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Why Bainimarama the “despotic dictator” must and will face justice!


Former Philippines President Corazon Aquino, once famously said: “I don’t have any formula for ousting a dictator or building democracy. All I can suggest is to forget about yourself and just think of your people. It’s always the people who make things happen.”

As I have said on countless previous occasions, it will be the people that will decide Fiji’s future and not a despotic dictator whose mental state has been subject of much debate and conjecture for a few years.

Once change has come to Fiji, Bainimarama will have to face justice, together with Khaiyum, Nazhat and other persons who aided and abetted the act of treason as committed on 6 December 2006 and confirmed by the Court of Appeal on 9 April 2009.

So far, through one act or another these persons have avoided being sanctioned for crimes against the State and are understandably scared to face the same system of justice that it has and continues to mete out through its pliant judiciary on other citizens.

They say that justice is a train that may be delayed at times but always reaches its destination. It is also said that a person sows what they reap. This is very true for Frank Bainimarama – a murderous, treasonous and thieving dictator who usurped parliamentary democracy on 5 December 2006. Since then he has used every means available to cling to power despite his original claim that there would be no benefit to any military officer after the 2006 putsch. We all know that turned out to be the first of many lies. Almost all tiers of the administration in Fiji today has senior military officer to carry out the wishes of the intellectually challenged Bainimarama.

To date, Bainimarama has violated all civil service protocols in appointing his anointed ones to positions of authority. He has ordered the beatings, torture and imprisonment of persons and prisoners.

He has sought to make laws to consolidate his hold on power and in that has been assisted by other persons such as Khaiyum and Sharvada Sharma. The PPRD is one such example.

He has shown open contempt in trashing the Yash Ghai Peoples Constitution and got Khaiyum, Sharma and Nazhat Shameem to write a constitution to serve his agenda of killing off political parties, removing the GCC and the Church from constitutional recognition.

His attack on the GCC and the chiefly system would earn him the uncontested title of traitor of the Fijian race and his attack on the right of the Church to participate on the national political debate would suggest a person who is scared of opposition from organizations which have a sizeable political huge following.

His persecution of Pita Driti and Roko Ului Mara shows that Bainimarama is vindictive, a sign of extreme insecurity, a disloyal soldier and a traitor to the military doctrine of standing by each other. He had also done similar acts of treachery against other senior military officer pre 2006 coup.

Under Bainimarama’s direction thousands of civil servants were retired prematurely, FNPF funds borrowed to the hilt, exorbitant external borrowing without proper checks and oversight. The result has been the tripling of national debt from 2006 to 6 billion dollars. The absence of the Auditor General’s Reports from 2006 means no one can accurately assess the level of State borrowings. With defaults this figure will increase substantially. Strict repayments of the debt also mean funding would be diverted from areas such as education, health, welfare and infrastructure allocations.

The sale of State assets and an increase in indirect taxation will be the revenue collector to address the issue of the irresponsible borrowings. To this end, the Permanent Secretary for Finance Filimoni Waqabaca has much to answer for as other persons and certain financial institutions. The allegations of collusion between government officials and certain organizations will be the subject of interesting post Bainimarama investigations. No recreant official nor offending organization will be spared.

Any Government is the trustee of the people. In all matters of national importance, especially where rights, obligations and public funds are concerned require the sanction of the people. Bainimarama has openly denied the right of the people to have a say in such matters.

By restricting the media to report openly and freely, haranguing political parties and politicians, abrogating the 1997 Constitution, employing convicted murderers in the civil service, and employing unqualified immediate family members in statutory organizations; Bainimarama has tried to create a culture of ruling by propaganda and fear rather than submitting to the will of the people, who seek a government that has its mandate and represents its views.

It was Demosthenes who said: “Every dictator is an enemy of freedom, an opponent of law.” Bainimarama is the perfect example of this. His lust for power, his intolerance for opposition and his greed in stealing from the public coffers for himself is a conversation that is privately heard amongst many in Fiji and elsewhere. An interesting and apt line from the Hindu book of scripture, the Bhagvad Gita succinctly sums up what many think of Bainimarama’s actions: ‘“Hell has three hates: lust, anger and greed.”

However, as has been and no doubt will be said for many years to come, that: “One must sleep in the bed that he has made.” The Bible also talks about the consequences of one’s actions. In the book of Matthew, the relevant verse (26:52) reads: Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword.”

Bainimarama is to retire from the military at the end of February 2014. He has indicated a desire to enter politics and has been using public funds and government officials to campaign for him. This is a blatant abuse of government rules and regulations. Further, instances of vote buying are now more obvious than ever as a desperate Bainimarama seeks to shore up electoral support. His approaches to key regime supporters such as Hafiz Khan and Dixon Seeto have been met with polite refusals and I am reliably informed that privately Dixon has told more than one person that Bainimarama has next to no chance of winning an election.

The resurgence of the SDL and FLP as well as NFP under the banner of UFDF and the news that Rewa High Chief Ro Teimumu Kepa will lead SDL is a harbinger of the political truths that will greet Bainimarama when he gets out on the hustings.

Many see the leadership of Ro Kepa as a uniting influence and a reassertion of the chiefly system into the political landscape of Fiji. Ro Kepa’s personal attributes and which includes a steely determination to advance Fijian and national interests has already rattled Bainimarama. It has demonstrated to him and others that the chiefly system has the ability to weather heavy storms and still come out unscathed.

Recent and past news of Bainimarama making funding for development for villages contingent on political support has raised the ire of many Fijians and others who believe that development is the duty of all governments irrespective of political affiliation by citizens.

However, the greater worry for Bainimarama is that in the event if he were to politically succeed he would be at the mercy of the military, which under his helm redefined the term coup culture. He has thus become a maker of his own predicament.

Once he resigns as army commander, Bainimarama’s greatest current security, the military, will be his greatest threat, whether he wins or not.
Moreover, and given that Bainimarama will never win free and fair elections, it will be the police and the military under the direction of a lawful government that will be responsible for his arrest and transportation to the halls of justice.

He may then recall Isaiah 10:1-3: “Woe to those who decree iniquitous decrees, and the writers who keep writing oppression, to turn aside the needy from justice and to rob the poor of my people of their right, that widows may be their spoil, and that they may make the fatherless their prey! What will you do on the day of punishment, in the ruin that will come from afar? To whom will you flee for help, and where will you leave your wealth?” Thomas Jefferson summed it up another way: “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

2014 is the year of change. Justice will be delivered to Bainimarama and his thugs, goons and co conspirators and there won’t be any exceptions or favours or negotiations. As was said by George Washington: “The administration of justice is the firmest pillar of government.”

We must ensure that justice is done to those who have done injustice to a whole nation.

Bring the election on!

22 thoughts on “Why Bainimarama the “despotic dictator” must and will face justice!

  1. its a bit rich for this coolie to be crying fowl now especially when frank saved not only his black arse but his fathers.

    In fact his father was part of franks regime in which he was singing Franks praises until such time he was sanctioned indocile conduct.

    What a dick head.

  2. This story teller must be dreaming, cant you see what Bainimarama has done for FIJI ?.Every chief in Fiji has approved of him.let alone majority of the whole population has agreed to his leadership.You cannot paint actions of this sort as it is widely visible and accepted throughout Fiji no two way about it Franks the next PM

  3. what the writer says about Frank Bainimarama and his reign of power is absolutely correct on any objective assessment of facts.
    the above two commentators are obviously not objective observers.
    the are regime lackeys.

  4. Rajendra Chaudry you are perfectly correct and I support all your conclusions based on the undisputed facts you raised. In this regard also support what Anon above says in support of you statements.

    What people still believe in Bainimarama is anybody’s guess.

    Most believe that Bainimarama is unsuitably qualified given his track record as illegal PM and his personal qualities and educational qualifications.

    There is no other way for all of us who love our country, but to REJECT BAINIMARAMA,,,,,,,


  5. “Every chief in Fiji has approved of him..’ Who are these Chiefs? Probably the small chiefs or those who have been bought by Frank for some government funded village projects.

  6. Frank recently stated in one of his recent political campaigns under the guise of official government visit that ‘real men don’t beat women” This thug is using rhetoric that he doesn’t practice. Wasn’t he personally involved in the brutal assault on defenceless women at the military camp some years ago. Obviously he ain’t a real man but a lunatic.

  7. Mack, you are certainly not a financial genus. Impressing the under-privileged does not make the cut long term. Irresponsible Loans eventually need to be paid back. At that juncture, the under-privileged will be worst-off. Its already happening

  8. “Bainimarama has next to no chance to win elections…” This Dixon quote clearly shows how idiotic these guys really are. There is other way than him winning. The entire RFMF and police will be out in force to intimidate the electorate under the guise of “voter education”. The torture video is a stark reminder how they operate and we all know how the average bloke reacts to intimidation by the military. Then there is Khaiyum’s pen which will produce a couple of more “simple guidelines” on how elections to be conducted. In plain English this means he will prevent any serious competition from standing. The dance has already started with Khaiyum questioning the asset declarations of SODELPA and FLP leaders. Then there is vote buying. A flurry of government projects for villagers and peasants will be launched on a quid pro quo basis and we all know how the mendicant mentality of these people work. Then there are the ballot boxes and the vote counting controlled by the Minister for Elections. This regime has manipulated and twisted any number any statistics to suit their agenda and will continue to do so. And who is this election minister? Right it’s Khaiyum again.

    And then there is the fall back plan enshrined in our wonderful new constitution which gives the military the power to legally step in at any time if things do not go according to the feeling of the military.

    Against this background it seems highly unlikely to me that there will be an election outcome other than a solid win for Khaiyum and his goons. Wake up Rajendra, you got to do a bit more than bitching from the sidelines if you want to see Khaiyum and his thugs in court.

  9. When the Sept 14 Election is completed and SODELPA forms the Government, by landslide victory, the procedure from then onwards will be crystal clear.. All the elected Government has to do is to revisit the 9th April 2009 Court of Appeal Ruling and start to roll the ball from there……….. whatever transpired from then onwards has got to be declared nul n void or for want of a better word ILLEGAL just like these goons who have been serving their own personal vested interests. And what happens to illegal entities? Yes! They are neutralised PERIOD! Its a pity that all they did to improve the Nation”s Corrections Services was to enlarge the Remand Centre at Suva Prison cos if they were indeed forward looking in their developmental priorities they should have constructed lavish Dining Halls with cosy sofas and in built refrigerators both at Naboro and oh, lets not forget one at the Womens Prison for the hardworking Lady Dr.who is ever present with sewing machines!!!
    Good on u Old Chap Rajen, Keep them Coming.

    Navatuvula Blogger.

  10. Unless they beat Bainimarama at the kind of delivery he is giving and only than I will agree. take free education alone to the polls will win Frank but there is lots more on the table that will pile up the votes of the fijian people to boast Franks chabces

  11. 2014 election is just around the corner. What an opportunity to rid the country of its dictatorship. We must now go out and tell the people starting from our families, neighbours and so forth how we have been living under the rule of a thug for the past 7 years. A thug who had raped our democracy to save himself from the law.

  12. Every law abiding citizen knows that Frank committed treason and has a result he abrogated the 1997 Constitution. Read the 2009 Court of Appeal Ruling and hope that answers your rather stupid question.

  13. That ruling Miller was unjustifiable,everything in Fiji was against Frank and we can say that it was not that Fair, meaning that justice which washanded out

  14. @muck
    was the armed overthrow of the elected government justified under the country’s constitution- the supreme law of the land?
    it wasn’t but that is okay by you because you are nothing but a regime hound dog.

  15. Mack

    Of course u will vote for the tyrant because of free education.. That’s the problem when you IRRESPONSIBLY breed like rabbits with NIL self control and then bear a grudge against the world for not taking up your financial responsibility to care for your kids for the next 18 years. Why should hardworking and responsible citizens suffer for your selfishness? Da mai leqa with free riders like you who expect to be handed freebies all their lives..

  16. every law abiding citizen knows Frank committed treason…
    but mack doesn’t know that because he is not a law abiding citizen
    he is an arsehole.

  17. good writing rajendra….totally in support of your views and it is vitally important that all the law abiding citizens of Fiji should stand united at this crucial time of our political history to remove VB from the political helm through the ballot of the box….God will help us when we do the right thing!

  18. @Navatuvula Blogger

    Yeah right, I guess you had first had experience of what the this regime did to serving civil servants. Your karua (Naivalurua) though had a better deal.

  19. Ratu Sai,Remember the adage “What goes around comes around”. Idont know about u, but I dont sit on the fence n twiddle my fingers.

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