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NZ contributes over $3 million to the Forum Secretariat



News Fri 07 Feb

SUVA, Fiji— The New Zealand Government has signed its annual funding agreement with the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS).

New Zealand’s Acting Head of Mission to Fiji, Mark Ramsden officially signed the document with Forum Secretary General, Tuiloma Neroni Slade at the Forum Secretariat headquarters in Suva, last week.

New Zealand will provide NZD $3,110,000 to fund the Forum Secretariat’s operations in 2014.

After the signing process Slade stated, “I wish to express my sincerest appreciation to the Government of New Zealand for its ongoing support to the work of the Secretariat.”

“NZ has made significant contribution to the economic development of Pacific Island countries and the Secretariat looks forward to continuing cooperation and partnerships between New Zealand and other member countries,” added Slade.


7 thoughts on “NZ contributes over $3 million to the Forum Secretariat

  1. can someone be good enough to draw Keith Gregory’s attention to this article. the man has somehow convinced himself that it’s “sad” the way NZ and Australia have treated “its Pacific neighbours.”

  2. what happened to the much vaunted ‘Look North Policy’, where is all the ‘support’ from your new friends China, India and Azerbaijan?? Seems no matter how much the pacific bleats about sovereignty, and being treated as ‘equal partners’ blah, blah, blah they still go cap in hand to Aus and NZ looking for ‘support’ (meaning free money) but then in the same breath complain about their influence??!!!

  3. @eliki
    you too right,bro
    rhetoric is one thing reality another
    the first military coup maker Rabuka learned this quick smart after his mob made some early noise about not needing to depend on outside support because they could go back to planting tavioka!!
    remember that?
    the current military coup maker is a slow learner but he too is getting his head around reality.
    his knows his bullshitting will not keep the country going forever.

  4. So what’s happened to the illegal & treasonous regimes much lauded PIDF?

    Taxpayers paid for that big grandstanding, nose-thumbing at the PIF event that seems to have fizzled out after all that exaggerated zeal. They have an official taxpaid presence in Domain but its function is still to reverberate among the people.

    Chalk the PIDF down to yet another extravagantly colossal failure of the regime.

  5. the issue is not how much money Australia or NZ has given , its the patronising and morally bankrupt way its been lecturing to the Pacific whilst not doing what it preaches at home or the fact that it cant educate its own yet is advising others as to how to do it …that’s the debate with me , not the cash handouts ..Any LOMBARD can throw cash about but it takes guts to see that you have foults too …

  6. who said Australia and NZ are not without faults?
    but get a grip on your self man, get a grip on your sense of balance and perspective.
    Fiji has not got itself in such a shit place because of the patronising and morally bankrupt way Australia and NZ have been lecturing to the Pacific.
    Fiji is where it is because of rotten corrupt selfish leaders who have no respect for good democratic governance.
    If Aust and NZ lecturing is so abhorrent why take the cash they are throwing about?

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