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Australia prepared to work with any government in Fiji

07:04 Today


Taken from/By: Google Report by: Rita Narayan; Radio Australia

The Australian government has indicated it will work with any government that will be voted to power in Fiji in this year’s election.

Senator Brett Mason, Australia’s parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs told Radio Australia the Abbott government was delighted with the political developments in Fiji.

He says  Australia will clearly work with the government of Fiji whoever that is after the election, if it’s the current Opposition or the current government or whoever.

Mason says Australia also welcomed the appointment of Fiji’s Electoral Commission.

He says it really shows a positive step towards Fiji holding elections later this year.


6 thoughts on “Australia prepared to work with any government in Fiji

  1. Sure enough, the Abbott government will work with our visionary PM and the true ruler of Fiji the Honorable Khaiyum once they have been confirmed by an overwhelming majority of Fiji’s poorly educated electorate. There is a lot of money to be made in the cosy business climate that we have created in Fiji. My phone rings off the hook with Aussies seeking my advise on how to milk the systems.

  2. ‘Court delays Afghan man’s deportation until challenge heard’ (ABC news 7/2).
    That’s how things are done in a true democracy. The decision of a government minister can be challenged in court and the court’s decision is final, not the government minister’s. The minister like everyone else must abide by the decision of the court. That is the predominant place of the rule of law in a true democracy. Notwithstanding its flaws Australia is such a democracy. By contrast,
    in a dictatorship decisions are made at the whim of the dictator or his attorney-general or any of the dictator’s side kicks. Their decision cannot be challenged in a court of law.
    When the dictator decides to deport somebody that’s final. The deported man is bundled into a van an driven to the airport without a chance to say sayonara let alone make any court challenge.
    Let us hope after the elections Fiji can once again become a democracy where the rule of law and due process is restored.

  3. Talking of the Rule of Law I am reminded –
    by The Telegraph News 7/2 that a young man who was accused of assaulting two police officers on Mardi Gras night last year has been awarded almost $40,000 in court cost after a NSW court found he had been “brutalised” and subjected to excessive force by the police –
    what happened to that brutal prisoner beating case?
    Has any perpetrator been presented to court in Fiji?
    Does Fiji have the same standard of the Rule of Law as Australia?

  4. Ironic hearing Canberra say it will work with any government whether they are criminals or not! Is Canberra so eager to turn the page and forget about the criminality and violation of people’s rights over the past 7-8 years? It looks like Canberra is giving up building a sustainable democracy in Fiji for the sake of restoring commercial relationship and interest there. The coups and persistent democratic violations in Fiji have never been addressed to their root because of the window-dressing and lip-service mannerisms of regional big players, particularly Canberra! Political instabilities particularly in Fiji have always been given band-aid treatment and with all the talk about building strong institutions to protect democracy, here is another perfect example of hypocrisy in Canberra’s DNA. How many times have we seen Australian tax-payers money on Fiji’s improvement? Amount already spent would be in the hundreds of millions, even more but all is a waste and to no avail because Fiji continues to mess up! Just wanting to have an election going (despite the grave violation in the way its done) and agreeing to work with any leader despite they being a well known criminal is just not the way to resolve a persisting problem! This Canberra release speaks more than what it might have called for. It doesn’t show well for Canberra as a regional guard and gatekeeper. To have a seat at the UN Security Council is one thing, but to allow persistent violation of democratic principles and rights without proper attendance at your very own doorstep is another. The image that Canberra wants to be and the image it is currently portraying are miles apart at the moment!

  5. political expediency rules not principled conduct.
    the latter is loudly proclaimed just for show.
    far worse dictatorships have been propped by the mob with ” a seat at the UN Security Council”.
    Fiji is just a boil in the arse by comparision.
    why would Canberra or Washington be bother with the criminality and human rights abuse of a tinpot dictator like Bainimarama when they have done nothing about so many more tyrannical rulers- especially the ones with no oil!
    Kainoqu, you are right. Sustainable democracy is not what these leading lights of democracy are about. They are about their own economic self-interest.
    They are like our Gujis!

  6. Here’s a letter from today’s (10/2) The Canberra Times which can tell us a thing or two .
    Uni misguided
    “It is a disgrace that the University of Canberra congratulated the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka on its 66th anniversary of independence from the British ( 66 th anniversary of Sri Lanka’s independence, advertising feature, The Canberra Times ,Feb 4).
    Sri lanka is neither democratic nor socialist.
    It is run by war criminals committing genocide against Tamils.
    It is also a disgrace that the university is using taxpayer funds to give succour to such a rotten and corrupt regime.
    The only people who support the war criminals in charge of Sri lanka are the likes of Tony Abbot who have a material interest in cuddling up to the regime and ignoring its human rights abuses.
    Is the university court the regime for more Sri lankan students?
    Could it really be that money is more important than principles to the neoliberals in charge of the University of Canberra?”
    – John Passant.
    Of course money is more important than principles .We know that from our own experience.
    If a leading democracy like Australia with a seat in the UN security council can be ” cuddling up to [a war crimes] regime” like Sri Lanka, why wouldn’t it “be prepared to work with any government in Fiji”?

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