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No offence was committed, and so the charges will be withdrawn.

Fiji drops charges against unionists involved in hotel strike

Updated 3 February 2014, 17:56 AEST

The Fiji government is dropping charges against six trade unionists over a recent strike at the Sheraton Fiji resort.

They were members of the National Union of Hospitality, Catering and Tourism Industries Employees Union, and included Daniel Urai, who is also President of the Fiji Trades Union Congress.

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Christoper Pryde, says on reviewing the charges and the evidence, he is satisfied that no offence was committed, and so the charges will be withdrawn.

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15 thoughts on “No offence was committed, and so the charges will be withdrawn.

  1. What clowns.

    This is exactly the sort of thing that makes everyone in Fiji and around the world, laugh at Fiji’s so-called ‘rule of law-by-khaiyum’ and his toilet paper decrees.

  2. How magnanimously out of character of the illegal & treasonous regime.

    Who or what influential being/s are going to Fiji and/or are in-country to warrant such fake grand gestures that avoid press press from spilling over?

    The SunK have done their rounds of ‘life is good in coup coup land’ so there are valid grounds for being suspicious.

  3. These unionists ought to thank their lucky stars they weren’t prosecuted, on any other day they would be whistling Isa-Lei aye?

  4. Jeke, they did not do anything against any legislation so any charges filed would be non workable. The police were overreaching when those higher up on food chain told them to arrest the unionists. In dropping the charges the dpp is limiting the amount of egg on their collective faces. But dont worry, more eggs on the way for the powers that be.

  5. 95% of hindus will support Frank and his party. They may have been quiet but my indian driend said, “not Flp as chaudary is chor and sodelpa is on the far left”

  6. yeah the police need to read the constitution
    and even the imposed Bainimarama Khaiyum constitution guarantees in paper the trade unions people their rights.
    it was therefore wrong to arrest them for exercising their trade union rights.
    how long did it take the phoney DPP and regime henchman Christopher Pryde to figure that out?
    all the “reviewing of the charges and evidence ” is bullshit.
    this was a clear cut case of harassment and intimidation of trade unionists by the undemocratic government of Bainimarama.
    if the dictator has his way completely he would deem all trade union activity unlawful.
    how then can he become a respectable and honourable Prime Minister and all that – which he so desperately wants to be?
    hence all this drama just to SHOW the country has rule of law and due process and respect for workers rights etc.
    in reality the country is under a military dictatorship with all that that means.

  7. No thanks to the junta’s overpaid and underworked DPP, Chris Pride. Speaking of shysters…. the news piece below tells us that Nauru’s SG admirably resigned in protest after the govt sacked their Australian-based Chief Justice and their only magistrate on the island. This is not surprising from the next most senior govt lawyer in respect of upholding the Rule of Law. Contrast that with Fiji: in the early days after the 2006 coup after Bainimarama sacked Chief Justice Fatiaki, Judge Shameem raced as if the sky was about to fall to organise and convene a JSC meeting to have CJ Fatiaki replaced by Judge Gates (whilst the CJ was at his home just less than a km away). Then the duo proceeded to do exactly (and then some) as they had accused judges (Tuivaga/Scott/Fatiaki) of doing during the 2000 coup. Rest is history.

    “Meanwhile, Nauru’s former solicitor general says he resigned in protest over the government’s treatment of its resident magistrate, Australian, Peter Law and Australian based chief justice, Geoffrey Eames.

    Earlier this month the Nauru government sacked and deported Law and revoked Eames visa.

    Steven Bliim says the way the Nauru government expelled Law and ignored Eames injunctions against his deportation, and then cancelled Eames visa doesn’t comply with its own law.

    He’s told Pacific Beat he decided he couldn’t continue in his role for ethical reasons.

    “I think by staying, I would have endorsed what occurred, I made a difficult decision, but I think a difficult decision, which was the right one under the circumstances,” Bliim said.

    Speaking for the first time since leaving Nauru at the weekend, Bliim says he concerned about the Nauru’s future.

    “Effectively the status quo continues, there is a continuation of the contempt that has been shown for the judicial process,” he said.

    “Until that’s resolved and until Nauru starts to comply with its own laws then it’s effectively outside the law.”

    Source: PACNEWs

  8. Govt has dropped charges and the reason is that pursuing the Unionists will impact very badly against Bainimatama’s chances of winning election..Unionists will desert Bainimarama at polls. This is political.


  9. @Junta Shysters
    thank you for sharing that piece on the Nauru SG and his conscientious decision to resign because the Nauruan government’s arbitrary actions against its Australian magistrate and chief justice.was contrary to the Rule of Law.
    The Nauru SG is a man of integrity
    We all know the same can’t be said of Fiji’s phoney DPP, and the bank lot of others you mention.
    They are a disgrace to the noble profession.

  10. @ Shailesh Dutt
    You too right brother. This whole thing was a ploy to portray Bainimarama as a just ruler so that people vote for him in the elections.
    The people of Fiji are not stupid.
    They should know Bainimarama is a man NOT TO BE TRUSTED.

  11. no offence was committed but we will round them up anyway to let them know who is running the show in the country.

  12. The numbers game coming shortly in next election , so votes of the union members and workers count . thus union-friendly pays positively.

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