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“We are concerned that there is still no Auditor General’s report. The state of the economy is of great concern to us as a party. These are issues that we wait on the Government to make clear to the public.”

Don’t make empty promises, PDP officials told

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By Rosi Doviverata

Officials of the People’s Democratic Party have been advised not to make promises they cannot fulfill. PDP interim president Adi Sivia Qoro made the statement after a party workshop in Suva. She said in a statement: “The PDP is at the critical stage of developing and finalising its manifesto. Based on preliminary survey, consultations and discussions with the public and the wealth of knowledge and experience within the party, an initial policy was developed during the time of the registration of the party. “Now as a build up to the election it is important that PDP continues its consultation with all sectors of the constituency to gain first-hand the issues and challenges faced but also that the policies developed is relevant to the constituency and most important that the people have ownership of the policies.. “As part of this process the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) on Friday 7th February, 2014 held its first national workshop for all its founding members, branch presidents and key activists. The objectives of the workshop were three-fold: n To canvass a wide range of issues that are pertinent to the development of specific sectors from across the different spectrum of the community and major stakeholders; n  To inform members n To impact the development of the party policies. “ Key speakers invited to speak at the workshop included prominent individuals: Professor Wadan Narsey an independent non-partisan economist and prolific writer, Mr Richard Naidu as legal and constitutional expert, Mr Govind Singh as community leader, Mr Nesbit Hazelman as the representative of the employers and Mr Felix Anthony as the employees representative. “Issues and concerns that the electoral decree and regulations are not in place were discussed among the participants. This has meant for the party to strategise on different scenarios including the possibility of a snap election soon after the Commander steps down. Other scenarios have to do with the election itself. “We have even looked at possible scenarios of an election under the open system of voting in a single Fiji-wide Constituency. These are formidable considerations for a party trying to take care of its logistics. Government’s slow pace is not helpful and indicates uncertainties on the Government’s part on exactly what they want for themselves. “We are educating ourselves on all possibilities. The branch officials and activists found the workshop very useful in clarifying answers to commonly asked questions by the people. They have returned fortified with new knowledge and improved leadership styles to deal with real issues at the ground level. “They have been advised not to make promises we cannot fulfill. We do not have a clear picture of the nation’s finances particularly its borrowings to finance the pre-election hive of activities. “We are concerned that there is still no Auditor General’s report. The state of the economy is of great concern to us as a party. These are issues that we wait on the Government to make clear to the public.”


29 thoughts on ““We are concerned that there is still no Auditor General’s report. The state of the economy is of great concern to us as a party. These are issues that we wait on the Government to make clear to the public.”

  1. you all can wait as long as you like – you have already waited for over 7 years!
    but the Government of Bainimarama is not about to make anything clearer – to the public.
    They are not accountable to the public.
    The public did NOT put them in power to govern.
    They put themselves in power
    through the barrel of the gun.
    just a reminder
    lest we forget.

  2. Much time has been wasted in the offices and corridors of Canberra and Wellington and in the High Commission offices in Suva about the response (or lack thereof) of Fiji’s population to the 2006 coup. Diplomats and intelligence personal cannot understand that Bainimarama’s military dictatorship could go on for eight years without even the smallest signs of resistance or even dissent. How is it possible that an entire nation nodded when a man labelled as mad by the US ambassador Dinger declared that henceforth he will be the boss? How can an entire nation, urban professionals, former leaders and everyone else accept to be ruled by two narcissists supported by a small group of thugs? How come that anyone seems to accept that the AG and the PM steal waste amounts of state assets behind a cloak of secrecy, while talking cynically about transparency and accountability? These questions are important in the run up to elections designed to confirm autocratic rule.
    The answer lies in the national character of Fijians and its three major philosophical pillars: Kerekere, lamusona and liumuri. The principal of kerekere is the expectation of unearned income, the desire to obtain handouts without investing any effort. From the very beginning Bainimarama played to this aspect of Fiji’s national character. Price controls, reduction of electricity tariffs below supply cost, subsidised bus fares, sewing machines for the peasants, electricity and water supply for villagers etc. With little of no dignity the masses keenly lap up the crumps that are thrown by the rulers who have gorged themselves on state money.
    Closely related to the desire for unearned income is the deeply ingrained fear of authority and the general cowardice that is so evident both amongst the general population and their rulers. The legendary cassava patch sprint of Bainimarama in 2000 is as impressive as evidence as the runner done by Mara who had the chance to change the game as commander of Fiji’s largest military unit the 3FIR. In line with lamusona philosophy he decided to run to Tonga. Sure, he made some noise for a couple of days and promised to disclose everything. We are still waiting. Lamusona is perhaps the strongest single characteristic of Fiji’s population, which is quite obviously not prepared to take even the smallest risk in return for some dignity or self-respect. No matter how blatantly the regime abuses power the entire population has cowered down and hopes that somehow, someone from Australia or elsewhere will change things around. When Qarase had the chance to mobilise the population against military dictatorship, he begged Australia for an intervention instead of taken up the fight.
    The third pillar is so vividly described by the term liumuri, the desire to backstab when it is save to do so. Liumuri is the safety valve for the pressure that automatically builds in a subservient population prepared to bend over for the rulers on a daily basis. While the average Fijian does normally not have the opportunity to do some serious liumuri, the members of the elite have. Those urban professionals who have lost their jobs and their influence under the Bainimarama regime hold high hopes to get back to the ones that have taken away so much from them. Unfortunately the desire to back stab when it is safe to do, paralyses any possible leadership and prevents the ill feelings of the urban elite to manifest itself. It is tempting to see race as the key to Fiji’s political instability. The large Indian community has remained culturally distinct from the ethnic i-Taukei community. As a result, most institutions are either predominantly i-Taukei or predominantly Indian, creating a divide across Fijian society that is prone to widen in times of political and economic stress. But the reality is more complex. At the community and individual levels, Indo-Fijians and i-Taukei coexist harmoniously. There are historic tensions within the Indian community based on income levels that echo the religious, regional, and caste differences in their country of origin. The desire to backstab a competitor is as strong in the Indian community as amongst the i-Taukei. Tensions within the indigenous Fijian community come not just from historical rivalry of clans and confederacies, but also from the stresses of a communal society that is adjusting to the pressures of a modern economy by trying to backstab competitors and opponents. It is clear that the socio-cultural fabric of our society provides the most attractive environment for military coups and dictatorship. It will be interesting to observe the up-coming elections and the multitude of efforts by the regime to rig its outcome. Will the blatant stealing of the peoples voice build enough pressure and trigger resistance. It is not impossible, but from my point of view it is very unlikely. Kerekere, lamusona and liumuri will prevail.

  3. kerekere, lamusona and liumuri (and kakase ) indeed sum up the total national character of the Fijian.
    coups and coup leaders will come and go but this rotten Fijian character will stay.
    that’s one constant with the fijians

  4. LL, your digestion of the Fijian characteristics has merits as it manifests itself quite obviously in all the various activities going on from way back in 1987. Opportunists jump to the fore to maximise their stakes in the spoils of upheavals. When we had steady administrations with the grand chiefs at the helm much of the people were in tow and most things were in order. Now that they have departed everything seems to a free for all scramble for power and the routine coups were part of this chaos. Bottom line in all these tussle for power is money as the current regime is unashamedly displaying.

  5. Interesting perspective LL and while some aspects of it may have merit, it is a dangerous thing to suggest that sweeping generalizations hold true for all.

    For starters, only someone who does not understand can assume that silence by the Kai Viti is acceptance. It is not. It is a loaded silence that even chiefs fear from their people.

    Your understanding of kerekere is very superficial. It is not a one way street even though some practice it as such, but it is a sophiscated communal approach to helping bear each others burdens. Even the most developed of nations practice the one way street version of kerekere which they call social welfare.

    As for being lamusona, can you really blame them? No one wants rifles up their rectum or to have their skulls smashed into smithereens. But never confuse this with apathy. Remember that the genes of cannibalism still flow through the veins. It is the dignified Kai Viti that hoses down that genie that so badly wants to escape from that bottle because they know too well where that road leads. They will instead let karma prevail.

    For liumuri, the tall poppy syndrome happens everywhere. It’s human nature to want what you can’t have.

    Don’t be too hard on everyone. Que sera sera.

  6. Unfortunate this election frenzy has got everyone singing to Bainikaiyum’s tune without a question about the legality of whole process. With all the complaints and bickering about the overthrow, the abrogation of the 1997 constitution, the unlawful rule, the dictatorial constitution of Bainikaiyum, and even the unfree and unfair way this election is already shaping up to be, the parties, political idiots, wanna be democracy advocates and freedom fighters are seemingly singing to Bainikaiyum’s tune now and willingly participating in whatever scheme the dictator is imposing! The lack of resolve to uphold principle of righteousness and justice is still apparent in Fiji as lamusona levu might quite rightly be pointing out above. Its ironical when people decry the abuse of their human rights but do not stand to fight against it! Seeking the easy way out or soft solution for returning to democracy where self dignity and virtue are given up for accepting a self-styled constitution and its unjust conditions is not the ideal way of building Fiji. Its the way of bastardizing Fiji, making it relive mistakes of coups! The nation is at the crossroad again, a point it was in just a few years ago with a self-styled constitution that forces immunity for treasonous criminals and unjust and undemocratic conditions for citizens. Isn’t this the scenario and political ethos Fiji was wrestling with on the reign of the first coup mongrel? Isn’t it what the present coup mongrel has again followed and devised his escape route? Isn’t it how the citizens have been hoodwinked into believing the best days for Fiji are ahead? Isn’t it how the citizens have been conned and cajoled into supporting the mongrels’ brand of leadership? And isn’t it how the same old politicians and wanna be democracy advocates position themselves into political contest that never was genuine and legal from the outset but for sake of meeting their own self interest? This is what we are seeing in Fiji today with devastating collateral damage both in material and moral value. And see how the model is preached to the young, impressing that its the way to run politics and manage a democracy! All the hype and cries of abuse, torturing and killing of citizens, theft of state wealth and destruction of national institutions comes to nothing when justice is never fully exploited for such ills. Democracy is still the best for Fiji but it sure has sacrifices attached. I’m bemused as to what kind of democracy Fiji is really wishing for when its politicians and wanna be leaders are always avoiding the hard work and sacrifice required for building a proper democracy.

  7. @KTF
    I am fully aware that the truth is hard to swallow, but I am still convinced that without a fundamental change in our mindset, there will be no change in Fiji. Look who dares to raise a voice: Stefan Ali, a half German half Indian business man. Where are the proud and fearless Fijian warriors?

  8. The state of Fiji’s political situation is due to the i taukei people.

    How can a person like Khayium be so powerful !

    The writers above are totally true.

    Khayium is playing the divide and rule policy using the I taukei people.

    Now Khayium will rig the election to escape treason charges.

  9. PDP have people like Felix Anthony and Rajeshwar Singh ( FPSA).

    Both were in FNPF board and workers money was wasted in Momi Bay and other projects.

    Rajeswar Singh then bought a 10 acre land at Momi Bay.

    The land was transferred by Nagin of Sherani ( major conflict of interest of Nagain as he is the lawyer for FPSA.

    Then Nagin and Rajeshawar Singh bought property at Willikson Road last year.

    Both are crooking members FPSA MEMBERS money.

    Rajeshwar Singh recently bought a property ( over priced it with Rohit of R. HOOKER) for credit union.

    Rajeshawar made $40,000.

    So these are the crooks behind PDP.

    More on Rajeshwar Singh’s corrupt practice will be coming soon!

  10. With all that have been shared above, the missing link forgetten is GOD our Creator. His timeline is not ours and His ways are not our ways. Just to encourage everyone , let us keep praying for HIS intervention in the affairs of our nation.

    When things do change for good and normalcy , justice and restoration will happen.


  11. still no Auditor-General report?
    why not?
    have they forgotten how to do such a report?
    they have apparently forgotten what democracy means
    even though the colonials – in our case – did a fairly good job of teaching us.
    we have gone backwards
    haven’t we?

  12. LL Your truth is not the same as my truth. In fact its great that we can critically analyse motivations that drive a certain way of behaving. All I’m saying is that we have to look at it holistically.

    I agree that it is frustrating that our citizens are not more active against the illegal & treasonous regime and that is precisely why people like us take to the world wide web — so that we can inform, educate and uplift the understanding of our people so that they know that its well within their rights to demand better. But we are, as you point out, concurrently battling an ingrained worldview that is not going to change tomorrow. It will take time and to try and change it by imposing a foreign worldview will never work.

    It is not an impossible journey. All I do suggest is that we find a way to remain optimistic despite the mind-numbing pain of 8 years of tyranny. It is fair to say that people are discovering and re-discovering how they have been duped, used & abused by people they least expected. For example, ten years ago did one ever expect Rt Inoke K, Mahendra Chaudhry, Jiko Luveni or Nazhat Shameem to do what they did in the 2006 coup? These are the most precious of lessons because it is guaranteed never to be repeated.

    I would like to think that our role in this is to ensure that we turn the heat all the way up to eradicate the ‘gold’ of all its impurities.

  13. LL

    What you are missing is the dynamics of dictatorship. The end game is control through fear and if you care to examine such regimes throughout human history you will see that the people generally behaved the same Fijians do today. It takes time for the people being controlled to rebel but when they do…when they have had enough its the dictators that turn out to be cowards.

    As KTF alluded too, sweeping generalizations like you are doing is plain stupid and erroneous.

  14. Wake up i TAUKEI before Khayium destroys your tradition, vanua, culture.

    This thug must be removed.

    Khayium is the mastermind for all the problem in Fiji.

  15. The useless Fiji military under the devastating treachorous leadership of khaiyum’s pet pig bhaini has totally farked the nation. The window of opportunity to correct the disaster facing Fiji is rapidly closing.

  16. Great debate. One point that I disagree is that this coup is because of ASK. It was actually well thought of before he came into the picture. In fact, iam reliably informed that FLP gave their blessing and that was the reason mahend chor chordary joined the govt post 2006.

    Food for thought.

  17. @ Nagatalevu – God is never forgotten and is never the missing link! He is the beginning and the end and whilst we may be indulging in sharing our thoughts and people Like Frank and cronies are helping themselves to the spoils of ill gotten gains and from the suffering of others, God is taking stock and all shall be accounted to HIM later. It is better for man to account for their evils to fellow man and make amends for their wickedness to one another, than to leave it too late and let the Almighty adjudicate on it when all is out of their hands! The criminals holding Fiji hostage today have time to redeem themselves and they would be wise take up the opportunity. Power and money especially when it is illegally and corruptly acquired is the worst enemy. Yes His timeline are not ours and His ways are not our ways but the way truth and life behind them have all been revealed by the Son. If one knows the truth, the way and the life as you appear to demonstrate, particularly the element of righteousness and justice that underpin it and literally prays pray for God to resolve all, then one is not doing one’s task but merely passing the buck back to God. Isn’t it true that faith requires action to be beneficial? How much more than the sacrifice of a Son and the revelation of righteousness and justice does one want, in order to be drawn to the moral duty of bringing righteousness and justice in the world one lives in? The mess in Fiji today requires men of principle and those with resolve to bring about the change they believe in to fruition. This requires walking the walk not just talking the talk! Bainimarama and cronies have somehow made everyone sleepwalk into the same-old banana republic ethos that Fiji was wanting to get way from – the ethos of coups, immunity, looting of state wealth/institutions, and the increased marginalization of the poor and ordinary citizens. Is this what God wants of Fiji? I don’t think so! Is this problem for God to resolve, despite the righteousness and justice people already hold in themselves for the best way forward? Certainly not because it would make a mockery of God’s assignment of that duty to people of faith. People who continue praying and do not stand up when action is required are normally let down – remember those who cry father father and do not help the plight of their fellow men are not worthy of the kingdom!!

  18. @KTF and Ratu Sai above
    Your attempt to justify cowardice, subservience and indolence is really pathetic. Everybody nows that generalisations are necessary to shine a light on structural problems. It is exactly because of members of the elite you have silently accepted being ruled by the kleptocratic Khaiyum clan and their supporters in the RFMF that the country is where it is.

    You may want to look back to 2006 when an uprising in Tonga was triggered by kleptocratic behaviour of the ruling royals. People made it clear on the streets that enough is enough and started a long way towards democracy. After 8 years of obvious looting of the state coffers by the regime there is not even a smidgeon of resistance in Fiji. The so called opposition takes part in the election charade, obviously hoping to lap up a few crumbs from the rich table of the rulers.


  19. Khayium is the mastermind to destroy our beautiful Fiji and the i taukei.

    Khayium is the mastermind of the coup. This is a fact.

    This is evident from the fact that his family and community is the one who have made most money
    through corrupt practice.

    No public tenders on various government projects.

    Muslims have bought Biainimarma.

    Muslims are everywhere in government related orgaisation spying for Khayium.

    Fiji is under Taliban rule and it is the i Taukei who have to be blamed.

    Only a handful i Taukei are making money as they are always there to fill there own pocket.

    No freedom of speech for the people of Fiji.

    Khayium has made millions.

    Now building swimming pool at his Namadhi Heights home.

    What did Khayium had before the coup!

    The brother Raiz was without a job.

    Now owes property and spend 22 million on FBC.

    The people of Fiji wants to know what Khayium had before 2006 and what he owes now.

    Khayium is using DIVIDE AND RULE policy amongst the I taukei.

    How much aunty Nur Bano has made since 2006!

    All these will be investigated and these thugs are the one’s who should be in Naboro and not Qararse!

  20. LL

    How long has Tonga and its people being subservient to the monarchy? And in spite of moderate changes the monarchy continues.

  21. LL you may want to study the history of Tonga and just what led to their democracy. It did not happen overnight. Generations of Tongans ingrained with the unquestioning ethos of undying loyalty to the royal house passed before the generation that finally moved for changes, did what it did. Do you think Fiji is even remotely at that point yet?

    As for justifying cowardice, subservience and indolence. Wow. Just Wow.

  22. The Fijians don’t really have good principles and courage. They tend to be reserve or lamu would be the more appropriate word. I agree with LL.

  23. Whilst there are tendencies for timidity and fear in all human race, there are also tendencies for courage and bravado in all human race. The Fijians we can recall are well known for their courage and bravado in wars of the past. The capacity to demonstrate that character comes with the working together of natural and circumstantial attributes that trigger their mental and spiritual consciousness. This state has not been reached because their heart and minds are currently captured by the enticements and bribes of material benefit from the junta. The task of ensuring financial sustainability in government coffers to meet this end is a priority of the regime. The pay out for injured and deceased soldiers is a perfect example. Grandiodising the scheme was political capital seeking! Schools, village community halls, bridges, roads and health centers etc is a feature of the bribery mechanism and what has to sink in with recipients of such enticements is how it affects their overall well being? A Fijian I suppose is happy to receive as much as he can, provided it doesn’t affect his well being – the self interest nature plays. But when he begins to sense its negative impact, the order of his satisfaction reorganises under a different structure. Their courage and bravado can be triggered in the process. Bainikaiyum is very smart to play his cards well not to set this process in motion.

    It is however worthy to know the drawback of this style of social contract that is so infested in the coup coup culture of Fiji. It is the moral decay that it hubs. Fiji has descended into the pigsty and the incinerator for this. The daylight looting of public purse and destruction of national institutions without challenge. The rampant corruption and cronyism that exist without question being asked and their acceptance as norm. The abrogation and burning of draft constitution without challenge. These examples don’t testify reforms but deforms in the mindset of people! They reflect nothing apart from the severe decline in Fiji’s ethical standards. The seemingly general acceptance of savage dictatorial rule, a norm in the animal farm, is just an indication of where Fiji has descended to! And for now it would be attributed to the short term capture of bribes and enticements. But what stops the corrupt social contract is when people begin to question the loss of their dignity in the entire scheme! The Fijian mindset has not reached that stage yet and Bainikaiyum’s strategies involves steering them away from that. But as in all cases and in all proven history of world’s past and recent civil unrest, there is always a time when people stand up to reclaim their dignity. There is a cycle to everything. Uprising in the Arab world is a simple testimony to this. When sweetness of bribes and enticements don’t work any more, corrupt leaders know their day is up. It is also the day when Lamusona levu’s theory about kerekere, liu muri and lamusona give way to the tide of justice and righteousness. For Fiji, it is certainly building up to the question of when this will happen, not whether this will happen? The indications are coming out more clear. At the moment all is still in honeymoon mode!

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