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Plenty of money for bribes but no money to protect lives.

Health Ministry runs out of money to tackle dengue cases

09:11 Today


Taken from/By: FBC News Report by: Shireen Lata

The increasing number of dengue cases around the country is beginning to put a lot of strain on resources and manpower at health facilities.

Health Minister – Dr Neil Sharma says they’ve spent a lot of money treating dengue cases and are now looking for assistance from donor agencies to tackle the biggest dengue outbreak in Fiji’s history.

The number of dengue cases in Fiji have skyrocketed to our highest levels ever…  2137 confirmed cases, in just four months.

We are seeking assistance from international organizations and our professional international donor agencies to ensure that the hospital has enough medicines, fluids, giving sets. The epidemic may last for a while depending on temperature changes, weather changes, and climatic changes and then there will be a change.

The Ministry is urging the public to take steps such as wearing repellent to protect against mosquito-borne illnesses.

It’s also intensifying all areas of support and awareness to inform the public on how best to avoid dengue fever.

You as individuals collectively in your community need to clear your compound of stagnant water.  Mosquitoes which carry the dengue virus lives around people.  These mosquitoes bites during the day and it spreads the virus from person to person, so if primary hygiene is maintained, cleanliness is maintained , we will be able to control it.

Three people have lost their lives due to dengue.

The Health Ministry is once again requesting people to be responsible and careful in order to avoid becoming a dengue statistic.


6 thoughts on “Plenty of money for bribes but no money to protect lives.

  1. Neil should resign.

    Interesting news dental chairs and related items suction etc went missing for government hospital and has not be accounted till today.

    He did not take action on chief dental officer but sending her to London for studies when she is about to retire. She should be sacked for non performance and stealing!

    Her husband’s private dental clinic in Nabua where most dental material given to her as samples end up!

    One dietician who stole from CWM hand gloves etc from CWM for her husband’s private dental clinic at Tebara complex, Nakasi was taken back to work at Makoi Health Centre.

    I thought such staff need to be sacked!

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