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Now is the time to ferret out where all the money went. A single dollar not declared excludes Frank from standing.

Bainimarama to reveal his assets…yeah right!

February 1, 2014


As Shazzer & Grubby report, the dictator Bainimarama must reveal his assets and income under the Political Parties Decree, Section 24 part 5, which states: Any person who fails to comply with the requirements of subsections (1) or (2), or provides any information that is false, commits an offence and shall be liable upon conviction to a fine not exceeding $50,000 or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or to both. 

Shazzer & Grubby also reminds the dictator and his puppet master, khaiyum, that there are moles everywhere. Even in khaiyum’s Aunty Nur’s company. So the people will eventually know if the dictator lies about his assets. But don’t hold your breath.

Bainimarama and khaiyum have a record for lying so it can be a safe bet that not all of bainimarama’s stolen loot will be in his name, rather, it will most likely be kept under shelf companies or secret overseas bank accounts.

Just imagine, a kai-loma from Kiuva, poorly educated, a drunken thug, with a large family and broke.  What do you do to make ends meet?

The Bainimarama solution is to stage a coup (in 2000), over throw your commander in Chief the President, deflect blame on to your soldiers and have them arrested, beaten and imprisoned and killed.  Then you run from the law and eventually overthrow the democratically elected  government under false pretences and hold the country hostage, while you rob it of its wealth and resources, pay yourself multiple salaries for work you have no clue about and you lie to the people and break every promise you made.  But you and your family and friends are now rich, living the high life at taxpayer’s expense, while the people of Fiji face high unemployment, a poor economy, high crime, high suicide, 420 children die from malnutrition, 1422 cases of dengue fever are recorded, the highest ever for Fiji.  Corruption is at its highest ever for Fiji, in its entire history.

So what are you to do if you are not Bainimarama with all that stolen loot?  …..your are broke, with a large family and unemployed.  The very sound of your children’s cries of hunger just breaks your heart.  So what can you do to change that?  Remember, Bainimarama has shown you the way……But don’t do it alone.  It will be more effective if you stand together, united, with others who are fed up of the lies and deceit by Bainimarama and Khaiyum.  Stand together and voice your objection to the lying, corrupt bainimarama dictatorship.


13 thoughts on “Now is the time to ferret out where all the money went. A single dollar not declared excludes Frank from standing.

  1. … lying corrupt bainimarama dictatorship
    four small words that sum up the bainimarama “government” – succinctly.

  2. We read in Jon Faine’s article ‘Do to the ABC what Putin did to Russia’s media?’ (Comment, the Age 2/2) that “last December Russia’s President Vladimir Putin tightened his control over that country’s media by dissolving the main state news agency and replacing it with an organisation that is to promote Moscow’s image abroad”.
    Do we know anyone closer at home who has also tightened his control over the country’s media so that only “good news” about his “benevolent” dictatorship is presented ?
    … more from Jon Faine’s excellent article later… but no reason not to go to the article directly and read for yourselves .
    it’s very illuminating.

  3. this original from truthforfiji.com they got lots great articles and cartoons….wow! the pictures simplify the political issues in a funny way that questions vuaka and taliban’s corruption and lies. these two are really sly crooks trying to act all sincere and righteous when they are nothing but criminals running from the law.

  4. It does not matter who wins the election.

    The new constitution displaces the rule of law. The process of judicial appointment means that judges will be ass kissing lackeys.

    By decree, the current members of the judiciary will remain after the elections. Who will they protect in any criminal or civil litigation?

    Gates and Madigan are retiring from Fiji around election time. The AG has discussed openly that Madame Shameem is the front runner to be Chief Justice. Her craving for money has been well sated. However, she craves power equally. She has been a key player and power broker. We all know where her loyalties sit.

    After the elections, we will have to accept the decrees and senior appointments. It will take a sitting parliament years and years to unwind this mess.

    Unfortunately, military intervention is now needed more than ever for a genuine reason of protection.

    We need a military person to arrest VB, Aiyaz, Gates and Shameem, then install a caretaker government made up of a few nominated leaders from all parties (except the Pig Party) who can then take us to an election which is actually fair and transparent. The military personnel can then return to barracks.

    Unfortunately (again) for better or worse we will require regional intervention to assist with the election process and scrutineering. We will also require judicial officers to sit in the interim period to ensure the rule of law returns to Fiji. Once a democratically elected government is in place then the system can be returned to proper democracy and the investigations can begin.

    Forget anything that occurred prior to 2006. It is time to move forward. But from 2006 onwards there have been so much criminal wrongdoing that it will take impartial investigators some time to build their cases against VB, Aiyaz, Gates and Shameem.

    If they get away with this unlawful sequence of events and crimes, Fiji will be stuck in the mud forever.

    If Frank wins the election, justice will not be done or even remotely, see to be done.

    If Frank loses, then the new military leader will be led by Frank from behind, as will the judiciary be led by a key player, Shameem.

    This would then ensure that a coup culture will always exist in Fiji.

    The time to act is upon us. The elections will mean nothing. At the moment Frank and Aiyaz (with the assistance of Gates and Shameem) ARE THE LEGISLATURE. Gates is also the judiciary. Their cronies are the executive.

    The powers are not separated. They are blurred beyond recognition.

    You may change government (legislature) but the judiciary and the executive cannot be seen as independent.

    That is not democracy. Democracy can only be achieved by a comprehensive overhaul. The key players have utterly destroyed all the arms of government. An election will achieve nothing. Only on the surface. Aiyaz and Frank will govern one way or the other. Either in the spotlight or in the shadows, but govern us nonetheless

  5. It sounds like the illegal & treasonous regime want to dive straight into ‘campaign mode’ with their bright ideas

    …and are obviously selectively choosing to ignore their obligations as Shazzer & Grubby point out.

    They’re also quite keen to gloss over the fact that most (if not all) of their BEST ideas from 2006 till now have been sub par and are a yoke around the current and future taxpaying voters necks.

    Any fool can have ideas and the regime’s record on that front todate has been dismal at best. They cling to the big public events of new roads, bridges, homes, schools, sewing machines — you name it — but the jig is up. Taxpaying voters know that
    the wild spending is on their tab & without their express permission.

  6. Both sides of the fence – take note the last say belong to the Creator of heaven and earth GOD himself . The Great I AM . When he says times up ! that’s it – times up .


  7. it makes sense to outsource the salaries to an external company. this way the base salary can be put in the normal account and the rest go into another unknown account/accounts using creative accounting. This way one show that their annual salary is what they promised!

  8. Bainimarama should show his asset to Khaiyum
    and Khaiyum should show his to Bainimarama
    behind closed doors.

  9. A stage-managed election that is illegal from conception! This is what is causing this present Fiji frenzy. The circus is again in town. The gates are open and the dogs are out! Same old political dogs like rambo are in town conspiring, masquerading and doing their stunts to woo the voter. And meanwhile Bainikaiyum is pleased with everyone’s excitement with what he actually devises to hold on to power. And the single consistent message about Fiji’s immaturity and inability to live by the rule of law is trashed by the blind folded like Naidu who might have been fatigued by the roller coster nature of Fiji’s democracy! Lets not forget Fiji is now in the 8th phase of what started off as an illegal journey – the treasonous coup; the abrogation of the 1997 constitution and imposition of unlawful government; the promised elections that never were; the dictatorial destruction of national institutions and rampage looting of government resources; the national charter and people’s assembly that never saw light; the constitutional review that ended in the incinerator; the dictatorial enforcement of a self-styled constitution; and now this stage-managed election! Aren’t we already seeing the rocks beyond this phase, that Bainikaiyum’s ship is heading for? This is the same old mistake Fiji has been committing and always failing to find a lasting solution for. The country is now led down a garden path again of thorns that the blind cannot see! The same old treasonous crime of coup that has always devastated Fiji and kept it back from forging forward is again now ready to be pardoned and pushed under the carpet with the very criminals who make it their way of life putting them forward as leaders! Its just like building sand castles……I guess this is what its all about!

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