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We got millions for the RFMF in Compensation……This was one of the highlights of the achievements by the RFMF since 2000 when they began the new journey to a new and better Fiji.

Millions paid in compensation

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PM makes startling revelation in Nadi


Millions of dollars have been paid out in compensation to families of those in the military killed or wounded while serving Fiji. It came in a major campaign to help those who had been left without help. Prime Minister and Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama made this revelation at  a farewell church service in Nadi yesterday. He said between 2000 and 3000 cases of compensation claims were with the Ministry of Labour. A military commissioned team was sent to clear the backlog. He described the exercise as an untold story where the team went in and completed the processing of the claims. He said as a result many who had waited and cried for many years finally received a payout. He said prior to that only families of those killed or wounded while on duty from 1996/1997 were covered. There was no proper documentation for those who died or were wounded since 1978. He said the military went in and sorted out the papers. As a result the compensations were paid. This was one of the highlights of the achievements by the RFMF since 2000 when they began the new journey to a new and better Fiji. “We were spat at but we were firm in our resolve because we believed we were doing the right thing,” he said He said the After Care Fund which was initially set up for World War I, World War II, Malayan campaign and Christmas Islands ex-servicemen was expanded to cover for those who served in Sinai and Lebanon. Families of those who were wounded or killed in the Middle East received payments.

8 thoughts on “We got millions for the RFMF in Compensation……This was one of the highlights of the achievements by the RFMF since 2000 when they began the new journey to a new and better Fiji.

  1. What is so special about soldiers? They are like any other workers in the country who sell their skills for a price. They contribute to the FNPF and are welcome to pay for personal insurance just like other workers do. As for compensation there are laws in place that dictate how or when it is paid and it should not depend on a special team of soldiers to sort it out.

  2. and all that compensation should come from the UN who had contracted the Fiji military force for those duties right? has there been n official audit on miltiary accounts?..all that mega millions paid from UN for peace keeping….and where is all that money now? …Now that tax payer had to fork out to pay for compensation while military commanders have buried treasures on their backyardds…. or this is another political vote buying intiaitives?

  3. Saione – all compensation for wounded and deceased soldiers are claimed and duly disbursed by the UN but the problem is that those monies never reach the wounded soldier or the family of the deceased because of corruption and collusion between high ranks of the military ranks and government policy arm. It has been an on-going bone of contention creating rift between ground soldiers and their superiors in the army. Abuse of military fund without proper audit and reporting made matters worse. Bainimarama himself did not permit scrutiny of military accounts and it does not take rocket science to work out why! Now that he controls the public purse, paying compensation from tax proceeds and loaned funds from Chinese exim bank is one way of making up the wrong. Its all part of maintaining rapport with foot soldiers and soliciting electoral support. Ordinary unknowing citizens perceive this to be all good tidyings but its scandalous – robbing Paul to pay Peter!

  4. After the dismantling of communism Russia began a new journey to a new and better Russia.
    To show case the new and better Russia the Putin government spent $50 billion to host the Olympics.
    We learn from the news that a huge chunk of that money has been “siphoned off by elites” (ABC news 9/2).
    For the ordinary Russian people “the Olympic juggernaut has brought only pain, no gain” .
    The have suffered evictions and demolition of their homes and health hazard from the construction work undertaken for the Olympics. And on top of that police brutality for any dissent.
    This is the other side of the “better Russia” under Putin’s “democratic” government.
    But all this is of course irrelevant to Fiji.
    In the new and better Fiji there has been no siphoning off of public money by the local predatory elite.
    Well how can we know?
    There is no Auditor – General’s report.
    The media has virtually forgotten its public watchdog role.
    There is no way of knowing AT THIS POINT IN TIME.
    But truth has a way of coming out at some point in time.
    We just have to wait for that time.
    Remember people in some countries have had to wait for a heck of a long time
    But their patience paid off in the end.
    The looting by their leaders got exposed .

  5. Fijis ratings onthe Global corruption index is worse then its last standings. Wasnt it corruption – the reason for the 2006 takeover?.

  6. @ Saione
    No it wasn’t.
    that was the purported reason, the pretext
    the real reason was to grab power by force
    so that the coup leader Frank Bainimarama could save his arse which was in line for Naboro.

  7. Saione – even if Frank and thugs did the coup to rid corruption (which was not), Fiji’s rating on the global corruption index is worse than its last standing, as you rightly say but this worsened rating was under his watch! So both ways – coup to rid corruption or coup to save his ass, Fiji’s situation was never made better. Its the irony of lies, deception, cowardice and simple thuggery with guns to intimidate people that has made Fiji go from bad to worse! Unless the coup culture is removed there is no guarantee things would be better. The same old promise Frank is making was the same kind of promise people heard from the past coups! Fiji’s days are never better from the unlawful takeover of a government. That is a myth! Promises of better days can never be real, especially when they are made by a criminal that is guilty of treasonous crime. Its simple as that. Its justice, its righteousness that will always prevail in all this.

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