The thugs will not escape the law this time otherwise coup culture will never finish in Fiji.

    The thugs have filled their pocket with Bianimarma and Khayium earning over $1 million.

    People of Fiji are not fools!


  6. 8 years of robbery and of government finance by BAINI /KHAYIUM is enough for Fiji.

    These two must be taken to court for treason.

    This time it is no escape.

    Rajendra Chaudhry is preparing the documents for court. He is the only Fiji lawyer who has got the guts.

    All Sri Lankas in Fiji will be taken to task. They must be reminded this is Fiji.

    Start packing before the election!

    After the election it will be do or die.

  7. Anon

    Mack is a thug and must be part of group.

    Biani / Khayium’s account and assets will be frozen.

    Every one with them will have the same consequences.

    i taukei and Hindus do not vote Bainimarma.

    Only Muslims have benefited from the regime.

  8. Pleeese Ms Bishop take those unsavoury thugs and keep them forever. Australia is such a big country that the horrible odour which is wafting around them is not as disturbing as in our small Fiji.

  9. Ms Bishop is so naive to be supporting an illegal dictatorship. My advice to her is not to be surprised if this same lying thug lump her the way he did with so many others. But Mr McCully after all these years has not learnt his lesson. They have not even demanded for a free and fair elections. Cant they see that the current process the regime is manipulating is heading towards a rigged election? Is this accepatable to the principle of democracy which all pacific nations adhere to.

  10. 1. Which ever political party secures youth votes will win election.

    2. NFP/SDL/FLP must start paid advertisements in news papers to campaign.

    3. Despot is one man and one man only- he will be like a dog chasing his tail soon.

    4. Expose the corruption of junta and win election- files legal cases for court order for $1m year salary made public.

    5. NFP/FLP/SDL must promise to reverse the FNPF pension cut -win the election.

  11. after the elections – if and it’s a big if – there is a free and fair elections ( up to this point isn’t) the senior coup plotters should be going to jail
    not being welcome to Australia!!

  12. @ dredd
    just because somebody happens to carry the title of Foreign Minister it does not mean she is the fountain of wisdom. some very shitty people can become Foreign Minister. Look at the Fijian Foreign Minister . The man has been a part of every coup in Fiji! And the Australian Foreign Minister has just had a “productive” meeting with him. What more can one say about international diplomacy!
    Except that it’s mostly farcical.

  13. I agree.
    IK -the former bible student who had fallen from grace- is just as bad to the i Taukei as Khaiyum. The prick has just cancelled PNG High Comm Peter Efaeare’s.work visa in protest for his (Peter) not withdrawing his nomination for Forum Sec S.G. resulting in the unsuccessful bid for that position by another international snake I.Mataitoga.

  14. Bishop is sick talking to thugs who have had 8 years of filling their pockets.

    It is not enough so they want to rule for another 5 years.


    Thugs your place is Naboro.

    INOKE Kunbobola was involved in every coup.

    INOKE biggest crook.

    Has Bishop done her due diligent on these people before her visit.

    Is she there to expand business interest for Australians.

    What a shame?

    She goes and met the thugs!

  15. they are all good – all the tyrants and dictators – so long as they let the international partners come and do business without any fuss. Shah of Iran, Colonel Gaddafi, Ferdinand Marcos, Horse ni Muba crook, etc etc…
    never mind the denial of democratic rights and freedoms to the local people ( like Tony Abbot says some shit is bound to happen!)
    Bainimarama is not even in that class of despots.

  16. To Anon above re: RC

    You are shitting me. Firstly, RC is a shit lawyer. Secondly he has no ethics. He is on the same level as Aiyaz, big mouth and no brain.

    Is he your Saviour? Good luck moron.

  17. RC preparing court papers? Must be the biggest joke.

    His father mahend chor chaudary was one of the main person to give his shoulder to the coup. The hindu majority supported Mahend chor to take revenge of 2000.

    RC must first have to guts to come to fiji instead of inciting hatred for what he and his father sow in 2006.

    RC knows his father is going to naboro hotel soon. RC is enjoying the millions while papa will be eating cassava and tea.

    A support for RC and his papa is giving support for the coup.

  18. What percentage of fiji’s pop is christains, hindus and muslims. Christains are around 60%, hindus around 30%, muslims around 5%.

    So who has more influence on the outcome of the elections?

    I suspect, at least 70% of hindus will support Frank, much more than all muslims combined. So Frank will win based on hindu support. Mark my words.

  19. Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says it is not in Australia’s interest but in Fiji’s interest to ensure the legitimacy of the election result is not in doubt(Fiji Times 16/2).
    IT WILL ALWAYS BE IN DOUBT notwithstanding all the fancy words from the MCG and its superficial visit about progress being made.
    Fact is the people who UNLAWFULLY overthrew the democratic government 8 years ago and installed themselves as an “interim” government is still running the show and is in charge of the elections.
    You have to be stupid to think they will allow a free and fair election.
    People in power do not commit suicide. Free and fair elections would be suicidal for the unlawful power grabbers.
    They will make sure the elections see them back in power.
    That’s why the elections are being held.
    To give them legitimacy.
    Not to give the people the free choice to elect the government of their choice.
    Dictators never give the people free choice to do anything!

  20. The front page of Saturday’s Fiji Times shows a picture of the passing out parade of 256 new army recruits. This was once something to proud of but now it is a symbol and reminder of oppression and suppression. It is reminder that the power that took away our freedom is still ever present and increasing in numbers in case the oppressed decides to even think of doing something to regain their freedom. The dictator knows where his strength lies and is reinforcing and publicizing it to impress on the public of who has the power. The military has been a dilemma that has wrought three decades of instability in this beautiful country and leaders who see the military as an enabling force use it for their devious selfish objectives. They have plunged the country into poverty and regression. With this backdrop what is to say that come the 2014 election the military would be impartial and not do anything to jeopardize the democratic process if the dictator loses the election. This is the most serious concern in the scenario when someone other than bai winning the election. This question must be resolved now before the election. If not then we will be in for a continuum of our sad political history and all talk and efforts to re-establish democracy is a sheer waste of time and money.

  21. Christians 60 % will vote for SOPEDLA.

    Out of 30 % Hindus, 10 % will vote for SOPEDLA, 10% FLP, 5% NFP,5% BAINIMARMA.

    ALL Muslims hands down will vote for Bianimarma – 5% .

    SOPEDLA and FLP will form the next government.

    A vote to Bianimarma is a vote to Khayium.

    Khayium is like Koya who wanted to become P.M.

    Hindus want peace and not like Muslims filling their pockets.

    Native Fijians get together in churches, cities, town and villagers and never vote for Khayium who is the mastermind for Bainimarma.

    Both have taekn away GCC, LAND, ETC ETC..


  22. talk of “case by case” assessment of visa for coup plotters is hogwash
    Bishop government has made it clear it wants to normalize relations with the Bainimarama government
    what better way then to bent over backwards to give visas to the coup makers
    that’s why so many of them have already come and gone.
    talk of case by case is pulling wool over the eyes of the Australian public and the democratic opposition in Fiji.

  23. Annon 11.48am

    You must be a nut. Why would hindus vote for Sodelpa? To be murdured.

    No hindu will vote for Sodelpa. What did the SDL do foir the hindus? Nothing except hate them.

    The majority odf hindus in my temple will vote for Frank. He has made us all equal.

    frank will win becuase of hindu and poor fijian votes.

  24. except for all the exceptions to our hardline policy. No wonder Australia is seen as such a light touch in the region!!!

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