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They are regime propagandist who have abdicated their professional ethics.

In her appropriately titled coconut wireless column in the Fijian military regime’s mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun Jyoti Pratibha the paper’s foremost regime propagandist says she hopes the prominent Australian journalist Rowan Callick who is covering Foreign Minister Bishop’s fact finding visit to  Fiji ” will open his eyes and see the real Fiji today rather then the same tired old long distance views”. (FS 14/2)
We can count on Rowan Callick to get a proper handle on the ground realities in Fiji  given his journalistic professionalism. He has even been able to get a good grasp of the realities of  military rule in that country over the past 7 years from “long distance”.
We of course can’t say the same for some journalist in Fiji who can’t seem to see anything wrong with the military rule right under their nose!
It is not hard to see why particularly in the case of journalists like Jyoti Pratibha and the rest of the mob in the Fiji Sun.
They are regime propagandist who have abdicated their professional ethics.
Everyone in Fiji knows that.
Rajend Naidu

16 thoughts on “They are regime propagandist who have abdicated their professional ethics.

  1. No right thinking Fijian ever believes the Fiji Sun commenting on the illegal Fiji military dictatorship.

    Will the paper shed its old skin for a new one post election with Bainimarama defeated??? Let us see

  2. Yes Mack. List them. And we will list the corruption, lack of transparency and the large quantity of loans taken by your heroes to off-set the investment crunch and the downturn of the Fiji economy. Even today, they still haven’t made to account.

  3. As I said before Mack you are no Financial genius. What you borrow you MUST pay back; if you cant; our dollar will be worthless and guess who will suffer the most; the very people which VB is politicking to buy votes; the poor

  4. What VB will try to do is ‘pull a tonga’…say yes to any loans, then beg China to forgive the debt when the reality hits they actually have to pay it back. Pathetic. This is the sharp end of the ‘look north policy’

  5. VB canon,you count whatever corruption you may think but still it wont match corruption of the past .Just compare that listing of yours to all that was created by Rabuka and Qarase and you will be ashamed to publish it all.Frank cant be beaten as he has done what no one of you would have thought to do.He has done wonders to the ordinary Fijians my goodness be

  6. If VB “can’t be beaten”, it seems he’s a god to who say so. Ah…but he has been “bitten” many times by all who disassociate themselves from him.

  7. correction…

    If VB “cant be beaten”, it seems he’s a god to all who say so. Ah…but he has been “bitten”; many times by all disassociate themselves from him.

  8. 50% people in Fiji live below the poverty line with the highest cost of living in the history of Fiji!

    Just walk into a supermarket and compare the prices prior to 2006.

    Bainimarma and Khayium do not feel the price as they are themselves paying over $1 million in salary.

    Lets get to basics and stop hoodwinking the people of Fiji.

  9. The Fiji Sun article ‘Julie Bishop’s visit Australia’s big opportunity’ forgot to mention its source : Ministry of Information which is the Fijian the equivalent of the old Russian Ministry of Propaganda.

  10. maika bolatiki would have us believe in that article mentioned above that political parties are “able to campaign freely” and “our media are free”. this man is such an incorrigible liar

  11. we read in the article ‘Bishop in Fiji : Can Bainimarama grasps the opportunity?’ in the interpreter (14 Feb) that “… Fiji journalists are reluctant to report anything not approved by the Fiji Government”.
    Maika, does that sound like the “media are free” in Fiji?
    When will you stop lying?

  12. j@ Paad Maro Gandhaye
    jaab Aiyaz aur Bainimarama paadhe ulog ke paad nahi gandhaye
    when aiyaz and Bainimarama fart it does not stink
    the Fiji Sun’s jyoti pratibha and Maika Bolatiki and Nemani Delaibatiki and well the whole gang there can confirm that to you.
    they’d even tell you it leaves a frangipenny smell !!

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