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He says the party has received a lot of applications from highly qualified and experienced people who want to stand under the party banner.

SODELPA general secretary to contest the election

13:35 Sat Feb 01, 2014

SODELPA General Secretary

Taken from/By: FBC News Report by: Epeli Tukuwasa

The SODELPA general secretary Pio Tabaiwalu will contest the upcoming elections.

Tabaiwalu is one of the many applicants the Party has received to contest the general election

He spoke exclusively to FBC News about his application to be party candidate

I put in my application especially my interest in standing for the election, I stood for the Serua Communal in the last election and I won and that’s my first in politics and I won and I am most convince

He says the party has received a lot of applications from highly qualified and experienced people who want to stand under the party banner.

We got quiet an excellent line up of candidate in terms of  the broad range of voters and we are trying to  have more women you know I have been asked by women why there are not many women candidate

Tabaiwalu says the application for party leader is now closed and a committee is studying the list of hopefuls.

3 thoughts on “He says the party has received a lot of applications from highly qualified and experienced people who want to stand under the party banner.

  1. It does not matter who wins the election.

    The new constitution displaces the rule of law. The process of judicial appointment means that judges will be ass kissing lackeys.

    By decree, the current members of the judiciary will remain after the elections. Who will they protect in any criminal or civil litigation?

    Gates and Madigan are retiring from Fiji around election time. The AG has discussed openly that Madame Shameem is the front runner to be Chief Justice. Her craving for money has been well sated. However, she craves power equally. She has been a key player and power broker. We all know where her loyalties sit.

    After the elections, we will have to accept the decrees and senior appointments. It will take a sitting parliament years and years to unwind this mess.

    Unfortunately, military intervention is now needed more than ever for a genuine reason of protection.

    We need a military person to arrest VB, Aiyaz, Gates and Shameem, then install a caretaker government made up of a few nominated leaders from all parties (except the Pig Party) who can then take us to an election which is actually fair and transparent. The military personnel can then return to barracks.

    Unfortunately (again) for better or worse we will require regional intervention to assist with the election process and scrutineering. We will also require judicial officers to sit in the interim period to ensure the rule of law returns to Fiji. Once a democratically elected government is in place then the system can be returned to proper democracy and the investigations can begin.

    Forget anything that occurred prior to 2006. It is time to move forward. But from 2006 onwards there have been so much criminal wrongdoing that it will take impartial investigators some time to build their cases against VB, Aiyaz, Gates and Shameem.

    If they get away with this unlawful sequence of events and crimes, Fiji will be stuck in the mud forever.

    If Frank wins the election, justice will not be done or even remotely, see to be done.

    If Frank loses, then the new military leader will be led by Frank from behind, as will the judiciary be led by a key player, Shameem.

    This would then ensure that a coup culture will always exist in Fiji.

    The time to act is upon us. The elections will mean nothing. At the moment Frank and Aiyaz (with the assistance of Gates and Shameem) ARE THE LEGISLATURE. Gates is also the judiciary. Their cronies are the executive.

    The powers are not separated. They are blurred beyond recognition.

    You may change government (legislature) but the judiciary and the executive cannot be seen as independent.

    That is not democracy. Democracy can only be achieved by a comprehensive overhaul. The key players have utterly destroyed all the arms of government. An election will achieve nothing. Only on the surface. Aiyaz and Frank will govern one way or the other. Either in the spotlight or in the shadows, but govern us nonetheless.

  2. @ The Thousand Eyes – what you are saying here cannot be appreciated by the corrupt and opportunistic people who have acquiesced with Bainikaiyum for their own self interest. It seems suicidal for the country to yet again follow the same route it traveled in the past regarding the resolving of undemocratic overthrows of elected governments. But this is building up to be that very same journey again! The journey that features the pardoning of treasonous criminals and their facilitating to govern. The truth that still awaits to unveil is the importance of justice and this has not really sunk in! As we blog, we sense the way of righteousness and justice is so far remote from what is presently unfolding in Fiji and it speaks quite clearly of the immaturity and general ignorance that still prevails. Good communities, good nations and good citizenry are built from principled stands for virtues that are worth living and dying. This is the stand that many people and nations took in their journey to freedom. But as for Fiji presently, we see and hear them preach transparency, accountability, and rule of law but its far fetched in practice. This is the dilemma Fiji has in trying to build a sustaining democracy…….it talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk! That is why Bainikaiyum’s current mode of restoring democracy fits that same old style of ‘building sand castles’ which has never got Fiji anywhere!

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