Fijians in Australia urged to register to vote for general election

Feb 04,2014

SUVA, Feb. 4 (Xinhua) — Fiji’s Elections Office has announced the details of its campaign to register Fijians living in Australia to vote in the 2014 general election, the government announced Tuesday.

Five registration teams from the Elections Office will be registering potential voters from Feb. 14 until Feb. 22 at multiple locations across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, including Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The teams will also be visiting other major towns and cities in these three states, such as Penrith, Griffith, Ballarat, Banyo, and Cairns, said Fiji’s Ministry of Information.

Every Fijian over the age of 18 is encouraged to come forward and is required to produce a valid Fijian passport.

Chen Bunn Young, chairman of the Electoral Commission, said the commission would be working closely with the permanent secretary responsible for elections, Mohammed Saneem, and the Fiji High Commission to oversee this undertaking.

Fiji’s general election will be held on Sept. 30 this year.


6 thoughts on “

  1. There are Indians who left have dual citizenship. Since this is an Indian back coup, obviously this THE ULTIMATE MOVE of Khaiyum to remove Indeginous of Fiji Islands from determining their destiny in his own house.

    While Bainimarama is hopping around opening schools, launching projects and signing contracts, Khaiyum is working on dots, apostrophes, sentences,on legal documents of the land ,when Bainimarama looks back he is too late. The Constitution and all NLTB documents have Indianised.

    However YOU look at it, they are trying to eliminate the domination of the Indeginous people of Fiji, the Fijian race, from ruling in their native Fiji. It’s ALL RACIAL with equality wrapping and makeover.

    ELECTION will not solve anything, it will put another log on the fire!

  2. What a great imagination you have or are these just the words of yet another loser looking for excuses to hide their own inadequacies?

  3. There will be two possible outcomes of the “elections”: Either they will not take place (in case Khaiyum believes he cannot win) or Khaiyum will win. No amount of noise made on the blogs will change that.

  4. I am an Indo Fijian.Most of us never support a coup.

    Khayium must be reminded that we do not support him.

    Khayium has only done things for himself, his family and his community.

    It is evident from Muslims in all government related organisation.

    They are raking the government finance.

    SOPDELA and FLP will form the next government.

    Bring the election.

    Khayium earns over $1.6 million in salary alone.

    Khayium now owns several properties with all the dealings with Tappos.

    The biggest thug of Fiji – Khayium.

  5. Why bother about those in Australia when these people have determined to live in Australia instead of Fiji. Why should they have a say in determining the future of Fiji when their interest lie in their country of adoption. Then again what is the number we are looking at. Will it make any impact or is it a waste of time and taxpayers money. I suppose it is donor’s money which is why they are finding ways and mean of expending. Chen Bun in making those remarks is starting to show his lack of depth. We the people of Fiji living and stuck in Fiji should be the ones to determine our own future.

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