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Frank Bainimarama is in the last weeks of his role as commander of the country’s military forces.

Fiji’s return to democracy checked   


Last updated 09:25 14/02/2014

  Fiji’s promise to hold democracy-restoring general elections this year is coming under the spotlight today as New Zealand and Australian foreign ministers visit Suva to check progress.

“We want to take a glass-half-full approach,” Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully, said.

His visit as part of a Pacific Forum delegation, comes as the country’s leader Frank Bainimarama is in the last weeks of his role as commander of the country’s military forces.

He seized power from a democratically elected government in 2006 and failed to keep a promise to hold elections in 2009.

Bainimarama says he will also create a political party ahead of planned September elections and will run for prime minister.

Since 2006 the regime and military officials have faced a range of sanctions but McCully has begun to ease them ahead of elections he now believes will take place.

“All the reports I have had suggest good progress is being made,” he told Radio New Zealand.

He wanted to recognise progress by moving the relationship in a positive direction.

With Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, and delegates from Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tuvalu and Vanuatu, the forum group will meet a range of regime and opposition groups.

“We are there not to judge, but to get an impression,” McCully said.

Bainimarama has not previously met Forum delegations but will hold talks with Bishop.

She said in a statement she wanted to find “ways we can build the bilateral relationship into a dynamic and productive partnership”.

“I hope to be part of a very constructive discussion and the Fijian authorities to normalise our relations as Fiji transitions back to democratic rule,” Bishop said.

But military-appointed Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, who appears to have no post-election role, has accused Australia of engaging in “cocktail diplomacy”.

Sanctions still remained against Fiji.

“There’s a lot of people getting invited to cocktails etc but cocktails do not mean that all the issues are being addressed,” he said.

“We’re not actually hanging out to be invited to cocktails.”

Amnesty International has called on McCully to raise Fiji’s “backward steps” on human rights.

Recent incidents highlight Fijian authorities’ attempts to limit free speech, the right to protest and the targeting of non-government organisations, trade unions and political parties, restricting public debate in an election year, the human rights watchdog said.

“In February last year, a video was released online showing the torture and sexual assault of two men, apparently by security forces,” Amnesty said.


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14 thoughts on “Frank Bainimarama is in the last weeks of his role as commander of the country’s military forces.

  1. Bishop and McCully are pragmatic right wingers for whom the business opportunities in Fiji and the threat of increasing Chinese influence in the Pacific are major drivers. Why would they care about a population that has not shown any sign of resistance against the human rights abusing kleptocracy established by Khaiyum? Why would they use political capital for a lost cause?

  2. Bishop and McCully must know that Fiji people have no freedom of speech.
    The illegal regime has been in control for 8 years.
    The thugs must go and people must have the right to expression.

    Fiji people are waiting for auditor general’s report since 2006.

    Both these two leaders must wake up to the reality in Fiji.

    Biainimarma and Khayium must be charged now for treason in the International criminal court of justice.

    Their assets and bank account must be frozen.

  3. All the reports Coolie has had on Fiji “suggest good progress is being made”.
    what an arsehole?
    We are there not to judge
    Then what they fuck are you there for?

  4. No body must put any hope of this “contact group” of misfits doing the right thing by the people of Fiji.
    Their record in the 8 years of the dictator’s despotic rule in Fiji speaks volumn.
    They have achieved sweet fuckall.

  5. Perhaps the reason why Khaiyumi makes that ‘cocktails’ comment is because noone wants to invite Franky and Khaiyumi to their parties…

    These two turds floating around in their party is not something anyone really wants.

  6. Khayium now drives around in GP256 top of the range Land Cruiser – V 8 while 50 % people in Fiji live below poverty line.

    Now is the time to take the thugs to International criminal court for justice to the people of Fiji.

  7. that’s a myth
    that frank bainimarama is in his last weeks as commander of the fiji military
    the reality is that he is the dictator of fiji
    everything is under his command
    that will not change when he handpicks one of his boys to replace him in the army.
    one has to be naive – very naive – to think anything will change after that.
    fiji will still be under Bainimarama’s dictatorship.
    mark my word on this

  8. I am happy for their to be a agreement on progress but underlying all of these statement a should be the statement that while this is fine, we will never forgive the Fijian military, the sanction against those personnel will remain permanently and we will not deal with any person part of the regime in any new government. They need to feel a consequence long after they think anyone has forgotten the abuses and seven years of ‘double standards, cronyism, nepotism and hypocrisy’.

  9. i taukei be united.

    Tell your children to vote for SOPDELA.

    i TAUKEI will decide if it is Bainimarma / Khayium OR SOPDELA.

  10. Rajend and rajesh singh phuck u both

    All hindus, arya samaj and sanatan will vote for Frank and not choro chaudary.

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