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Government accuses Labor of lying …….. but if Labor accused the Government of lying the Police would be in action.

Government accuses the Labour party of lying to Fijians

08:10 Today


Taken from/By: FBC Report by: Shanal Sivan

The Bainimarama government is accusing the Labour Party of incessantly lying to Fijians about the state of the national economy.

Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry recently claimed the present government is handling finances poorly and that Fiji’s economy only ever did well under a Labour- led government in 1999.

FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry claims his government’s economic performance in 1999/2000 was the best ever for Fiji.

Attorney general Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says this is another Chaudhry lie.

“Any first year economic student will tell you, that when you are calculating an economic growth rate, it depends on what you are using as the base. So if for example, you have one particular year when the economy has not done well, perhaps because of a cyclone or drought in fact which was the case in 1998, there was a downturn in agricultural output, if then there is growth if you compare that, then obviously the growth rate will look to be more lot higher”.

Sayed-Khaiyum says Chaudhry is making false claims as his party came to power only in March 1999.

“So almost four months had already past, so you cannot necessarily claim total credit, for what had actually happened, and you know this is the kind of lack of integrity in the analysis that many of these politicians, throw out in the public space. They just pick and choose what figures suits them”.

Chaudhry also claims the present government’s handling of finances is the most abysmal to date for Fiji.

But the government says Fiji has had only about three spurts of consistent economic growth….the first was in the early nineteen seventies following independence, then it was between 1992 and 1996, and again under the Bainimarama government over the past four years.

FBC news has made several attempts to interview Mahendra Chaudry. He says he is not ready for an interview yet. SSivan/rn


6 thoughts on “Government accuses Labor of lying …….. but if Labor accused the Government of lying the Police would be in action.

  1. FLP and SODELPA are notorious liars who will be banned from standing in elections. How can we trust criminals such as Chodo and Qarase? Only Khaiuym, the champion of the people by the people tells the truth. He and his friends from the RFMF have never, ever told a lie.

  2. Eye-arse is talking through his arse again or plainly he has a very short memory. 1999 was in fact the best year ever for Fiji’s economy. If it wasn’t Chaudhry’s expert managing or finances, then perhaps just a green-light after so many years of stalling under Rabuka’s illegal military rule. In 1999/2000 companies recorded their best profits on record, it seemed confidence was overflowing. Fiji was back in the heart of the Commonwealth. The CHOGRM meeting was planned for Suva. Fiji was heading for a period of strong economic growth. And then enter “Baldy”,.. When’s he getting out of jail by the way? It’s clear from these experiences that military coups are devastating for the economy, no matter what the perceived reasons behind them (coups). To fix an accurate figure to the loss suffered by the economy due to relentless military intervention in public affairs would surely run into the billions, maybe even a trillion Fijian dollars. Now, Khaiyum wants to bluff the nation by saying that the economy is doing well under his Bhaini-khaiyum illegal reign but everyone knows that clearly it is stuffed!! And you don’t have to be a “first year economic student” to see that!

  3. This is fair because if you lie while campaigning it will be disaster.things need to be corrected now because we need to know everything before we go to the Polls

  4. Aiyaz fark your father in the graveyard. MPC was elected. period. Magaitinamu and your ridiculous explanations. Any figure this regime quotes is compromised because it has not gone through the usual rigors of a normally functioning democratic system i.e. independent RBF advice and analysis and Auditor General’s opinion on Govt finances. Not now, Barry Whitebackside just lifts his sulu like Fili Waqabaca and get humped by all the regime bulls. They sing their tune like little tweety birds.

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