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Main areas of FLP concern

The Chairman and Members
Fiji Electoral Commission
PO Box 2528
Government Buildings

Dear Commissioners

Re: Electoral Matters

We welcome the appointment of the Electoral Commission and look forward to working with it to ensure that the 2014 general elections would be free, fair and credible. The people of Fiji are looking forward to the restoration of democracy and constitutional government after eight years of repressive military-backed rule.

The FLP realizes that the Commission faces a difficult challenge, not the least of which is to set up an independent electoral machinery practically from scratch in a short time frame of about six months, if the elections are to be held in September, as promised. Your Commission may well be apprehensive about its own functional autonomy and authority in light of the fate of the Constitution Commission headed by Professor Yash Ghai.

Be that as it may, you will admit that the current environment is hardly conducive to the holding of credible elections. People and political parties are still not free to express their views openly. Draconian decrees restricting the right to freedom of association, expression and assembly continue to remain in force. With elections due in September, there is a dismal lack of preparation and the electoral process remains under the control of the regime and its Attorney General.

We admit that you have just been appointed to office but we believe that the Commission needs to move fast to take charge of the process, if it is to gain the confidence and approval of the people of Fiji.

The Fiji Labour Party has a number of serious misgivings and reservations about the process as is currently in place. Of equal concern is the restrictive environment in which the nation is expected to go to the polls.

We believe that it is the Commission’s duty to insist that the basic rights and freedoms of the people are fully restored as provided for in the Constitution, if the upcoming elections are to be regarded as free, fair and credible. To this end, the Commission will need to engage with the regime to obtain a satisfactory outcome acceptable to the people and in conformity with internationally accepted norms for free, fair and credible elections.

The FLP Management Board seeks an urgent meeting with members of the Commission to discuss these concerns and to get the Commission’s views on how it intends to address them.

Main areas of FLP concern:

1. Lack of preparedness for Elections :- Supervisor of Elections is yet to be appointed. As a result, staff in the Elections Office operate without direction or an approved work plan. Matters relating to recruitment of appropriately qualified staff and their training for the conduct of the elections remain to be finalized. This unsatisfactory situation is likely to continue until the appointment of a Supervisor of Elections.

2. Electoral Legislation and Regulations have not been promulgated and there has not been any consultation with the political parties on the subject.
We are reliably informed that the legislation drafted by the Technical Assistance team (EU, Australia and New Zealand) was handed to the Attorney General sometime ago and that it is being reviewed by the regime’s legal team which will finalise its contents before promulgation. It has been suggested that the draft legislation may be revised or amended as the regime sees fit, with the possibility that it may not conform to international norms.

It would have been proper to first publicise the draft legislation for public comments and consultation with political parties. As matters stand, and judging from the experience of the Ghai Commission’s draft constitution, it is not unlikely that the regime’s version of the legislation may not be in conformity with internationally accepted norms. Should this happen to be the case, then the integrity and credibility of the elections would be seriously compromised.

3. The Elections Office is still controlled by the Attorney General. This must cease forthwith. The electoral machinery must function completely independent of the regime.

4. A significant 20% of eligible voters are yet to be registered, according to statistics obtained from the Elections Office. FLP had suggested to the Permanent Secretary in charge of Elections to consider house to house visits by elections office staff, particularly in settlements and villages in both rural and urban centres, as in the past, to ensure maximum possible registration. There has been no response to this request.

5. One-day elections. The logistics of holding elections within one day, given Fiji’s geographical and other constraints, is mindboggling. The civil service does not have the capacity and the resources, let alone adequate numbers of experienced and trained personnel to successfully conduct credible elections in the very short span of just one day.

This issue needs extensive discussions/consultations with senior civil servants and political party officials who have the requisite experience in such matters.


We are informed that only 40 copies of the 2014 Budget Estimates were printed for use exclusively by government departments/ministries and that copies of the document are not available to members of the public/ organisations wishing to buy them for their information or use.

It is thus virtually impossible for anyone to accept that credible elections are possible in such an oppressively controlled environment.

Lastly, we deem it important to ask the Chairman and all members of the Electoral Commission whether they would be prepared to declare

• their assets and liabilities, including those of their spouses and children (under 18 years), such declaration to include details of any Contracts (including employment contracts), Assignments or Deeds entered into between them (in their individual or professional capacity) and the State or any para-statal institution or organization.

• Membership of statutory Boards, including Boards of government commercial companies (GCCs) either in their individual or professional capacities.

All such declarations to be published in the media for public information and the cost of publication to be met by the State.

You will note that all candidates contesting the elections – whether political party sponsored or independents – are required to make such declarations under the Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosures) Decree 4 of 2013.

We feel strongly that if candidates contesting the elections are required to make such declarations, then it is only proper that those in charge of the conduct of the elections should consider doing the same in the interests of transparency.

We thank you, and look forward to an early response.

Yours sincerely

Mahendra P. Chaudhry
Secretary General/Registered Officer


20 thoughts on “Main areas of FLP concern

  1. the Attorney – General must not have a hand in ANY aspect of the election
    the man has dirty hands!
    the Electoral Commission must takeover the business of preparing for elections COMPLETELY and FULLY to have any credibility as an independent body.
    don’t even allow the Attorney-General anywhere near the Electoral Commission office.
    He should cease to be Minister for Elections right now
    you can’t have a usurper as the Minister responsible for the elections
    the elections will inevitably be perceived as being less than free and fair
    the A-G’s resignation as Minister for Elections should also be Demanded.

  2. Vinaka Chaudhry we will vote for FLP.

    Atleast you got the guts to speak against the illegal regime.

    People of Fiji must know that you were the best prime minister for Fiji.

    The economic figures at that time spoke volume about your performance.

    It is Charan Jeath Singh, Khayium who are after you.

    Charan Jeath Singh , Khayium must be investigated for evading tax when you return in government.

  3. The people of Fiji wants to know the assets and liabilities of Bainimarma and Khayium before 2006 and after 2006.

    What is the salary for both these thugs.

  4. Anon above who says vinaka chaudry, are you insane?

    He was Bai’s minister for finance. He has no guts. He is in with Khaiyum, don’t you get it. He probably taught Kai how to steal money and place it in overseas bank accounts.

    If Fiji’s economic figures are farked up then Chor ( as previous minister for finance) must take a good portion of the blame.

    If all of the voters have your level of intellect we are finished. You don’t have to kiss anyone’s arse…unless you really want to. The FLP have no chance while they have a Chor leader.

  5. Chaudhry is not a chor.

    The was given by the people of India.
    If you have proof it was for the people of Fiji then produce it.

    The real chor are Bainimamrma and Khayium who have robbed the country.

    They earn over a million dollars in salary for the last 8 years.

    The people of Fiji cannot wait to know the assets and liabilities of these two thugs – Bainimarma and Khayium.

    Chaudhry was the best prime minister as indicated by the figures.

    Go and check it.

    The people support is still there for Chaudhry.

    Bring the election.

    Chaudhry will be the one not thug Bainimarma and Khayium both had made an umpire for themselves.

    Fiji does not want Taliban rule.

    I TAUKEI will vote for SOPDELA and majority Indians will vote for Chaudhry.

  6. Chaudhry is the only true leader for Indo Fijians.

    So he must work with SOPDELA.


    This will be investigated by new government of SOPDELA and FLP.

  7. There are a number of posts above that sound like Rajesh singh aka conman.

    Rajesh was sacked by SDL as he was leaking infor to Rajend chor of FLP.

    Rajesh with the pea brain he has does not understand that chor of FLP was part of this govt. In fact, flp gave support to FB. If FB is to be crucified, so should FLP. Off course bakewa rajesh singh doesn ot understand or comprehend this.

  8. Over the last 2 months I thought to do a poll on the possible outcome of elections. So everyday I would ask the taxi driver of their view on the election.

    The results was somewhat surprising;

    All indian taxi drivers except 1 said they would vote for Frank and his party. The lone indian said FLP. No vote for NFP or another party.

    Fijian taxi drivers gave a mixed view. Their view was almost 50:50 split between FB and Sodelpa.

    So FB and his party will win the elections.

  9. I Taukei are not fools.

    They will vote for SOPDELA.

    Indians will get a shock if the vote for Bainimarma.

    The true leader for Indians is Chaudhry not Bainimarma and Khayium.

    The best option for Indians is to vote for Chaudhry AS HE IS THE ONLY TRUE LEADER FOR iNDIANS.

    Tell Bainimarma and Khayium to bring the election.


  10. Rajesh was true representative of the people.

    He was honest and not a coup maker.

    He was democratically elected by over 90 % votes.

    If Rajesh is allowed to contest the election he will make a clean sweep.

    We need you Rajesh but we know the regime is freighted of you as you speak truth.

  11. RP, indians will vote for Frank if he continues to give them what they want. When that stops and it will, you cannot maintain charity to the masses forever, then the indian vote will change quickly. Everyday indians dont care about others, only themselves so they dont care how much VRB is looting the country, nor do they care who is losing what. Therein lies the problem. How can anyone trust someone who is not called to account. A vote for VRB justifies the current corrupt, looting, condescending practices of the iG.

  12. “Rajesh was true representative of the people”

    Is that so?

    Than why is he sitting in a half empty dairy in mount albert stroking his little bishop?

    This guy is a half-wit.

  13. @Jeke

    I get a feeling that the post you are referring to was written by Rajesh himself !!

    A non-entity he made it to Parliament courtesy of the Qaranivalu.

  14. The one main concern – over and above all other main concerns – is how come the “interim” government of Frank Bainimarama – the coup leader- is still the government in charge of conducting democratic elections?
    How can anyone in his right mind expect a free and fair election to be conducted by him?
    Shouldn’t he have been required to step aside and a caretaker administration appointed to take the country to elections to give the elections credibility?
    I have a strong feeling the elections is just going through the motions so that the usurpers become the “democratically elected government” and everybody can go back to business as usual. The international partners would like that. Hence their support for this election without any critical scrutiny.
    Well, time will tell.
    And we don’t have all that long to wait.

  15. to jeke,peke n others who are critical about mr chaudhry and rajesh.please come to the point raised by mr chaudhry and take heed of that if than any common sense exsists then open your mouth or just shutup your roti hunters.

  16. Anon.

    “How can anyone in his right mind expect a free and fair election to be conducted by him?”

    How are great democracies derived?

    One must have the perspicacity to discern and to draw ones own conclusion.

    The bottom line is one must have trust.

  17. The Bainimarama government is NOT TO BE TRUSTED.
    Remember the Bainimarama -Khaiyum constitution . It is not a constitution of the Fijian people .It is a constitution made by the usurpers to save themselves from prosecution. Then the Constitution was very smartly promulgated as the supreme law of the land by the illegal President. Well, second supreme law. the first of course is the Fijian army!
    That’s how things are done by the Bainimarama regime . they decide. and others have the choice to like it or lump it. that’s the kind of “democracy” Bainimarama -Khaiyum have in mind.
    Great democracies have had great minds behind their origin.
    Bainimarama is an intellectual imbecile.
    And Khaiyum is a mediocre mind – with a huge pretense of intellectual brilliance.

  18. can someone produce a full and comprehensive list of all the military personnel who have benefited from the Bainimrama coup .
    a factual, descriptive list containing name of personnel, date of new appointment to post, new salary contrasted with old position and old salary.
    at the very top of the list would of course he none other than “our PM” the coup leader Frank Bainimarama.
    leave out of the list the ordinary soldier who has been given a pay rise and new uniforms etc . they are not the once who have benefited in the sense meant here.

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