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Changing the Law for the second time because the Government is running scared of the unions?

Government to tighten Law on Political Party’s

09:27 Today


Taken from/By: FBC News Report by: Shanal Sivan

The government is looking into the possibility of strengthening certain laws within the Political Parties decree.

This after unionists recently made public their membership of, and association with political parties.

Section fourteen subsections one and two clearly indicates, no unionist can show support, be a part of, and engage in Politics.

Elections Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says the law seems very clear cut, unionists aren’t allowed to participate in any sort of Political activity.

There’s obviously nothing stopping a trade union official who has political aspirations or supports a political party, to go ahead and do that, they simply must resign from the position, which is the intension of it. In section fourteen section © says that you cannot engage in political activity that may compromise or being seen to compromise the Political neutrality of your office.

Some parties like the People’s Democratic Party and the National Federation Party seem to be circumventing the decree saying specific unionists like Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai, Pramod Rae and Attar Singh are only advising the two parties when invited.

All of these trade unionists who have been apparently invited to speak at Political Party Gatherings, have only been going to one Political Party Gathering, so it does show that are not politically neutral, that is the fact, if they continue to go to one political party, it goes directly against this provision in political party’s decree.

Attar Singh and Parmod Rae have been publically showing support to and attending National Federation Party meetings.


8 thoughts on “Changing the Law for the second time because the Government is running scared of the unions?

  1. 8 years of illegal rule and looting government finance by Khayium must come to an end.

    Khayium must be charged for treason.

    People of Fiji need freedom of expression.

  2. I am pretty sure that we will see a couple of more Khaiyum decrees designed to secure an election win for Khaiyum and his thugs.

  3. what law yaar?
    Fiji no law
    only the diktats of the dictator and his legal man Khaiyum – who himself is ILLEGAL!!

  4. The unionist have ruined fiji, including chaudary and his FNU that killed the sugar industry casuing hardship to farmers, eXport earnings and devaluation.

    Kick them out. Felix, rajeshwar singh, dan urai, parmod and attar.

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