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Mr Singh describes the military as a fact of life in Fiji but he says it needs to realign its focus from domestic to regional and international engagement

Fiji election candidate suggests Fiji joins ANZUS

Updated at  5:48 am today

A Fiji election candidate, Nirmal Singh, says he wants to see Fiji join the ANZUS defence treaty.

The former US Embassy public affairs specialist says Fiji has an important role to play in regional security and its defence forces are highly skilled through international peacekeeping duties.

Mr Singh describes the military as a fact of life in Fiji but he says it needs to realign its focus from domestic to regional and international engagement.

“The South Pacific segment of the Pacific theatre is quite important in terms of security, in terms of transnational crime, in terms of maintaining security in the region. I think it is time the United States, Australia and New Zealand should start engaging Fijian military forces more in to the regional and then subsequently into international engagements.”

Mr Singh says dealing with the military issue would be one of his priorities if he gets elected.

He resigned from the People’s Democratic Party this week and plans to announce next week whether he will stand as an independent or as a candidate for another party.


15 thoughts on “Mr Singh describes the military as a fact of life in Fiji but he says it needs to realign its focus from domestic to regional and international engagement

  1. Why on earth is this Nirmal Singh dude getting so much attention? Here he is babbling on about ANZUS, defence and the Pacific Theatre when no one knows what all that’s about and its all really at the bottom of the list of priorities as far as Fiji is concerned — or has he not seen that healthcare, homelessness, employment, poverty and a stagnant economy are more important to voters?

    Does he think we’re all stupid and can’t see through this pathetic attempt to win points with voters within the military? Is all this an attempt to show credibility because of 2 seconds of fame from his US Embassy days?

    C’mon media get your shit together and filter out all this unnecessary white noise. The guy doesn’t even have a party let alone a following.

  2. NO, NO, NO.

    We have no border security threats and we cannot afford spending our week foreign exchange income on expensive unaffordable costs.

    The Fiji Military has proved very disruptive economically, security wise, in terms of foreign policy , international standing, deprived citizens of human rights, has sponsored citizen murders abuses , frauds, mismanagement, unaccountability and shere grand theft of public money to enrich Bainimara, EyeArse and othe top treasonos power echelon gangs.

    Let the friendly powers USA, UK, NZ and Aussie look after our regional security…they can afford it and have far greater economic, geopolitical issues to protect for their own good than Fiji…the tiny minnow with not enough money to ensure its citizens have good services for its public.

    we will not vote for Bainimarama and his party.

  3. When I read this piece of rubbish my spontaneous response was no, if anything the Fijian military should be disbanded but I see Narain Reddy has beat me to it – and he has done a better job with his comment.
    Can someone tell us what this bloke nirmal singh’s qualification is for him to have been a “public affairs specialist” at the US Embassy in Fiji?
    I have been following public affairs and politics for a long time in Fiji – almost on a daily basis since before 14 May 1987 – and I have never heard of his guy’s name in any matter of public/national concern.

  4. ANZUS is a club too remote for the Fijian military. The last thing ANZUS would want is having a useless child sucking from the bottle and only interested in playing with toy dolls! This is what the Fiji military is all about. Despite the years of overseas exposure, it has not grown mature enough to understand the consequence of coups on a small island nation and it would be unwise to promote them to regional and global security responsibilities because the brains don’t have it!

  5. Can Signh’s first campaign see that more indo Fijians are recruited in the Fiji Military. For too long it has largely been dominated by indigenous Fijians. Come on guys, where’s the fairness in this? It’s time to break down the racial barriers like our PM and AG have declared.

  6. the current racial composition of the fiji military is a stark reminder that Bainimarama was only paying lip service to building a multiracial Fiji.
    what change did he bring about in the military in the 8 years of his rule?

  7. Who will stand up and say that regardless of motivations etc the military has at least – even if by force – declared Fiji as diverse peoples, one nation. It might not yet be true, but institutional engineering can create these kind of sentiments in time

  8. @ Jas

    I am fairly certain that Fiji has been a nation of diverse peoples, without requiring the say-so of a fat-headed self-appointed dictator.

    I am certain the sentiments have always been there – growing up, living and working in Fiji means that everyone, regardless of ethnicity, regards their neighbours, friends and family as part of a mix of cultures.

    The only morons that attempt to claim a racial divide in power, are those who seek to take power – Rabuka, Speight and Bainimarama all used it as an excuse to commit treason.

  9. institutional engineering? to create a utopian society?
    that has been tried many times in human history
    and has ALWAYS failed.

  10. one fact of life I know is that Fiji has very shitty people surfacing as aspiring political leaders from time to time. Nirmal Singh strikes me as one such shitty fala.

  11. That’s right. The coup ridden RFMF will provide the long lost missing link ANZUS has been looking for. They’d rather let the frigging Taliban join them.

  12. nirmal singh is reportedly considering his options.
    one good option is for him to crawl back into the woodwork
    that would be a good option for the people of Fiji.
    they don’t need a mediocre leader like him
    there are already far too many of that sort.
    that’s why Fiji is now in a shit place
    bad leadership got it there.

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