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Failed apolitical Politician now hoping to picked by Frank? ….Those supporting Frank appear to be the very people he used as an excuse for the coup.

Ali sets sight on poll

Avinesh Gopal Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A SOCIAL worker has shown interest in contesting the general election.

But Faiaaz Ali of Lautoka is yet to decide which political party he will team up with.

Mr Ali said he was waiting for Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama to announce his political party.

“I am apolitical since 2006 and I have been focusing on community work since then, although I’ve been doing such work from a long time,” he said.

He was a Ba town councillor from 1993 to 1996 and the National Federation Party’s Lautoka branch president from 1994 to 2002.

In 2001, he contested the general elections on an NFP ticket but lost the Lautoka Rural Indian Communal seat to Fiji Labour Party’s Dr Ganesh Chand.

Mr Ali resigned from the NFP because of some comments allegedly made by a party official.

He later teamed up with the then Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua party and contested the 2006 general elections under the SDL banner.

But he lost the Ba Open seat to the much experienced and seasoned politician, FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry.

Since the events of 2006, Mr Ali said he had not been involved with any political party.

“I can say that I’m an aspiring candidate for the 2014 general election but I haven’t decided which party to join.

“I’m waiting for the Prime Minister to announce his political party.

“I believe that I can be one of them to take the country forward with the Prime Minister.”

9 thoughts on “Failed apolitical Politician now hoping to picked by Frank? ….Those supporting Frank appear to be the very people he used as an excuse for the coup.

  1. When I read Allan Loosley’s letter ‘ Beggar’s behaviour’ in the Fiji Sun (11/2) it reminded me so much of the behaviour of politicians in Fiji.
    Like Allan’s street beggar the politician too would go for a beer or two at the Union Club or some other joint to “relax from his hard work” and the next day he would “repeat the cycle”. Like the beggar the politician too got his funding from the public – a whole lot more funding than any Fijian beggar can imagine.
    It is indeed a “good life” as Allan says. And no doubt more so for the politician. That’s why so many people surface at election time as aspiring politicians.
    But we always find it easy to pick on street beggars, don’t we?
    Somehow the public funding of politicians escape our attention.
    And in the present case that’s all so very understandable because there is no Auditor – General’s report.
    But that’s not an important issue, is it?
    The beggar’s behaviour is…

  2. I for one, would gladly pay for advertising for any party who is against Frank and his gang of Traitors.

    And Rajend, I agree – the complete lack of transparency, honesty and ball-faced lies that Frank and Khaiyum engage in is disgusting.

    They should be ashamed – but they have had over 6 years now to make amends – instead they have made Fiji a worse place to be than ever before.

  3. predatory/parasitic local elites
    know who they are
    they are not your street beggars
    even the ones who are HONEST enough to openly have a beer with the money they beg from the public.
    they are not a burden on society
    the parasitic elite are.

  4. Another Muslim waiting to join Khayium.

    Prepare for Taliban rule!

    I taukei see how united are the Muslims in Fiji though they are only 8% in population.

    I taukei get united tell your children to vote SOPDELA.

  5. Faiyaz is another NFP/SDL politican who is trying his luck to join FB’s party. Like most NFP and SDL failed candidates, he will not be given a seat. FB is not that dumb to run with the losers.

    SDL and NFP can keep him.

  6. Ali tried his hand at many things and failed
    that is when he discovered politics
    and how easy it is to become successful without any real sweat
    just call yourself a “social worker” and suck up to some dominant political player and get political perks and privileges coming your way.
    that’s how politics is played out mostly in Fiji

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