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Correction: The bulk of the Chinese money is not Aid it is a LOAN

Chinese aid up

Ropate Valemei Thursday, February 06, 2014

GOVERNMENT’s total development assistance of around $103.7million is expected this year.

The Finance Ministry is expecting a total of $94.2m of aid in kind and $9.5m in cash grants.

And the total is $69.8m less than what Fiji received last year.

The ministry, in its economic and fiscal update, will distribute $4.6m on general administration, $43.8m on social services, $37.9m on economic services and $17.4m on infrastructure.

Over the year, government has received development support in key areas such as education, health, infrastructure and technical co-operation.

The ministry said Chinese assistance had increased in recent years in development projects.

“In 2014, Chinese aid will focus on the completion of the new Navua hospital, Somosomo hydro project in Taveuni, Juncao (edible mushroom) technical co-operation, rice industry development in Vanua Levu and sports complex in Vunidawa, Seaqaqa and Korovou.”

It said the European Union was in the process of re-engaging Fiji in development co-operation.

“The 11th European Development Fund (EDF) program for Fiji is being discussed covering a seven-year period from 2014 to 2020. It is envisaged that the EDF 11 National Indicative Package for Fiji will address needs in infrastructure, environment and sugar sector.”

This year, it said, the Australian aid programs would assist Fiji in human resource development, NCD prevention, promoting maternal and child health and providd other services to vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.


8 thoughts on “Correction: The bulk of the Chinese money is not Aid it is a LOAN

  1. It was all going to drip out slowly before the stage-managed election – the reports of loans made from China and other countries that the dictator ran to for support. All monies used for vote buying including those stacked for family purpose are now deceptively reported as loan or cash grants items! Without no report and audit of government finance for years, it will be interesting to find out what was really going on with all these loans that we now hear of! Bainikaiyum had no mandate at the time of Chinese Exim bank disbursement and the bank would now be wishing for the dictator’s election so that it would levy this debt obligation on the Fiji people! The are pretty sure now the dictator has no clue as to how this debt will be paid back. Perhaps his election might give him some real power to force this debt upon the people. So all civil servant back-pays/salary increases and all village community developments including Fiji Sun etal propaganda machinery, this is what this courting is all about!

  2. More fool China for thinking that their tokenistic gestures of assistance would actually be paid back — whether via the regime or a new administration. What part of Fiji’s ‘broke-assedness’ do they not get?

    Whatever happens China still has the best end of the bargain. They’re gainfully exporting and employing their ‘undesirables’ as cheap labor plus they can swan their way around the sub par and possibly unsafe things that they’re building.

  3. How many trips has Bainimarama made to China since his takeover?
    Is it a world record by a prime minister?
    It would most certainly be for an unelected one!

  4. Chinese never give anything FREE.

    If you go to Suva market and have 90 cents and try to buy a bandle of chinese cabbage.

    A chinese will never give you for 90 cents if it is $1.

    However if you go to an Indo Fijian or I taukei they will give you for 90 cents.

    Chinese will come to Fiji never bring one cent and make money never pay tax.

    They will reap all the benefit.

    Now the illegal regime has allowed visa free entry for chinese.

    Just see chinese every where in all sort of businesses such massage parlour, corner shop etc etc.

    Such business never pay tax but they buy houses and drive in new vehicle.

    Chinese have driven locals out of small business in Fiji.

  5. The itaukei are now in a worst situation economically as the Chinese are now taking over many business opportunities in the country something the SDL government had tried to address in its blue print policy.

  6. I agree fully with the views of Huang Yong the Ambassador of China to Fiji regarding “the historical facts” relating to Japan’s ” aggression and colonialism” in the modern era (Fiji Sun 7/2).
    Many Japanese people today accept their dark and shameful history and are remorseful for the grave injustice they committed against other people. But there are others who are in denial to serve their own special interest political agenda.
    The part I am not so sure about is the bit at the end of Mr Yong’s letter where he says “In its history, China has never invaded even one inch of land of any other country”.
    I am not so sure too many Tibetans would agree with that.
    Colonialism has many different forms.

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