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Electoral Commission to meet with parties

Fiji’s Electoral Commission is expected to meet with political parties next week.

The date and venue has not been confirmed, but it is understood that the commission chairman, Mr Chen Bunn Young, contacted parties to arrange for a meeting.

This is a welcomed development for parties with only 238 days left to the promised 2014 elections scheduled to be held by 30 September.

National Federation Party president, Mr Raman Singh, confirmed to FijiLive that he received a call from Mr Young today.

“He is asking to meet us next week and he will be sending us letters soon to formally invite us to the meeting,” Mr Singh said.

Social Democratic Liberal Party general secretary Pio Tabaiwalu also confirmed being called by Mr Young for the meeting.

“I have only received a call from Mr Young advising us of the meeting, but they have not confirmed a time,” Mr Tabaiwalu said.

Fiji Labour Party leader, Mr Mahendra Chaudhry, echoed the same sentiments, saying they received a letter from the commission acknowledging their request for an audience with the commission who was also equally keen for a meeting with all parties next week.

Labour Party president Lavinia Padarath confirmed they wrote to the commission asking for a meeting to highlight their concerns on the upcoming elections.

“We wrote asking for a meeting to raise party issues, we want exactly that, just discussions on the supervisor of elections and the election regulations as we feel it’s coming a bit too late,” Mrs Padarath said.

People’s Democratic Party interim general secretary Sat Narayan said they would attend if invited.

By Vuniwaqa Bola-Bari


2 thoughts on “Electoral Commission to meet with parties

  1. Concerns about the up-coming elections are unwarranted. The result has already been determined by Khaiyum. What we have to do now is to accept his eternal rule and support him. There will be huge benefits for those who are ready to suck his balls.

  2. At this point in time I am willing to give the Electoral Commission the benefit of doubt. My doubt stems from the fact that the Commission has been appointed by the Bainimarama military regime.
    The regime has a bad record of not doing the right thing.
    It has been pursuing its own agenda all along.
    And many believe it has now decided to go to elections because it has put in place the necessary mechanisms and its own men to win the elections and become a legitimate government.
    The Electoral Commission has a duty to serve the people of Fiji and not the gang currently in power.
    If the EC can keep that in mind as it oversees the election then it will have fulfilled its duty.
    That’s the test.

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