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Mr Urai says he suspects that order came from higher up in the regime.

Fiji FTUC president still baffled at arrest over Sheraton strike

Updated at  4:27 pm today

The President of Fiji’s Trade Union Congress says he has yet to receive any explanation as to why he and five other unionists were arrested over a strike at Nadi’s Sheraton hotels on New Year’s Eve.

Daniel Urai says he was arrested by a special team sent from Suva one week after the strike was settled.

Mr Urai says the dispute was between the Nadi landowners and Sheraton hotel management and the union had no involvement in organising the strike.

While the labour minister, Jone Usamate, sent a letter to the union saying the strike was illegal, he says he did not direct the police to arrest the unionists.

Mr Urai says he suspects that order came from higher up in the regime.

“Fiji is a closely-knit community like all Pacific Islands. What I was told, what I heard from the police among them in general – it probably needs to be confirmed – is that the attorney general Aiyaz Khaiyum gave the order for us to be arrested as he is also the minister for tourism.”

Daniel Urai says the police were desperate to find someone to say that the union was responsible, so the unionists could be charged.


16 thoughts on “Mr Urai says he suspects that order came from higher up in the regime.

  1. should anybody be surprised if the order for the arrest of the trade unionists came from Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum?
    He is after all the mainboy in the bainimarama drama, no?

  2. Its an open secret that the Police are not independent. They jump when the Arse shouts and that’s why they look stupid when there is no appropriate charge.

  3. People of Fiji be careful if you vote Bainimarama.

    A vote to Bainimarama is a vote to Khayium.

    We do not Taliban rule in Fiji.

    Khayium has only made his family and his community rich.

    i taukei and Hindus be careful not to vote Bainimarma.

    Now the country is ran by Khayium and not BAINIMARMA.

    Muslims are in full control of Fiji.

    This is a fact.

  4. Muslims are in control of every GOVERNMENT related organisation.

    They are raking the country financially.

    See it for yourself.

    The former N.Z. HIGH COMMISSIONER HAD TRULY SAID THAT 2006 was a Muslim coup.

  5. Can the government investigate all the trade unionists who have made a fortune over the many years they have in power.

    They drive in pajero, discovery, etc abusing members funds.

    Rajeshwar Singh of FPSA made thousands using members fund.

    He drives in discovery and earns $160,000.

    Time for a change at FPSA.

    Rajeshwar Singh made $40,000 when he bought a building in front of FPSA head quarters at Waimum Road.

    This building was bought for the FPSA CREDIT UNION and he only met Rohit of R Hooker and hike the price and mislead the FPSA Board.

    Can Fiji Independent Against Corruption investigate this please in the interest of the members.

    Rajeshwar Singh used Sherani & Company to buy land at Momi Bay. Sherani is the lawyers for FPSA.

    Nagin of SHERANI has colluded to make thousand of dollars from FPSA.

    Recently , Nagin and Rajeshwar Singh bought property at Willkison Road joinlty and then sold it.

    Conflict of interest!

    More on Rajeshwar Singh – chor will be provided .

    These unionists must be cleaned up!

  6. @ Anon above

    You may be right about the possibility of corrupt unionists. But to ask this illegal regime and its corrupt FICAC to investigate is absurd. What you are suggesting is that the big crook investigate the small crook; then who checks out the big crook. Forget about fair investigations and court cases unless and until a democratically elected government and an independent judiciary is in place. Until then, keep on praying my friend.

  7. The race card is played again. Its a muslim coup. My foot. MPC and his FLP cronies were behind the coup. That’s a fact that no one can dispute.

    Another fact is that majority of indians are hindus and they will vote for FB.

    Jay hind

  8. Hindus will vote for FLP.

    i taukei will vote for SOPDELA.

    Muslims will vote for Bainimarma and Khayium.

    Only Muslims have benefited from this coup since 2006.

    This is a fact.

    FLP and SOPDELA will form the next government.

    Bring along the election.

    Taliban rule where people cannot speak freely will never happen again in Fiji.

  9. Bainimarma and Khayium have made millions of dollars from the taxpayers of Fiji.

    Thugs earn over 1.3 million in salary alone.

    These two are real thugs.

  10. The Indo-Fijians will be committing suicide if they vote for Frank or his party – for a vote for Frank is a vote for the demise of the native Fijian race.

    The day is fast approaching where Fijians will in their thousands eventually to take on the regime – believe me – it will not come from Fijian arsehole political leaders – for Tupeni Baba will be first one to run away for another couple of years but from ordinary Fijians

    So Indo-Fijians think twice before going to the polls!

  11. Khaiyum runs the show and Frank takes orders, khaiyum has let Frank dig his own grave and he’s in so deep now he has no other option but to rig elections or do time for the crime.

  12. of course the order came from higher ups
    the police are mere puppets of the dictator and his right hand man
    one has to be extremely stupid or naive to think the police were only doing their duty with professional integrity and impartiality.
    that has long disappeared from the Fiji Police Force.

  13. Would we expect any other comment. Some suspect Mr Urai is simply guessing and looking for media fame again.

  14. Khaiyum gives the orders and everybody – EVERYBODY – including RFMF, police, the media and the judiciary jump. This indisputable reality has led to an atmosphere of frustration and desperation amongst the elite in Fiji. In case anyone got balls and goes so far as muttering a view different from Khaiyum’s (like Stefan Ali) he or she is in the dock. The majority of the population accepts this in return for a few hand outs from Khaiyum. There is no dignity, no nobility left in Fiji. We are a nation of cowards kissing Khaiyum’s arse!

  15. Can a i Taukei or another Indo Fijian stand up against Rajeshwar Singh for General Secretary of FPSA.

    The election is coming soon.

    THE SALARY IS $160,000, DISCOVERY, HOUSING BENEFIT -$2000 PER MONTH, every month overseas travel.

    Indian members have left FPSA.


    Rajeshwar Singh has stolen a lot of members money.

    Time for a change at FPSA.

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