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Marc Lanteigne says China would be reluctant to get involved

China’s election aid to Fiji won’t be dramatic – scholar

Updated at  4:29 pm today

A foreign policy scholar says China’s offer of assistance for Fiji’s promised elections won’t be as dramatic as implied by some media.

China has confirmed that it will be offering some form of assistance, but a spokesperson for the Chinese embassy says no details have been confirmed.

The Fiji Ministry of Information says China is keen to help in any way it can.

Dr Marc Lanteigne, from Wellington’s Victoria University, says China’s policy towards Fiji has always been one of economic support, and to not get involved in domestic politics.

” I think the way it was stated by the Fijian media is a bit vague and I don’t think necessarily really reflects China’s overall interests. Certainly China does want to remain a very strong economic partner, but in the case of assisting with the elections or participating in the process somehow, no.”

Marc Lanteigne says China would be reluctant to get involved with an issue it says should be dealt with domestically.


9 thoughts on “Marc Lanteigne says China would be reluctant to get involved

  1. China would be more than willing to be involved in propping up a dictatorial military regime which is what it has been doing unashamedly since the Bainimarama takeover in 2006.
    One because it is easier even better to do business with a dictator who can facilitate what China wants – access to the country’s resources – without all that democratic accountability and transparency fuss.
    Two to use Fiji as a pawn in its geo-political power play game with America.
    All China needs to do by way of involvement is to give the dictator a personal brown paper bag to show it stands with him all the way.

  2. China has principles and lives up to its cause and very clear on what it wants. Fijis mve towards democracy is a deterrent to China -Fiji relationship. A least China is clear with what it stood for.

  3. I wonder what China will donate? $1.50 and a taxi fare to the airport?

    They have not exactly been generous to date – in the last disaster NZ and Oz gave millions, while China gave a $10,000 cheque to Frank for lunch money. No wonder Frank loves them so much – they spin as much bullshit as he does.

  4. China wants resources: land, minerals, timber and fish. Their business model around the world is supporting unsavoury regimes nobody else wants to deal with.

  5. Aussi is right

    Fiji’s Tuna industry has now gone under. The boats are tied up. They cannot compete with the subsidised Chinese fleets. They have the fishing licenses for half of the South Pacific.

    Fiji is one place that you can survive on subsistence living thanks to the fruit trees and fish. Take out the fish and the future looks bleak.

  6. The Chinese Government has just announced that they will be sending two can’s of tuna to assist Fiji with their elections. ( But they want the empty cans back. They can make two cars and a bus with the recycled metal).

    The Chinese Government also announced that they will lend Fiji a high powered tank just in case they get another bunch of t-shirt wearing dissidents on the streets of Suva. Frank said he would accept the generous offer on condition that the tank has a CD player and IPOD connectivity.

  7. “China’s policy towards Fiji has always been one of economic support, and to not get involved in domestic politics”! This is just the sort of view that helps China creep into the domestic affairs of every continent around the globe without people really knowing what is happening. Look at Africa today and ask how its leaders have allowed China to extract its natural resources and become indebted to China through loans with no recourse from citizens on how it really impacts their livelihood and sovereignty. Their genuine development and political independence is only a myth when their leader is voluntary subjected to the dominating influence of cheque-book diplomacy. Invitations to Beijing are never turned down where they are hosted in ceremonious parties that makes them pawns in China’s grand plan to dominate their land and resources. Money and material enticements toss their ethical considerations on the way side and what is in their national interest and for their national good is secondary to what China wants! This is what we have seen of leaders in developing countries, particularly in the resource rich countries of Africa who have compromised the good of their own country, for Beijing’s sake. This is also the way Chinese economic support impact mainstream African politics. And so the theory that “China’s policy is one of economic support, and to not get involved in domestic politics” continues to survive at least in rhetoric but not in reality!

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