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So the Auditor General is tabu, banned from seeing the light of day!

2014 is election year in Fiji [fingers crossed] so Fiji’s illegal, corrupt and criminal PM has ordered his office clowns to monitor capital projects as part of his vote buying campaign.
Fiji Broadcasting Corporation [FBC] reports that all capital projects around the country will be monitored on a monthly basis, this year only.  The Director Public relations at the Prime Minister’s office, Joeli Besetimoala said that the illegal Prime Minister wants all ministries and departments to spend at least sixty percent of their budget allocation by June.
This suggests that tricks, scams and creative accounting will be employed to ensure individual ministries spend 60% of their budgets by June.  It also suggests that Khaiyum and Bano’s corrupt friends who have been given contracts for captial projects will be paid in advance of completing the project.  This then increases the risk of poor quality results, if they are paid in advance.
The Prime Minister’s office and its PS, Colonel Pio Tikoduadua, through the Strategic Framework for Change, has taken on the task of seeing just how taxpayers money is put to use. Really??  Isn’t this the Auditor General’s function?  …Oh yes, forgot for a second there, the Auditor General will reveal the truth about how and where the taxpayers money is really going to.  Khaiyum and bainimarama dont want the world to know how they have been stealing millions from Fiji for themselves and their corrupt family and friends!  This includes the multiple salaries they pay to themselves, the contracts they give to their friends, and the millions they are diverting to their private bank accounts from cheap Chinese loans.   So the Auditor General is tabu, banned from seeing the light of day!
Pio Tikoduadua, on the other hand, will bend over as far as he has to to defend his lying, criminal and kai-colo boss and make him appear somewhat genuine.  But we see the reality in his bosses actions, lies and empty words.  Pio’s ass-kissing has left him with a permanent mark. A number of elderly village folk have suggested, that all Pio’s fake bible carrying and playing dress-up on Sundays wont fix it.  They claim that Pio knows the truth and he knows what to do, but he chooses to ignore it in exchange for his 30 pieces of silver.

4 thoughts on “So the Auditor General is tabu, banned from seeing the light of day!

  1. I am a Kaiicolo and with all genuine and proud Kaicolo are offended by the statement above “defend his lying, criminal and kai-colo boss and make him appear somewhat genuine” We lower our dignity by having the criminal unprincipled crook Bainimarama bagged with us as belonging to the same identifying identity. He is a bad smell leper and does not belong with us.

    He is a genuine target for everybody’s rejection and insult as he has done enormous damage to our economic, governance, law and order, cultural integrity, international relations and dignity.


  2. Khayium the destroyer of i taukei has made millions and earns over $1.3 million in salary alone.

    Khayium sold his property at Berry Road to Tappos for $850,000 when he had bought for $250,000.

    Khayium should be in Naboro and not Qarase.

    Aunty Nur has made millions with all corrupt dealings!

    Brother Raiz was jobless now all the Khayium clan owe properties and made millions.

    Never vote for Baianimarma.

  3. i Taukei start talking to people in village and amongst your family not to vote for Bainimarma.

    Bianimarma is a rubber stamp only.

    Khayium is the mastermind.

    It is sad how Khayium has manipulated Bianimarma.

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