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Police security for the illegal prime minister will be a key issue after this year’s elections.

Heads start to roll as police force prepares for new commander

Joseph Penjueli during at a police workshop in 2012.

What has happened to Fiji’s Chief Administration officer, assistant police commissioner Joseph Penjueli?

Word coming in says he was sacked this morning to pave the way for the announcement of the new police commissioner.
Penjueli was brought in by the former police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua whose contract was not renewed, and was later given the post of assistant commissioner.
There are murmurs Penjueli’s departure is part of the clean-up campaign preceding the arrival of Naivalurua’s replacement and that other senior officers will follow him out the door.
Talk that acting police commissioner, Ravi Narayan, will leave the force also continues to persist.
Intel also insist a military officer is due to assume the role of new commissioner: the thought is security for the illegal prime minister will be a key issue after this year’s elections.
It’s being said that for the position of new commander, Bainimarama is relying heavily on his trusted fellow navy officer, Esala Teleni, who has finished up as ambassador in China.
Intel suggests Bainimarama’s speech yesterday about officers who left the army – and those who stood by him – in events from 2000 and 2006, hints at a return in trust to the core group of officers who led the 2006 coup against the SDL government of Laisenia Qarase.
It is no secret in the army Teleni was the man behind the planning and execution of the 2006 coup and despite Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum’s differences with him, has since 2011 helped secure much needed funding for the regime.

5 thoughts on “Police security for the illegal prime minister will be a key issue after this year’s elections.

  1. This is the down side of benefiting via nepotism. These guys have no legitimate grounds for complaints for the have enjoyed the perks of office that they are not entitled to for the last 7 years or so.

  2. It is truly amazing how these hangers on take the boot in the teeth without flinching. The entire senior administration of Fiji is nothing but a corrupt, shameless bunch of thieves. You cash in while you can and shut up if Khaiyum decides your good time is over. No pride, no dignity, no balls and a strong desire to bend over and get ready for the shafting. How can the kleptocratic Khaiyum clan rule our nation and arrogate to themselves the right to kick everyone as they please. How can our nation accept to be bullied by a bumbling no brains, no education moron obviously manipulated by Khaiyum?

  3. Khayium is the king pin for 7 years of rule and looting by the Khayium clan.

    The destruction of the I takuei institution.

    Khayium’s live like king.

    Your days are numbered Khayium.

    Your place is Naboro for treason.

    All your assets will be frozen and confiscated.

    Time is a great healer and justice will be done to the people of Fiji.

    History will repeat it self as there is no place for dictators.

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