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Dengue fever out of control in Fiji with 1 in every 562 people contracting the disease since October.

THE Health Ministry has used almost 75 per cent of its 2014 budget allocated to combat dengue fever outbreak in the country.

And it stated that the 1422 lab confirmed cases are the highest ever on record.

He said out of the 1422 cases, the Central Division recorded 1203 cases, 165 cases in the Western Division and 54 cases in the Northern Division.

“The cases continue to rise – it hasn’t let off any bit from when we had last provided an update.

“We here in Fiji haven’t seen it to be so high. That’s why the concern is there.

Dengue red alert  http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=258487

10 thoughts on “Dengue fever out of control in Fiji with 1 in every 562 people contracting the disease since October.

  1. Well guys you have the government you deserve. And this includes a constant deterioration of public health. A dollar can only be spend once. Either it goes to public health or to the AG and the PM’s bank accounts.

  2. Aussi, you are a disgrace. Each $ invested in salaries and fringe benefits for good leaders yields an enormous return for our country. Our AG for instance has the power to declare dengue illegal and a decree is already under way. Would he be able to do this with a salary of $ 300,000? No he would not! See my point?

  3. I don’t know about the country but the coup has certainly yielded an enormous return – for the illegal AG ,the illegal PM and the illegal President and all the other regime cronies.
    they have literally grown fatter.

  4. On the other hand, we have the boto bragging about the reforms that has yield results in our health system…boci ga na boci..

  5. Of course it’s the governments fault as I have not seen a single one of them coming around and cleaning my yard of all the shit and breeding places that are causing this increase in dengue.

    As far as I’m concerned they should stop wasting money and time clearing the litter we throw out of buses and cars and direct their efforts and manpower to our residences.

  6. Very entertaining reverse psychology Anon but it kind of falls flat because no one has the expectation that the illegal & treasonous regime is supposed to be cleaning yards.

    We live in the tropics and dengue comes with the turf. It is standard practice that when ‘dengue season’ approaches, health officials do their rounds of outreach to remind the public about dengue season and their obligations within their compounds. Has that happened? No. Do you know why? Because Neil Sharma has been too busy firefighting all his other stuff-ups because he has wrongly allocated the health dept’s meagre resources towards idiotic things like preferentially sourcing drugs of dubious quality from India and cutting back on the staffing numbers of staff on the frontlines of health services

    … so in that regard the regime is fully responsible for the explosion of dengue in Fiji.

    This is the problem when you have someone like Neil from private practice coming in to manage health services that are an obligation of the State –two entirely different motivations and it shows.

  7. No wonder dengue is on the rampage…when patients are required to provide their own toilet papers, getting proper medication is like traveling to the moon.

  8. its all LDS and Qarases fault, bai’s gov have only been running for 7 long years sa rauta mada bai luveni maga cici.

  9. Dengue is normal on earth . compare your country with others then see how fortunate you are . there are dangerous diseases like malaria and leprosy in countries like PNG etc

    Minister of health is doing his job , all others must be doing their as paid for.

    The effectiveness of jobs is under question now ???

    are health workers working smart and hard ?

    doctors must not be in administrative or management positions – they must work and focus on the medical and health activities and taks as they were trained in these.

    Have qualified administrators qualified in management , business etc to manage processes and hospitals .

    GOD BLESS our health workers including the minister and GOD BLESS FIJI

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