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Former Prime Minister and former party leader Laisenia Qarase will open the meeting……. Frank will choke on this….

Party works on strategies

February 11, 2014 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by:

By Rosi Doviverata

The Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) will discuss its strategies for the general election in a media workshop programme in Suva on Friday. It has invited an array of speakers to address issues from the role of the media, to the Great Council of Chiefs and the iTaukei administration, law and order, the economy and indigenous rights.

Former Prime Minister and former party leader Laisenia Qarase will open the meeting. General secretary, Pio Tabaiwalu, will then introduce the workshop and the party’s media team. There will be open discussions on the structure of the party’s media team and reporting directly to the general secretary or campaign director.

Adi Litia Qionibaravi, who worked for Fijian Affairs for 30 years, will address the workshop on the now disbanded Great Council of Chiefs as well as iTaukei administration.

Lawyer Tupou Draunidalo, a National Federation Party member, will speak on law and order

Economist and Government critic Wadan Narsey will talk on Fiji’s economic situation and what he sees as the effects post 2006.

Other speakers are:

Dr Kesaia Seniloli: Fiji’s demographics with elections possibilities for targeted market approach.

Shamima Ali: general social issues post 2006 to present. System of Cabinet decision making and the importance of administrative agencies including the Public Service Commission.

Niko Nawaikula: Indigenous rights.

Netani Rika: The role of the media during elections.

Facilitator Jese Sikivou: Identify target markets/constituencies as it were.

Proposed issues for discussions:

Age group categories, i.e., Youth (the newly registered 18 to 35 market).

Mid-career professionals and general workers in terms of issues like workers rights, minimum wage etc.

Retired persons and Fiji National Provident Fund. n Race Groups: iTaukei, Indo-Fi jians

Others n Professional Groups: Teachers, defence personnel, medical professions, environmentalist, etc.

Other social issues interest groups like the disabled, people living below poverty line, etc.

Religious Groups: Christians, Methodist Church, Catholic Church, Anglican Church and other mainstream churches and charismatic movements, non-Christian religions.

Decide the kinds of communication methods to use, language and tone. For example, whether to buy billboard space at the FNU/Calvary Temple intersection? Does the party produce radio and TV ads, newspaper advertisements, other peripheral material to be produced and how will it be distributed?

Also identify media team personnel to oversee relevant media forums/ vehicles for dissemination.


11 thoughts on “Former Prime Minister and former party leader Laisenia Qarase will open the meeting……. Frank will choke on this….

  1. Make a solid commitment to govern on democratic principles of accountability and transparency and good governance for all the people of Fiji regardless of race, religion etc and you will have the people vote for you.
    The people will never vote for a military party if they have a real choice.
    Give them that very real choice

  2. I feel we’re getting somewhere here. Hopefully a lot of people will be in attendance as we need to be clearly informed.

  3. Good speakers. Hope they don’t start moving to the extreme left and become a hard core nationalist party.

  4. Very important that the Party exerts itself as a party for everybody irrespective of race and religious affiliation. Hopefully when we come our of this dictatorship Fiji will carve out a new image rooted in inclusiveness where racial differences become assets rather than obstacles.

  5. ND

    Totally agree but easier said than done. Racial/religious discrimination are still rampant in larger democracies like USA, NZ, & Australia, although they are not easily discernible.

  6. Very sensible and contructive agenda, with some very good hardnosed speakers who are known to stand by strong principles and put their lives at risk for that matter. Take my hat off to SODELPA for this, and yes thank you Fiji Sun (Rosie you might start looking for a job after this!) for putting this out, even though FS does not really add value in reaching out to the thousands who are already tuned into the party. It may just help inform the few blindly ignorant regime supporters, who believe all regime’s bullcrap. PDP, FLP and NFP should take their cue. Their is enough common ground to have a grand coalition and rid off this bumbling, thieving regime. This election is a chance for all to put aside all our ethinc and opposing idealogical differences, and work on a common course towards a unity of purpose free of all the tyranny and dictatorial style of leadership.

  7. The same old farts who once graced the corridors of powers. Did nothing to improve race relations. Hard Core Nationalists together a few opportunists. The people are tired already of even seeing their names in the daily newspapers.

  8. @ amena kamasutra
    you know what the people are tired of?
    they are tired of living under a military dictatorship for over 7 years.
    you have apparently not noticed that
    because you are apparently a beneficiary of the Bainimarama dictatorship.
    Now come clean and own up that you are a regime arsehole.

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