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Softening us up for further restrictions before the elections?

It’s all about giving everyone a fair go

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Political parties are looking forward to the rules of this year’s selections. The rules will govern the conduct of parties from the campaign to polling day. To get to this point they had to fulfill other requirements also. But  Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) seem to enjoy a free rein or unfettered freedom. Some  exploit it to push the political agenda of  their offshore financial backers. Will their role in  the elections come under scrutiny as well? Every country has “blackout” dates when political parties cannot campaign or advertise before voting begins. Should the same rules apply to vocal NGOs from the time when the dates of elections are announced? What is Government doing about this? It is common knowledge that some NGOs promote their own brand of ideologies and any political parties that do not fit into their prescribed beliefs are usually maligned. The Government has become a regular target of criticism and vilification in progressing the country towards democratic elections. Every step it took has come under severe scrutiny. The older parties such as the Fiji Labour Party, Social Democratic Liberal Party, National Federation Party and the newer  ones such as the People’s Democratic Party have largely been spared. The Citizen Constitutional Forum has led the NGO attack on Government. This is expected to escalate when Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama announces his political party soon. It is common knowledge that many of the NGOs have wealthy and powerful offshore financial backers who have an agenda. It is understood that recently one NGO was given about $1 million to promote a certain ideology of a financer. This is the kind of money that political parties can only dream of. But if they sing the right tune they could also benefit indirectly from that kind of support. It gives them an unfair advantage over rivals who have different views. This a worry and it justifies a closer examination to make sure that  all parties are given a fair go in this election. If  NGOs wield  enough influence to sway public opinion, a question needs to be asked:  Should NGOs’ role be clearly defined? Or should they have a role at all? It is also understood that an NGO recently  requested the Elections Office to provide it with a breakdown of all voters based on their ethnicity. Its motive seems highly questionable. Playing the race card in this election tantamounts to holding on to a relic of  the dark days of the past. In this new Fiji,  there will be no voting on racial lines for the first time. The election will also see the biggest participation of young voters in Fiji’s history. But the environment should be created to ensure that its fair and the election rules will guarantee that.


12 thoughts on “Softening us up for further restrictions before the elections?

  1. It is obscene to hear Jyoti Pratibha talk about ” giving everyone a fair go”.
    That is hardly what she and her regime propaganda paper the Fiji Sun has been doing
    It is no secret what they have been doing
    They have been propagandizing for the Bainimarama regime.

  2. It seems that the bitch does not even know what she is saying. She is a sucker hanging to the Pig’s ball for dear life, a primary example of willful blindness for the cause…anything for a few pennies more.

  3. The sub-text of this pathetic opinion is that NGOs are going to be castrated soon before the elections.

    How absolutely bizarre and amateurish for her opinion to ask a loaded question about the mandate of NGOs when the Fiji SunK continues to turn a blind eye to the illegal, treasonous and unelected mandate of the regime.

    Come on Tuwere got off your arse and manage/subedit your inept staff and stop with all your farcical ‘feel good’ nonsense editorials that are so far removed from Fiji’s reality that they are now a longstanding joke.

    And if the SunK wants to talk mandate, perhaps it is timely that they declare what their circulation statitics. It’s no secret that they are only riding on the coat tails of friendly allies like Pacific Sun to capture an audience as no one in their right mind pays for their pathetic propaganda anymore. If anything the SunK is a mere extension of Shazzer & Grubby’s MinInfo reach that guarantees them kickbacks in the form of Government advertising.

    Fijian Holdings cut their losses and bolted leaving CJ Patel to hold this toxic investment which is probably why CJ is neglecting the aesthetic look of their Lami complex.

    Thr health issues of the main CJ boso haven’t exactly helped either…

  4. I really don’t know why you folks are bothered with this pathetic 3rd world reporter. Guys she is only trying to survive like the prostitutes on the streets in Suva. No difference. I haven’t read the Fiji Sunk some years back.

  5. If anything, the military regime has improved the quality of journalism in Fiji. Before the coup the stable was half digested garbage, now we swallow pure shit on a daily basis.

  6. Guys stop showing your true racists colors in using swear words for this reporter. Talk on issues

  7. My understanding is that under the political parties decree any political party which tries to con voters and spread false rumors, using issues like land, etc.will be taken to tasks and trick star conman leaders will be put behind bars.,

    This will give voters accurate and true information so as to make up their mind on which party to vote.

    All this is good for the voters

  8. Adi Torika labalaba your understanding is shitty.
    the real conman are the ones who grabbed power by telling lies to the Fijian people
    they should have been put behind bars
    instead these conman are making and imposing rules on the Fijian people
    how perverse is that!
    nothing is good for the voters
    the conman have made rules for their own good
    you somehow don’t understand that
    that’s why your understanding is shitty.
    you might even be a regime lackey or regime thug yourself.

  9. She has just published the already written opinion sent to her by Aiyaz and the crowd – she doesnt have the mental capacity to think coherently or the language to write like that

    She is none other than Shyster Babs – who goes under that name on Facebook.

    Our day will come to deal with the Fiji Sun

  10. In her Coconut Wireless column ‘The Politics of Silence’ (FS 27/1) the regime mouthpiece reporter Jyoti Pratibha wonders “Why such secrecy amongst some political parties?” She informs us without divulging the identity of the journalist that a journalist ” was caught by surprise when she arrival at a party meeting led to a hush among the previously vocal group” and the ensuing “silence was defeaning”.
    If the journalist in question was Jyoti Pratibha herself then the hush upon her arrival is not at all surprising.
    She is a known regime mouthpiece and propagandist.
    And she is not alone in that regard . There are other so called “independent” journalists from the local media who are known regime puppets.
    The silence on the part of members of political parties opposed to the Bainimarama regime in the presence of such yellow journalist is quite understandable.
    Have any of these yellow journalists wondered about the secrecy of the Bainimarama government and the absence of the Auditor-General’s reports?
    Why have they been silent?
    Whose interest are the serving?
    Whose interest are they suppose to be serving?

  11. this article is exactly the peice of sh*t i would expect from the ‘regime front’. No details, all suspicion and mysterious ‘financiers’. I hope the Sun doesn’t have to pay top dollar for this garbage.

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