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We want five police officers to be available at each police (polling?)station.”

Police need 3 months to train for elections

07:09 Today


Taken from/By: FBC News Report by: Elenoa Turagaiviu

The Fiji Police Force will need at least three months to train its officers for the general elections due in September.

The Defence Minister Joketani Cokanasiga, says police officers need to be ready and fully-equipped for one of the most important dates in our country’s calendar.

“Logistically, police will need to be at these polling stations, be it in the mainland, or in the islands. At the moment we estimate for that three thousand stations, we want five police officers to be available at each police (polling?)station.”

Cokanasiga says as the police work on the logistics of their election operations, it also will make sure the election process is credible.

“If it’s a one day election, then they have to finish that election, bring that ballot box to where it is going to be counted. By the time we are given the deadline as to when the numbers is going to be announced, we have to be sure that that is available. Any deviation from that will raise a lot of questions, how credible is the process.”

Cokanasiga says in order for these tasks to be carried out effectively, police officers will have to be trained properly.

Support officers and police volunteers around the country will also be trained to help the police.

The Force is also requesting for vehicles from donors to help them with transportation during the elections.

10 thoughts on “We want five police officers to be available at each police (polling?)station.”

  1. listening to this rubbish you’d think this is the first time Fiji is having an election!!
    what a farce!!
    3 months training for an election !!

  2. Yeah right!! you’d think listening to these imbeciles that Fiji only got its Independence yesterday and is having its first elections!!
    go and sit on police batons you bastards!!

  3. 3,000 poling stations and 5 officers per polling station = 15,000 officers. Even a form 4 fail can see Fiji police force is not that big eh!

  4. Maybe the Five “Police” Officers that the RFMF send to each polling station will be put in charge of ticking the boxes for Voters in the election? I wonder if they will also be in charge of making sure the boxes get to the RFMF on time? What a fun idea.

    Given that Frank cannot string a sentence together, never mind form a coherent policy, I think the election list will be rigged and may read like this:

    1. Frank Boicimarama – Fiji KanaNiKoli Party

    2. Frank Boidanimarama – Totally Independent Torture-free Party

    3. Frank Boginimaga – Fiji Lunchmoney for Voters Party

    4. Frank Bainimarama – Fiji Form 4 Fail Party

    5. Frank Boicanada – Cassava Patch Awareness Party

  5. on polling day ravi narayan should dress in a superman suit and fly around to all the polling stations on his own steam produced from his backside!

  6. on polling day Emperor Bainimarama will be dressed in his golden garment so that the people can see the real flesh and blood Bainimarama and vote for him.

  7. acting police commissioner ravi narayan is in sydney attending some counter terrorism course . when he finishes the course he will return to fiji and arrest frank bainimarama for terrorist activities.
    just like field marshall asisi has done in egypt. he was appointed by mosi then he arrested mosi for terrorist activity. after he arrests bainimarama ravi narayan will be promoted to Commissioner of Polis

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