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Ex NCBBF Electoral Commission members were silent last time Bainimarama changed his mind.

Commission and ‘rubber stamps’

January 24, 2014 | Filed under: Letters | Posted by:

Professor Wadan Narsey Suva It might reassure some that the Electoral Commission has announced that it will not be a “rubber stamp” for the Bainimarama Government. Unfortunately, some members come with historical baggage. Some of the Commission members were part of the National Council for Building a Better Fiji, which produced the People’s Charter, the first paragraph of which declared that the 1997 Constitution would be supreme. However, when the Court of Appeal 2009 judgment declared the Bainimarama Government to be illegal, the Bainimarama Government abrogated the Constitution, with not a single public protest from the members of the NCBBF, including some who are now members of the Electoral Commission. The public notes that contrary to the requirements of the 2013 Constitution the Commission members have all been appointed by Bainimarama without any consultation with other political parties, and most are either open or closet supporters of his Government. One member of the Commission, through her accounting company, is clearly also playing ball with the Bainimarama Government in what economists would see as a totally undesirable distortion of the Permanent Secretary salary structure, announced just two weeks prior to the last budget. Nevertheless, the public can still give these Commission members the benefit of the doubt and hope that as otherwise decent individuals, they will do their utmost to ensure free and fair elections as is required by the 2013 Constitution, and not be used as a “rubber stamp” by the Bainimarama Government.


13 thoughts on “Ex NCBBF Electoral Commission members were silent last time Bainimarama changed his mind.

  1. The one thing I know for sure about the Bainimarama Government is that it cannot be TRUSTED to keep its word on anything.
    They have provided examples of this time and again since their unlawful takeover of government.

  2. Taxpaying voters owe none of these treacherous Commissioners anything — least of all the benefit of their doubts. The obligation is on them to prove their impartiality.

    If anything the doubts will only be embedded by their deeds because any fool seeking validation to implement a pre-set agenda can promise anyone the world.

  3. Now guys keep your calm. We have carefully selected this commission to balance the interest of the electorate with the interest of our great leader.The commission’s task is to facilitate a smooth transition towards a guarded democracy under Khaiyum. it is a very delicate task as pernicious observers in the international community will find 100 reasons why confirmation of Khaiyum’s rule does not qualify as a free and fair election. So, the commission will have to do a lot more than rubber stamping. It will have to be creative and smart for everyone to accept the result of our elections.

  4. This junta so called electoral commission is nothing but a bunch of treasonous regime toadies and slags!

  5. The Republic of Lithuania and Fiji formalized diplomatic relations at a ceremony at the Fiji Mission to the United Nations in New York on Friday.

    The Permanent Representative of the Lithuania to the United Nations, Ambassador Raimonda Murmokaite, and her Fijian counterpart, Ambassador Peter Thomson, signed a joint communiqué establishing diplomatic relations between the two nations.

    The communiqué calls for the promotion and strengthening of friendship and cooperation between the two States in political, economic, cultural, humanitarian and other fields.

    Ambassador Thomson reported on the steady progress being made towards Fiji’s 2014 general elections.

  6. Hey all you guys with covered eyes and racists agendas.

    Just chill out and pray that the nation is on the path to democracy.

    Rubbishing prominent members of society who have stood up in a time when this nation needs them, to move forward, does say a lot about all the above writers.,

    Perhaps you guys don’t need an election after all.

    I know for sure that the current government has performed much better for its poor citizens than any previous governments, since Fiji’s history.

  7. I agree with adi troika . ratu voreqe has done great job at transferring some wealth to the poor whilst he has also ( in error ) removed some wealth from qoliqoli owners to businessmen.

    The military government has done both good and bad .

    we are glad its coming closer to the end .


  8. @ Adi Torika labalaba your comment here reminds me that you have not responded to my question. I said from your name it is clear your are not not Chinese so what are your doing in China?
    Are you there courtesy of the Bainimarama regime?
    prominent members of society must be judged by their CONDUCT just as other members of society are judged and not assumed to have special standing in society by virtue of being “prominent members of society”.
    most of the mess we are in today in Fiji is the product of prominent members of society NOT DOING THE RIGHT THING!
    They are the ones responsible for the fucked up state of the country not your ordinary unknown farmer or fisherman.
    Adi Torika labalaba are your a member of the “prominent members of society” club – the predatory elite class?

  9. Well- if Bainimarama has performed better? at what cost?. He wasnt happy with previous govt, who had also performed better, so what ‘real’ difference had he made? or how worse off are the poor under his leadership?. A govt is a govt – imperfect, corrupt (to some extent), and a political. In an ideal practical world of governance – “there are winners and losers”. Bainimarama & his credible advisors understood this recipe well and capitalises on the fact that they have “real power” ( Guns). Corruption by its very foundation stems from the deeper recessess of the “mind”. No amount of money, security andeven death can remove it. Fiji’s new found expertise, apart from Rugby professionals, are professional corrupt leaders.

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