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Rabuka is the worst thing that could happen to SODELPA. We need to look foward and not back to the person most responsible for our past problems.

Baba and Rabuka speak on SODELPA leadership

An interesting leadership contest is building up in the Social Democratic and Liberal Party after former Prime Minister and 1987 coup leader Sitiveni Rabuka declared his interest that he wants to lead SODELPA to the elections later this year.

Senior member of SODELPA Doctor Tupeni Baba said Rabuka is free to declare his interest however Baba’s personal stand is that a former coup leader should not lead the party.

Doctor Baba who was a victim of the 1987 coup led by Rabuka said he will now leave it to the President of the party and the board to decide on the party leadership.

But Doctor Baba said Rabuka should consider all the issues.

We also questioned Doctor Baba on whether he is also vying for the SODELPA leader’s post.

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Rabuka said he will leave it to the SODELPA executives to make the decision.

He also said he is a member of SODELPA..

Story by: Vijay Narayan


22 thoughts on “Rabuka is the worst thing that could happen to SODELPA. We need to look foward and not back to the person most responsible for our past problems.

  1. not only a former coup leader but the current coup leader too should not lead the country or any political party especially because in our case they have have NOT done the time for their crime.
    they have NOT paid their dues to society
    society should NOT waste its loyalty on them
    they are rogue leaders.

  2. Rabuka should not be considered to lead but to a sounding board only.

    He had his chances and womanised it, he made a traitorous pack with Jay Ram Reddy and all saw their bluff. ..they both lost.

    Remind Rabuka by telling him, and let him be not in the agenda of Board Meetings.

    These are Coup packs. ..get rid of them

  3. Rambo has had his day and should be avoided like the dengue. He has nothing to offer but misses the limelight and wants another tilt at power. Unfortunately he is a spent force and the country is better off without the likes of him.

  4. Has he done a deal with Franky? What are those two doing behind the scenes? Frank cut Rambo’s balls off. He neutered him. Whose bitch is Rambo now? What’s in it for Frank?

  5. Rabuka comes with a lot of experience in leadership and governance. His alter person in the lurid side is however questionable. We are not sure if he is as changeable as he was in the past and if he is still weak in the flesh when it comes to dark side of sensualism.
    I would place him miles ahead of bai when it comes to many aspects of a good leader and being a PM. His tainted past is however the ball and chain that could hamper the prospects of a party. But we will never know until it is tried. After all this is Fiji where at the moment a criminal with so much bad record is allowed to overlord everyone with all kinds of atrocities without much of a resistance.

  6. Isn’t this an entertaining dynamic. Rambo’s intent (& Baba’s reaction) to join SODELPA is aired out in public — why?

    Rambo’s political credibility is zilch & his inference of a link to SODELPA is intended to tar their profile?

    As for Baba, his ability to remain loyal to a party is questionable but he should be well reminded to keep internals INTERNAL.

    PDP’s FLP breakaways also present more entertainment.

    C’mon guys stop farting around because this political wrangling is juvenile and uninteresting. When will voters see some real debate about policy ideas for Fiji — there are only 6-8 effective months in which to woo the voters.

  7. Rambo lako lai tei dalo ga vaka levu, orau na talai iko mo cakava nai matai ni coup erau sa mate, o mara kei penaia, na cava tale o see vaka sosodro taka tiko, luveni qala

  8. Rabuka is far better leader than VB but they both committed the most serious crime in the country, so he does not qualify for SODELPA leadership.

  9. wonder if former american president of america, bill clinton would be up to your standard to be the prime minister of Fiji, How about King David the Psalmist, the man who seeks after God’s heart,( no! no! he was a adulterer and murderer) probaly Noah who built the ark, no! he got piss(drunk) or or even Moses the murderer, no!no! no! BUT you know after all that he led his people out to the promise land. So what do you think??
    So whoever has not sinned let him throw the first stone.

  10. Seven odd months to go and parties still sorting out representation and leadership, Fiji.

    No problem, just toss a coin to decide whatever, it’s only going to be temporary.

  11. It would take a coupist to unseat another. C’mon guys this is democracy at work. Give it a chance.

  12. @Sai

    Clinton never stood again. King David never contested any election. Noh was chosen by God and not elected by the people; like wise Moses who was put where he was in the first place to prepare for his calling.

    Rambo is a different ball game…no comparison.

  13. Rabuka is a rascol and Bainimarama is a bastard
    both are military thugs who have no real commitment to democratic ideals
    they are both essentially the my way or the highway types
    fiji needs better leaders
    these two do not fit the bill
    no way

  14. Rabuka is a better Coup maker then Bainimarama.
    We do not elect proven losers morally or otherwise because when they were leading, they abuse women,they ABUSE men,they abuse life, they abused their POWER.

    As Rabuka dared to make the coup, the negative initiative emerges again, when wants to stand against Tupeni Baba, who He desposed with a barrel of the gun. Sa sega na madua.

    Rabuka should make way for Tupeni Baba, to acknowledge his own shortcomings, no he won’t. Now he graces on Democracy as to pave his entrance, Tupeni Baba has been doing that always.

    Strike Rabukas name off anywhere

  15. Most don’t really care who leads Sodelpa or whether the party is going down. But Rabuka’s call is nonsensical given the baggage he carries.

  16. Rabuka is a sob, bastard who fuked Fiji up with millions of dollars.

    Looks like sodlpa is struggling to look for a leader.

  17. Many would also love to see the moron Bai back in his village in Kiuva to save future tax payers from paying off his stupid spending spree.

  18. Rabuka had his chance and did NOTHING!!!. to put Rabuka in is to give Bai the opportuntity to win this election…mark my word.!!!. Its not about SODELPA , this is about dividing (the i-taukei) and conquer strategy.

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