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Letter to the Editor, 28 January 2014.

“Women in Business Awards, Dr Nur Bano Ali and Ministerial Salaries”. Letter to the Editor, 28 January 2014.


Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Island Business, Republika) (sent 28 January 2014) (cc Dr Ashwin Raj, Chairman MIDA)

Women in Business awards, Dr Nur Bano Ali and Ministerial salaries

Dear Sir,

The annual Women in Business Awards, which is sponsored by Westpac, is clearly intended to foster women in business, often with prior recipients acting as role models.

Dr Nur Bano Ali, who has previously been a worthy recipient of this award, is still prominently involved with its organization (Fiji Sun, 30 November, 2013).

Unfortunately, there have been allegations made by political parties that since 2007, some government ministers salaries have been paid through a private firm associated with Dr Ali.

If true, this would be a dismaying circumvention of normal Ministry of Finance practice, obstructing transparency and accountability for tax payers’ funds.

In the absence of a parliament, our newspapers are now the only publicly available media by which taxpayers may raise such issues.

Given that no Auditor General’s reports have been published since 2006 which might have clarified the matter, can Dr Nur Bano Ali, through your columns, admit or deny these allegations, given her prominent continuing role in the Women in Business Award scheme?

The sponsor Westpac ought to be also interested in this question, if one assumes that it is a responsible corporate entity believing in the principles of accountability, transparency, and good governance.

Professor Wadan Narsey


27 thoughts on “Letter to the Editor, 28 January 2014.

  1. wadan forgot to mention apart from believing in the principles of accountability, transparency and good governance big corporations like Westpac also believe in making profit – big profit.
    and mostly the latter takes precedence over the former.
    corporate sponsorship – and the whole business of casting itself as a ” corporate citizen” – is just a camouflage for screwing the public for profit.
    the Westpac sponsor must be understood in this context – the proper context.

  2. has this letter been published in any of the media outlets – especially the most widely read local dailies?
    if not, why not?
    can the chairman of MIDA please explain?

  3. let’s not bullshit ourselves
    the only reason Westpac sponsors whatever it sponsors is to maximize its profit making .
    that is the story with every big business which tries to project itself as a good corporate “citizen”.
    and the(foreign) corporate elite know how to link up with influential local political elite and “prominent persons” to create an “enabling environment” for maximum profit making.
    this Westpac sponsorship must be seen in this context
    its true context.

  4. Naysay does not understand the principle of private public partnership (PPP). This business model has been promoted by World Bank, ADB and others for years now as it recognises the efficiency gains that can be obtained by combining a dynamic private sector player with governments that can provide guarantees and risk mitigation. His letter implies that there is something fishy about the arrangement that my company has with my nephew and his supporters in the RFMF. This is nonsense, the arrangements are completely transparent. My nephew gets an annual salary of 1,850,000 US$ paid into his Hong Kong bank account. The PM receives 1.359.334 US$ paid into his Dubai account. Some may ask why ASK is getting more and if this really justified. We have based salaries on scientifically measuring brain activity of the top government guys. Unfortunately the PM flatlined in all the tests resulting in a smaller paycheque. I hope this clarifies the issue.

  5. We read in the letter ‘State assets’ (Fiji Times 29/1) by Rajesh lal of Labasa thta ” a private contractor is using government graders, trucks and rollers with their company name pasted on it but the registration on the vehicles is still G”.
    Lal informs us that “these activities have gone unnoticed for months in labasa”.
    He says for the sake of transparency he would like the authorities to come clean and explain why this is happening.
    This could be a private public partnership (PPP) !!!
    There is a more commonly known name for it . It’s called official corruption.
    I am sure we don’t have that any more in Fiji since the “clean up” takeover by Frank Bainimarama.
    But I of course stand to be corrected.

  6. No chance of getting that letter printed in any Fiji Media. No balls Media. and Rajend com’on “WHAT CORRUPT?”. The Regime with its guns are telling us Fijians there is no corruption, there is full transparency, the judiciary is absolutely independent, PM is only getting one salary and the list goes on.. and I for starters believe them ONLY BECAUSE THEY HAVE THE GUNS. Well, I like most Fijians are Lamusonas

  7. Rajend you are a loser! Instead of bickering and moaning you could have joined the team like myself. On a daily basis, we make contributions to move Fiji forward, alleviate poverty and boost the economy. By doing so much good we are also doing well. In fact, there is no more poverty in my family, to the contrary we are actually very wealthy. Such wealth can come to everyone who accepts the strong and visionary leadership of my nephew!

  8. if there is any official corruption of any kind then we know who to blame
    it’s the “old politicians”
    the new ones under Bainimarama are all sqeaky clean

  9. what Aunty Nur says about getting ahead by joining “the team” of thugs is quite correct – for people THAT way inclined.
    some of us proceed in life with the philosophy mutti baand ke aiyo jag mein hath pasare jao ge.
    you come to this earth empty handed and you will leave it empty handed
    all the wealth you accumulate by hook and crook will not accompany you to your grave
    the wise keep this in mind

  10. I am certain Graham Davis totally disagrees with Wadan and I must agree with Davis because we are both deranged

  11. We read in the article headed ‘Dr Luveni showing way for women’ by Nemani Delaibatiki in the regime propaganda paper the Fiji Sun (29/1) that ” the sole woman in the [Bainimarma]team Minister for Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation Dr Jiko Luveni … has put her hand up for the coming general elections”.
    It is no doubt to that end that she has “traversed the country” – on State resources – to win/buy votes.
    ( This is precisely the kind of abuse Bainimarama had rightly accused the Qarase government of doing but is now resorting to doing the same).
    But for some reason this is a hard act for a veteran journalist like Nemani Delaitabiki to follow.
    I wonder whether his recruitment as the Managing Editor/Training in the regime mouthpiece paper the Fiji Sun has contributed to his decline into shallow superficial journalism?

  12. we read in the article ‘Dr Luveni showing way for women’ in the Fiji Sun (29/1) that “the sole woman in the [Bainimarama] team Minister for social welfare, Women and poverty Alleviation Dr Jiko Luveni … has put her hand up for the coming general elections”
    it is no doubt to this end that the Minister has “traversed the country” – on state resources – to win/buy votes.
    this is precisely the kind of abuse Bainimarama had accused the Qarase government of doing but is now resorting to doing the same.
    But for some reason this is a hard act for a veteran journalist like Nemani delaitabiki to follow.
    I wonder why?
    Could his recruitment as the managing editor/training in the regime mouthpiece paper the Fiji sun have contributed to his decline into shallow superficial journalism?

  13. Nem is merely looking after his own self interest or as the Pig is fond of saying his “personal agenda”. Not to mention that he has retired to Fiji from NZ but earning an expatriate salary at the as licking paper.

  14. The former Dancing Police Chief Capt Esala Teleni to be appointed by despot as the FMF puppet commander.

  15. you know why the unelected, illegal minister for social welfare, women and poverty alleviation Dr Jiko Luveni has put her hand up for the coming general elections?
    the real reason has nothing to do with showing women the way
    she is someone who has acquired a good taste of the good time she can have as a government minister – just like Bainimarama. the privileges, the overseas trips, the invitations by prominent people especially the business people, the Pajero , the first class air travels etc etc.
    why throw all that away?
    now you know why the doctor wants to stick to politics and power and privilege.
    showing women the way is bullshit

  16. Professor Wadan Narsey poses two good questions in his letter ‘PS Finance, Ministerial salaries’ (FS 29/1) but I doubt very much if he will get any answer. This is an issue that has been raised quite some time back but has been ignored by the mob in power with the arrogance that come from dictatorial rule : governing without the consent of the governed.
    Wadan’s questions are :
    One, can Mr Filimoni waqabaca (the ps,finance) inform taxpayers whether some government ministers salaries have been paid at any time since 2007 through a private accounting company?
    Two, can the chairman of the PSC (or any individual Board member) inform the public whether taxpayers have the legitimate right to ask the PS, Finance to respond to question one above given the PSC’s own guidelines to civil servants on accountability and transparency?
    The reality in Fiji is that the Bainimarama government has not allowed itself to be subjected to any public scrutiny, accountability and transparency.
    The PS, Finance and the chairman of the PSC and all the Board members are mere State functionaries who dance to the tune of their political masters.
    Is there anyone in Fiji who does not know the identity of the political masters?
    Wadan gives a very charitable interpretation for the recent doubling of the salary of the PS,Finance.
    There is of course another reason.
    It is to keep the PS,Finance and all other top dogs in the public service politically onside.
    This why no answer to wadan’s legitimate questions can be expected from this mob.

  17. why Judas betrayed Jesus?
    Now you know why all the “apolitical” civil servants like the PS Finance have betrayed the people of Fiji.
    they have had the right kind of money coming their way courtesy of the dictator of fiji and his political cronies.

  18. We learn from today’s Al Jazeera news (29/1) that as much 30 percent of the national budget of Malawi has been siphoned off by prominent politicians and business .
    For a background on this fraud on a nation see the following in Al jazeera :
    1.Malawi cabinet dissolved over fraud scandal (11/10/2013)
    The move by President Joyce Banda comes after the arrest of officials on suspicion of lining their pockets with state funds…
    2.Africa’s false prophet: ‘Cashgate’ forces Tony blair out of malawi ( 19/1/2014)
    Once a beacon of hope as Malawi’s first female president Joyce Banda is now mired in a corruption scandal.
    This Malawi ‘Cashgate’ story has an all too familiar ring.
    Is this why we have no Auditor- General’s report in Fiji since the Bainimarama ‘clean up’ takeover in 2006?

  19. Vinaka Professor Wadan.

    The people of Fiji are waiting for answers from the Government and P.S. Finance.

    They all filling their pockets!

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