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Chaudhry questions why permits are still needed for political parties to have campaign meetings.

FLP requests for a meeting with Electoral Commission members

Publish date/time: 05/02/2014 [13:09]


The Fiji Labour Party has written to the Electoral Commission requesting for a meeting with the members of the commission.

Mahendra Chaudhry said the FLP wants to ensure that the elections would be held as announced in about six months time and that elections would be free, fair and credible.

Chaudhry said the Fiji Labour Party wants the Electoral Commission to take charge of the electoral process.

He is also calling for the appointment of the Supervisor of Elections.

The Labour Leader said consultations should also be held on the electoral decree as soon as possible.

Chaudhry also questions why permits are still needed for political parties to have campaign meetings.

The Fiji Labour Party Leader wants the Electoral Commission to monitor any vote buying activities, and elections observers to come in from the United Nations, the EU, the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Pacific Islands Forum nations.

He has also asked the Chairman and the members of the Electoral Commission to declare their assets and liabilities including those of their spouses and children under 18 years.

When Fijivillage contacted the Chairman of the Electoral Commission, Chen Bunn Young, he said that he has received the letter and will discuss the issues with the commission.

He said that they will then revert to Chaudhry.

Young confirmed that the commission is currently busy interviewing all applicants for a number of positions at the Elections Office.

He said they are reviewing about 2,000 applications.

Another batch of advertisements for other posts at the Elections Office will be published this Saturday.

Police will comment this afternoon on the Labour Party saying that parties need permits to have campaign meetings.

We have also sent questions to the Permanent Secretary for Elections, Mohammed Saneem on when the electoral decree will be gazetted and whether consultations will be held with the parties.

Story by: Vijay Narayan and Praneeta Prakash


7 thoughts on “Chaudhry questions why permits are still needed for political parties to have campaign meetings.

  1. … why permits are required for political party meetings and all that?
    I can provide an answer for that.
    it’s because Fiji is still under a military dictatorship
    somehow people seem to keep forgetting that.

  2. There is time for everything . military government term in office coming to end .

    All political appointments coming to an end as the new government will begin the pruning and cleaning up process.

    People of Fiji deserve better services in the basics of life , some of which have been provided by military govt. and other previous govts.

    We need to elect members of parliament who have integrity, proven track record and with few or no scandals.


  3. what permit?

    the 800000 people of Fiji have real power who will vote at the ballot

    who is the despot, one man only, a coward

  4. Chaudhry is right.

    Everyone wants freedom of speech, movement etc which is not allowed.

    People must be free to speak without any fear.

    Is Khayium frighten as his fortune and deeds will be known if they loss the election which is definite.

    Khayium has ruled for 8 years which is enough.

    The people of Fiji need a change

    We do not want Taliban rule in Fiji.


  5. Look who is talking.

    Had Chor not supported the coup, we would not have seen this day. Chor and FLP with Ganilau and his natinal alliance members gave legitamacy to the coup.

    So I feel that Chor is a hypocrite. He is only interest in his selfish goals.

    Rajend junior chor on the other hand professes to be a fighter and quotes verses from the bible. He spews hatred. Now if he really turned a new leaf, he would show courage and humility. Not live of stolen money sent for the poor farmers. He would be here and not enticing others to fight his cause. He would not have abandon his wife, wife and wife.

    Agree that we need freedom but chor is the last person to sing this tune. He deserves none.

  6. In a Police State permits will always be required.
    Fiji is still a Police State 8 years after the Bainimarama takeover.
    Only the politically naive and tourist fail to notice that.
    But that is the reality.

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