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Wait for it…….. Fiji Sun to be more neutral?

Rumor has it the Fiji Sun is about to report much more information from opposition parties and take a much more neutral position.

A source inside Fiji Sun says there is concern that the opposition parties have more support than they expected and  a return of the Frank Party is not as cut and dried as they thought. The paper is now positioning itself to survive in a life after Frank……..

We will watch the Sun with interest to see if there is change in their attitude.



9 thoughts on “Wait for it…….. Fiji Sun to be more neutral?

  1. Fiji Sun has never being independent newspaper.

    It is the regime’s newspaper of lies like FBC.

    Teleni next commander.

    It seems no one from the military is capable!

  2. Fiji Sun has lost it….noone is buying their Newspaper. It is full of rubbish and lies. Youve forgotten that you depend on consumers not govt to survive. …and consumers hate lies and rubbish.

  3. Well said Saione. Position yourselves however you like Fiji Sunk; You have assisted the Regime with the removal of all our basic rights and we will protest by NOT buying your worthless newspaper.

  4. The toxic Fiji Sun is just another of the junta slurpers with nowhere to hide. All must be hunted down and brought to justice for their criminal support of the human rights abusing illegal regime. There are many in the military just waiting for the right moment to round them up and bring them to real justice – not the compromised rule of law and junta justice under khaiyum, gates and the other treasonous pigs.

  5. the Fiji Sun has been doings its level best in neutralizing opposition to the Bainimarama dictatorship
    and singing its praise.
    nothing the Fiji Sun does can hide that FACT!

  6. Fiji Sun is getting more and more “neutral” everyday.
    take today for instance
    Jyoti Pratibha the West Editor it seems had an orgasm doing her opinion column on the PM.

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