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Who will lead the National Federation Party to the general elections?

No decision on leader

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Who will lead the National Federation Party to the general elections is yet to be decided. While the party has a president, there had been strong indication over the past week that economist Biman Prasad would lead the NFP. Decisions were expected to be made yesterday at the party’s working committee meeting in Ba. The committee met but a new leader was not announced. Journalists were not allowed inside the meeting to report any discussions on the leadership. Dr Prasad said he had not made any decision yet on whether to contest the elections. However, long time party member Kamal Iyer has been appointed the acting general secretary. At the meeting, NFP president, lawyer Raman Pratap Singh, said the general elections would provide the opportunity to lead the country. “We are at a critical juncture in the history of this country and once again NFP has the opportunity to provide leadership to move the country ahead as it had done in the past at some critical junctures.” He said to better allow the political parties to prepare themselves for free and fair elections, certain decrees needed to go. He also said: “We call upon the Government to operate in a caretaker mode as soon as the Prime Minister forms his own party.” Also present at the meeting was lawyer Tupou Draunidalo. She sat among the party executives. Ms Draunidalo is increasingly tipped to be a key part of the National Federation Party election team. She comes from a family background strong in politics.

Dr Biman Prasad.


2 thoughts on “Who will lead the National Federation Party to the general elections?

  1. Tupou Draunidalo’s family background is that she is from the family of Dr Timoci Bavadra whose democratically elected government was ousted in the first military coup of 1987.
    The current coup leader and self appointed Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama was in the Fijian military that toppled Dr Bavadra from power.
    Did he adopt the then coup maker the third ranking military general Sitiveni Rabuka as his role model?
    Was he waiting in the wings all these years to step into his role model’s shoe and carry out his own coup?
    Well like Rabuka he too made spurious excuses to carry out a coup –
    which in fact was nothing but a power grab.

  2. Jyoti Pratibha should be recruited to lead the NFP
    She has shown herself to be a good campaigner for the Bainimarama government
    the NFP should use her talent.

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