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Credit should also be given where it is due.

Leading the way with space for political players

February 2, 2014 | Filed under: Opinion | Posted by:

JOSUA TUWERE Managing Editor/Production

Ph: (679)330 7555 (147) Email:josuat@fijisun.com.fj

Mahendra Chaudhry and Raman Pratap Singh know how to maximise a good opportunity when they see one.  In the past two weeks, they have been provided platforms by this paper to outline the views of their parties ahead of the general elections. The same offer has been made to all four registered political parties to enhance free and open debate ahead of this year’s elections. Former Prime Minister Mr Chaudhry, of the Fiji Labour Party (FLP), and Mr Singh, of the National Federation Party (NFP), in their political opinion columns have seized the opportunity. They have questioned the Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama led-Government’s position on everything from electoral preparations to Fiji National Provident Fund (FNPF) pension cuts. The two other registered political parties, the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) and the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), are still trying to work out their own internal leadership issues. We hope they will soon be able to join the robust political debate fostered by this newspaper and already being used by Labour and the NFP. We have also published letters from Professor Wadan Narsey,Reverend Akuila Yabaki, Mick Beddoes and others regarded as critics of the Government. They have asked questions on issues such as financial transparency and project implementation. Our letters page proudly carries the headline: “A good newspaper is a nation talking to itself.” This is how it should be. It is part of a process that will culminate in our first truly democratic elections. No other news media organisations have so far matched our efforts to provide such a platform ahead of them. We are sure they will follow, For it underscores that there is media freedom in Fiji despite what some claim. Here at the Fiji Sun we intend to continue to lead the way, by providing the platform for constructive debate leading to these elections. And an informed citizenry. At the same time we certainly don’t apologise for highlighting the Bainimarama Government’s many achievements. Nor the considerable public support for the Prime Minister’s reforms and programme for building a better Fiji. We have come a long way on this journey. Credit should also be given where it is due.


28 thoughts on “Credit should also be given where it is due.

  1. Is the Fiji SunK angling for the Nobel Peace prize in this self-promo piece or are they trying very hard to show to the Internationals that media censorship in the lead up to ‘free & fair’ elections does not exist and that voters are very much included in the illegal & treasonous regimes farcical elecshuns process?

    It’s hard to understand what Fiji SunK are really after here — kudos for doing their job?

  2. Is it really a good idea to let dirty old politicians voice their venomous ideas? The Sun should be more careful and consider to re-focus on reporting about the progress our beloved leaders have made. They could for instance publish Khaiyum’s and Bainimarama’s net worth, just to show how profitable things are for those who are part of the team. This would be a massive incentive for those who still sit on the fence and are hesitant to join forces with the AG. Be part of the team and move forward quickly! Keep bickering and your arse will be kicked.

  3. It does not matter who wins the election.

    The new constitution displaces the rule of law. The process of judicial appointment means that judges will be ass kissing lackeys.

    By decree, the current members of the judiciary will remain after the elections. Who will they protect in any criminal or civil litigation?

    Gates and Madigan are retiring from Fiji around election time. The AG has discussed openly that Madame Shameem is the front runner to be Chief Justice. Her craving for money has been well sated. However, she craves power equally. She has been a key player and power broker. We all know where her loyalties sit.

    After the elections, we will have to accept the decrees and senior appointments. It will take a sitting parliament years and years to unwind this mess.

    Unfortunately, military intervention is now needed more than ever for a genuine reason of protection.

    We need a military person to arrest VB, Aiyaz, Gates and Shameem, then install a caretaker government made up of a few nominated leaders from all parties (except the Pig Party) who can then take us to an election which is actually fair and transparent. The military personnel can then return to barracks.

    Unfortunately (again) for better or worse we will require regional intervention to assist with the election process and scrutineering. We will also require judicial officers to sit in the interim period to ensure the rule of law returns to Fiji. Once a democratically elected government is in place then the system can be returned to proper democracy and the investigations can begin.

    Forget anything that occurred prior to 2006. It is time to move forward. But from 2006 onwards there have been so much criminal wrongdoing that it will take impartial investigators some time to build their cases against VB, Aiyaz, Gates and Shameem.

    If they get away with this unlawful sequence of events and crimes, Fiji will be stuck in the mud forever.

    If Frank wins the election, justice will not be done or even remotely, see to be done.

    If Frank loses, then the new military leader will be led by Frank from behind, as will the judiciary be led by a key player, Shameem.

    This would then ensure that a coup culture will always exist in Fiji.

    The time to act is upon us. The elections will mean nothing. At the moment Frank and Aiyaz (with the assistance of Gates and Shameem) ARE THE LEGISLATURE. Gates is also the judiciary. Their cronies are the executive.

    The powers are not separated. They are blurred beyond recognition.

    You may change government (legislature) but the judiciary and the executive cannot be seen as independent.

    That is not democracy. Democracy can only be achieved by a comprehensive overhaul. The key players have utterly destroyed all the arms of government. An election will achieve nothing. Only on the surface. Aiyaz and Frank will govern one way or the other. Either in the spotlight or in the shadows, but govern us nonetheless

  4. No credit is due to the Fiji Sun for playing any part in being a public watch dog scrutinizing the Bainimarama military government.This article by Josua Tuwere is a pathetic attempt to get credit where no where is deserved. The article is written to falsely convince themselves that the Fiji Sun has been acting in the manner an independent, impartial paper is meant to act. Everyone knows that’s bullshit. The Fiji Sun has been acting unashamedly as a surrogate regime propaganda paper.
    Your letters page has nothing to be proud of. You have DELIBERATELY denied the people of Fiji their right to democratic engagement by denying them space to openly and freely criticise the Bainimarama military government.
    Writing in the Age newspaper today (2/2) long time ABC journalist Jon Faine says “… without fear or favour our job requires us to ask anyone we interview the stickiest questions we can think of. That’s what you – the audience – expect of us. If we are too scared or intimidated to do so, then we ought to pull the plug. We would be letting you down”.
    Tuwere writes Mr Chaudhry (FLP) and Mr Singh (NFP) “have questioned the Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama led-Government’s position on everything…”
    Has the Fiji Sun questioned the Bainimarama led Government on anything?
    Why not?
    There is no need for an answer because we all know why not.

  5. weak! weak! weak! Mr. Tuwere, A Leader? You are not, as much as you try to convince, convince you self. If you know the meaning of self, thats not a miss print. A leader is not swayed by the environment but leads, you failed, not the fiji sun who bought your integrity, you sold it . You are worth more than that. hope the best for you when you have the opportunity next time around. you fail now, hope you you will learn and grow from it

  6. “… This is a free country which must have media outlets which are capable and brave enough to tell the truth,not just pander to the ego of politicians of either side…” – Kathy Bradley (smh 31/2)
    Kathy is of course talking about Australia . Fiji at the present time is not a free country.It has not been a free country with a free media since the Bainimarama military takeover in 2006. The media in Fiji has been bullied into towing the Bainimarama regime line and presenting only “good news” and “positive news” about the regime and its “achievements” and its “benevolent” rule etc.
    The Fiji Sun has gone one step further and become a regime propaganda paper pandering to the ego of the “great leaders” in the Bainimarama government.
    what Kathy says of the Australian media is true also for Fiji : we must fight tooth and nail to ensure we have media outlets which are capable and brave enough to tell the truth and not just masipolo the people in power .
    the Fiji Sun has been doing.exclusively the latter by acting as the spin doctor for the regime.
    We therefore make no apology for our condemnation of the Fiji Sun and its spin doctors.

  7. “Yesterday, the prime minister [tony abbot] in criticising the ABC, made comments suggesting the Australian media should act as cheerleaders for Australia.. This sounds to me a little like state run Russian media outlets or North Korea’s sole television station and sole newspaper, all very much “cheerleaders” for their respective country’s national interest” – Ross Pulbrook (smh 30/1).
    The Fiji Sun too assumed that role – the role of cheerleader for the Bainimarama regime and its propaganda on what constitutes Fiji’s “national interest” without any critical scrutiny.
    It has therefore as a media outlet failed in its duty to the people of Fiji to act as a public watchdog.

  8. Muzzle the Media? Tell them where to stick it
    – by Boris Johnson in The Australian Oct 18, 2013.
    Good for Fraser Nelson. It strikes me that he is 100 per cent right . The editor of The Spectator has announced his eminent and illustrious publication will have nothing whatever to do with any new system of press regulation.
    He will neither bow nor truckle to any kind of control. He will not “sign up”. He will politely tell the new bossy boots institution to minds its own beeswax, and he will continue to publish without fear and favour.
    I think the whole system of the media should do the same. Stuff all the malarkey about the Privy Council and a Royal Charter. Who are the PC for goodness sake? They are a bunch of politicians, a glorified version of the government of the day. We are on the verge of eroding the freedom of the press.
    We are undermining the work of everyone from John Milton to John Wilkes – men who fought for the right to say and publish things of which the politicians disapproved.
    Now is this the spirit in which the Fiji Sun in particular and the Fiji media in general have approached their work in Fiji since the Bainimarama takeover over 7 years ago?

  9. Tony Abbot says it dismays Australians when ABC appears to take everybody’s side but our own and that it should have ” at least some basic affection for the home team”.
    He needs to distinguish between sports coverage and political matters. Regarding the latter the ABC should be , as Jon Faine calls himself ” an equal opportunity bastard”, placing all sides of politics under scrutiny.
    I reckon the ABC does a great, but occasionally flawed,job. However I fear Mr Abbot and his colleagues have decided they will be “baddies” and punish it accordingly. – Steve Fahey (The Age 30/1).
    Is the Fiji Sun an ” equal opportunity bastard”?
    No it’s not. It is a one sided bastard siding with the Bainimarama military dictatorship.
    That’s a very low down thing for any media outlet – claiming to be independent – to do..

  10. ” There is one word for it when news organisations barrack for the home team – it’s called propaganda” – Tony Walbran (The Age 3/2).
    That’s what the Fiji Sun has been doing – propagandising for the Bainimarama military dictatorship.

  11. Leone Cebanatabua general manager publications of the Fiji Sun tries to imply in his Coconut wireless column ‘Guess who?’ (FS 3/2) that it is ” no surprise” that the “foreign funded media survey” carried out by ” Akuila Yabaki’s Citizens Constitutional Forum” is ” negative about the Fiji Sun ” because it ” apparently” came under the “strong influence”
    of the former Fiji Times editor Netani Rika.
    Leone could be right. We recall soon after the Bainimarama coup Netani Rika’s home was firebombed because he had not fallen into line with the diktats of the Bainimarama military regime. He was eventually evicted as the editor of the Fiji Times after considerable harassment and intimidation at the hands of the ruling military mob.So Netani could have an axe to grind. But I doubt it.
    It is common knowledge that the Fiji Sun is a Bainimarma regime mouthpiece and propaganda newspaper.
    Any objective evaluation of the paper would invariable confirm that fact.
    Although I don’t really know how far the CCF survey has gone in its “negative ” finding about the Fiji Sun because I have not yet read its report.
    Incidentally I wonder why CCF’s foreign funding for the media survey or anything else the CCF does is problematic for Leone Cabenatabua and the Fiji Sun?
    Are they echoing the Bainimarama regime’s own take on that issue?
    But they don’t seem to find the foreign funding of Bainimarama’s projects problematic .
    Why not I wonder?
    Oh! I remember now.
    It’s because its a pro-Bainimarama government paper!

  12. Rajend Naidu for PM !

    We could then change Fiji by ‘copying’ and ‘pasting’ other countries views and ways of doing things.

  13. No other media organisation would dare to – because they would find their publishing license suddenly up of review. Or put on a monthly renewal basis

  14. anonymous, don’t worry about rajen naidu for pm . bring an open mind to his message. you might learn a thing or two.

  15. No need for rajen naidu for pm. in fidji if a school dropout fala like frank bainimarama can become pm, anyone can. and they can change fidji using only home grown “views and ways of doing things”. the change of course will not necessarily be for the better. but fidji people are accustomed now to that kind of change. the going backward kind. remember fidji was a democracy. now it’s changed to a dictatorship.
    I am sure fidji has other people of frank bainimarama’s mould waiting in the wings – especially in the army – to become prime minister. they would love to step into his shoes and enjoy the wealth and privileges that have come bainimarama’s way by virtue of becoming pm .never mind that nobody voted for him to be pm. that’s how some people become pm in a banana republic.

  16. @ rajend naidu

    Fiji Skunk Leone can not ever hold a candle to Netani Rika or why else would he still be picking on Rika long after Rika’s left CCF. lol.

  17. I do not see anyone in the military capable of doing what bai did. There has to be a few elements that have to be right to be able to succeed. Foremost of these is to have a supportive legal law benders on hand to provide some band aid legitimacy to rule. Another factor is bai had to do the coup or end up in prison. His choice couldn’t be clearer. And to top it off bai’s attitude is absolute crass with no regard or respect for higher authority. Then we have all the sychophants (army and others) who will do any of bai’s bidding just to gain something.

  18. @ dredd

    You spoke too soon for junta has already reared ‘legal law benders’ or ‘hired guns’ willingly to bend and make up new rules for the highest bidder.

    “Nauruan government drafting law to impose emergency rule

    By Online Editor
    09:53 am GMT+12, 31/01/2014, Nauru

    The Nauruan government is in the process of drafting a law to impose emergency rule in the Pacific island nation with the assistance of lawyers from Fiji.

    The Nauruan government is in the process of drafting a law to impose emergency rule in the Pacific island nation with the assistance of lawyers from Fiji.

    The ABC understands two Fijian lawyers have been helping Nauru draft an emergency order, which would give the government greater powers allowing it to sack its Australian-based chief justice Geoffrey Eames.

    The Fijian government took similar action in 2009 against its judges for making rulings it did not agree with.”


  19. @hired guns
    Bainimarama and his fascist thugs are now spreading Fijian fascism to other countries in the region.

  20. tell me mada what is homegrown in Fiji?
    the dictator Bainimarama’s white and white naval dress with all the frills?
    a good 99% of everything in Fiji TODAY is either a colonial heritage or a neo-colonial one!!

  21. Hey,can you believe it?
    The junta journalist Leone Cabenatabua has actually posed a question to the mob in power?
    He wants to know “What’s the latest on the Waila City project?”. We all want to know that seeing as ” It’s more than two years now, but the project is yet to get off the ground” according to Leone (Coconut Wireless FS 4/2).
    I believe in giving credit where credit is due. So I give credit to Leone for posing the question even though his question is rather belated. The question has already been raised several times in the Fiji Today and the C4.5 blogsites.
    But better late then not at all.
    More questions are of course still pending.
    let’s see if they are asked as well .

  22. Leone Cabenatabua kei Josua Tuwere, kemudrau e rua na dau i vola tukutuku cici lelevu taudua. Drau veitonosona sara vakaukauwa. Sa rauta na dramicici drau cakava tiko veiratou na matanitu. You are both just a bunch of bum sucking mutherfarking ballshining overrated press journalists. It is unimaginable and disgusting to compare you two to your brave former colleagues like Rika etc. Kemudrau mo drau lai teve mada, yavu korakora boci caititamamudrau vakaukauwa.

  23. why has the Waila City project not got off the ground – two years on?
    Is it because the right kind of money has not changed hands yet?

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