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MSG getting to be worse than Pacific Forum?…….Fiji’s claim to host the special summit is being disputed however by some other MSG members.

MSG summit in doubt?

Friday, 07 February 2014 09:35

NO dates have been set yet on when leaders of the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) will meet to discuss the thorny issue of West Papua.

Islands Business magazine’s Letter from Suva is reporting that Fiji has objected to Vanuatu’s hosting of the proposed special MSG Leaders’ Summit.
“Initial dates of February 10 to 15 were deemed untenable by some Melanesian leaders,” said the Letter from Suva column, which is penned by Islands Business’ editor-in-chief Laisa Taga.
“In addition, Fiji reportedly had objected to the hosting of the summit by Vanuatu. Protocol it argued dictates that the current chair of the MSG should play host, and since the FLNKS hierarchy has indicated it was not ready to do so, they had approached Fiji to be the host instead.”
Fiji’s claim to host the special summit is being disputed however by some other MSG members.
The magazine is also reporting that the special summit is strictly for full members of the MSG only. No observer representatives will be invited.
Pro-independence movement in West Papua, the West Papua National Coalition for Liberation (WPNCL) is an observer with the MSG, as is the government of Indonesia which treats West Papua as one of its provinces and names it Irian Jaya.
FLNKS leader Victor Tutogo is the current chair of the MSG and he had called the special meeting to discuss the outcome of an MSG fact-finding mission to West Papua last month.
Vanuatu had objected to the agenda of the mission, complaining that its objective had been hijacked by Indonesia.
Instead of it being to investigate the application of the WPNCL to become a full member of the MSG, Vanuatu claimed the fact-finding mission led by Fiji’s Foreign Minister Ratu Inoke Kubuabola had been changed to look more into trade and economic ties with the Asian nation.
When Fiji chaired the MSG in 2012, Indonesia was admitted as an observer member of the MSG.
There are claims that if the MSG is not careful, Indonesia could dominate its agenda because it has the clout and money to do so.


9 thoughts on “MSG getting to be worse than Pacific Forum?…….Fiji’s claim to host the special summit is being disputed however by some other MSG members.

  1. when the MSG got together in a union it gave the impression of being like a royal marriage where everything was going to be honky dory and the parties to the union were going to live happily ever after.
    it doesn’t always happen that, does it?
    after the initial honeymoon shit starts to happen.
    that’s what’s happening in the MSG now.

  2. This is another typical example of how the illegal regime decides on which people to supports. Indonesia having money and power becomes the natural choice for them. The suppressed indigenous West Papuan have nothing to offer so they are not in favour with the regime. But it is the West Papuan who merits support the most since they are bona fide melanesians. The most logical thing to do was to support the West Papuans who are being colonised by a foreign power.

  3. The Fiji regime is a military/ anti indigenous alliance working to systematically undermine the indigenous of Fiji. So how the fark will they side with the indigenous of Papua? Its stupid for even the other MSG members to contemplate otherwise.

  4. Fiji sells its soul to the devil for money. Fiji being bankrupt to the bones, even the illegal Govt stealing the workers’ pension funds ie FNPF, WILL SELL ITS PRINCIPLES, to obtain money to run its corrupt unaccountable illegal administration,,,with leaks to Pockets of the dictator and his cronies.

    Nothing good will emerge from this unprincipled illegal Govt.

  5. and the Bainimarama -Khaiyum dictatorship loudly proclaim itself to be anti -colonial ! what a bunch of hypocrites!

  6. In a calm pacified area of the globe where tension and hostility is a rarity, the news of conflict, anti this and anti that is never taken seriously because there is always the moment to seize when all can come together in the traditional way of accepting and receiving each other with warmth and mutual respect. But Fiji’s modern way ushered in by this Bainikaiyum regime is now beginning to unveil its influence beyond Fiji’s own shores to other small-island states. Its wise remembering that denouncing the Pacific Island Forum and propping MSG at the expense of regional unity, cooperation and security is not the Pacific way. Dividing members among themselves and looking north an allowing their thoroughfare into the region to fill your pocket is not the Pacific way. Inviting observers for their wallet size and not for their genuine concern for Pacific people is not the Pacific way.Telling chiefs and their people to piss off while you help yourself with the nation’s wealth is not the Pacific way. Having coups after coups and constitutions after constitution is definitely not the Pacific way – only the Fiji way!!. This is what Fiji is bringing to the region. Its bad influences is beginning to extend beyond Fiji’s shores. The country was once a bastion of good leadership and nation building that saw peace and progress to its people. It earned respect from its neighbours and beyond for that. It championed gathering around the table and reasoning with each other in Island style way to make sure everyone was moving forward together but this has been replaced by the smash and grab, inconsiderate, law abusing, disrespectful and self-serving leadership of today. The trait of criminality, corrupt, immoral and inhumane tendency is far more evident in Fiji’s leadership today than ever and we only have to look back over the past 2-3 decades to know why! And this is the influence Fiji is beginning to export to it island neighbours – forget about PICTA and PACER – Fiji could very well trade bad, corrupt, immoral and criminal leadership with its island neighbours if its not been happening already!

  7. The MSG is mostly for kao, pio, (wine and dine) picnic in foreign destinations for the political class from the MSG countries.
    that’s why nothing much has happened in the west papuans fight for self-determination. no solid front, no real solidarity from their fellow Melanesian mob
    shame on them!

  8. 私たちの秋冬コレクション2013の製品に存在しているそのうちの一つは、靴に最適な断熱性を確保しスマートウールフェイクシャーリングライニング、です。断熱Polartecのための会社の製品と提携して開発したスマートウールフェイクシャーリングはリサイクルPET製Polartecサーマルプロフリース生地とメリノウール繊維を組み合わせたものです。結果は、最も不利な条件であなたの足をドライで快適に保つ超ヒーター裏地あり、そして、まだウールのミックス、自然再生可能エネルギー、リサイクルPET繊維、完全に持続可能です。

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