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Rumor has it:

A Political Opinion Poll commisioned by the Prime Ministers Office  has not produced the results expected.

Lt.Col Pio Tikoduadua is said to be too embarrased to report the results to his boss.

6 thoughts on “Rumor has it:

  1. this man is very delusional. he imagines himself as the greatest leader Fiji has had!
    the reality however is that he is a military thug who seized power at gunpoint.
    how did he become Prime Minister?
    who elected him?

  2. dictating to people and getting them to obey your diktats under threat is one thing,
    getting the people to love you is quite another.
    that’s something dictator Bainimarama has apparently not yet learned.

  3. Saw Graham Davis At Cost u less pondering on the high cost of items on the shelves. GD please keep backing your delusional Regime Thugs because soon you and “them” will have no jobs to go to and no one ever wanting to “touch you” for hiring.

  4. a dictator can pass as many decrees as he wants but he can’t legislate on how the people should feel about him.
    it’s that feeling on the part of the people that saw the electoral defeat of Ratu Mara and his once invincible Alliance Party. It saw the political demise of the first military coup leader Rabuka.
    Will history be repeating itself?

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