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As if we needed proof that the Fiji Sun is the “Dictators Paper”

He will be missed by the RFMF and the families

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By MAIKA BOLATIKI, Managing Editor/News

Prime Minister and Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, looked relaxed when he spoke to members of the forces yesterday in Nabua, Suva, yesterday. On February 28 he steps down as Commander and embarks on a political career, carrying with him the expectations of many people that he will find success in championing the cause his Government has chartered for the new Fiji. Under his watch, the RFMF has grown from the political turmoil of 2000 to a robust organisation with a crucial role in national development. Its younger officers are now well trained to be able to handle issues outside of the military. Military engineers have become the unsung heroes, working with various communities to help build roads, bridges, footpaths, homes, schools, nursing stations, health centres, churches and community halls. Military personnel also serve in important positions in Governmnent and their influence is evident in the efficient way projects are being completed. Discipline and no-nonsense focus have driven many projects from  start to finish. The completion rate of many of these developments is remarkable given the challenges like unfavourable weather and tight budgets. Fiji’s contribution to the United Nations peacekeeping commitments is widely recognised. It continues to grow. He should look back with satisfaction with his achievements. And he would not have been able to do it without the support of his wife, Mary, and their children. Commodore Bainimarama is a devoted family man. This was reflected in his address to the RFMF members yesterday.  He told them to use their money wisely for the benefit of their families. Stressing the importance of family wellbeing he said: “School is restarting and I am hoping that our children are being prepared well to begin school this year. We all know that Government will pay for the school fees. But the parents are responsible for nurturing the children at home.” His simple and down-to-earth approach to life, reinforced by strong family values, makes him an excellent leader. He is going to be missed by the RFMF, and the families of all who serve, when he hands over the reins to his successor.


18 thoughts on “As if we needed proof that the Fiji Sun is the “Dictators Paper”

  1. the dictator will be missed most by arse licker Maika Bolatiki
    but I suspect he will stick to the dictator
    like a bakewa sticks itself to a qio.

  2. Na levu ga ni tabetabe kei na sese ni vakasama tiko vua na reporter oqo o Maika Bolatiki….vakaloloma na tamata ni yali na rarama ni Kalou ena nona bula sega ni rawa vua me tukuna vakadodonu na lasu mai na dina….waraka tiko na gauna era na qai vosa ga na VATU me tukuni vei iko na ka dina e tara tiko noda vanua ena loma ni 8 na yabaki eda sa lakova tiko oqo…laurai vei iko Maika Bolatiko na tamata dadatuvu, rere ka lasulasu…sa sega ni rawa ni o tukuna vakadodonu na lasu mai na dina….kerea mo veivutuni taka nomu tamata tabetabe ka lasulasu baleta e sega ni taileitaka o keimami na tamata ka vakauasivi vua na Kalou levu ko Jiova…eda na qai sota tiko ni sa cava mai na veika kece oqo….

  3. Heinous the lot of them! Remember Bolatiki, Prathiba, Lomas and CJ Patel – this too shall pass.

    Like Khaiyum, your credibility and lifeline’s are intrinsincally linked to Bainimarama tenure. When this is over prepare to face the people and account for all your personal views treacherously masked as ‘news’.

  4. What a wonderful piece of fair and unbiased reporting. In the old days we were tortured with reports about corruption scandals and criticism of the politicians in power, now we can all enjoy the journalism of hope. What a delight for all the readers of the Sun.

  5. “Under his watch, the RFMF has grown from the political turmoil of 2000 to a robust organisation with a crucial role in national development”

    Also known as a Military Junta. The RFMF is the only institution in Fiji that has made a profit in the last 7 years. Thanks Malakai, you pathetic suckhole.

    Frank’s tenure should be remembered for the farcical parade of lies and nonsense. The failed get-rich schemes, the corruption, the international embarrassments, the thieving, the lack of budget transparency, human rights breaches, murders, assaults, false promises, broken promises, deportations, abrogations, and generally idiotic dictatorshit.

  6. Bainimarma will be remembered for bringing suffering to the people with NO freedom for expression till today.

    The most corrupt and unaccountable government in the history of Fiji.

    What is Biainimarma and Khayium’s assets and liabilities before 2006 and after.

    These two have benefited from illegal rule since 2006.

    What is the Government defict today?

    What is the borrowing figures now?

    The military thugs have put this country 50 years back in terms of economic development.

    Fiji Sun and it’s related companies have sucked this country with take over of Rewa Dairy with lots of concessions.

  7. M sorry to inform you that the majority of the people will vote for FB and his party. The choice or alternatives sucks.

  8. Maika sa vakacava na vakasgai ira na gonevuli yalewa lalai mai Bucalevu. Rapist qai vosavosavaka vuku. Dont try to deny baleta au kila vinaka tu na gauna ya as I was one of your student….You mother fucker,caititamamu…

  9. The Fiji Sun has just announced the winner of this years Miss Fiji contest:

    That’s right! Litiana Loabuka .

    The Fiji Sun canvassed hard for Ms Loabuka. The Editor was quick to say that this had nothing to do with the Sun’s adoration of the Bainimarama family.

    The Editor went on to say that they will be announcing the September election winners next week. He said the polls taken so far (of Frank’s family members) has Bai slightly ahead in the polls.

  10. This is predictable and we can all understand this dribble from a regime supporting paper…………nothing to be surprised with and nothing to be overtly annoyed with. Its all in that grand scheme of painting a good picture about the criminals…….no wonder no one take them seriously for it……….next!

  11. In his opinion piece ‘Zero tolerance on corruption way to go’ (FS 24/1) Fiji Sun managing editor/training Nemani Delaibatiki betrays his pro-regime bias by positing too much faith in the Attorney-General and Minister for Anti-Corruption Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum addressing the problem of widespread corruption in the country with his “public consultations” and all that.
    He fails to ask the more critical question : what has Khaiyum’s government achieved by way of eradicating official corruption after over 7 years of illegal hold of power keeping in mind that it took over control of the country to “clean up” corruption and bad governance?
    So how much “cleaning up” has it done if corruption still continues to rear its ugly head 7 years later? Delaibatiki gives a good descriptive account of the deleterious consequences of corruption but that clearly is not good enough. A good journalist must ask the hard questions. Delaibatiki does not do that in this piece. Instead he ask “the entire country to rally behind Mr Sayed Khaiyum and his team of dedicated officers”.
    He should have asked if the absence of “the principles of good governance, transparency and accountability” in the Khaaiyum-Bainimarama government itself has led to an increase rather then a decrease in corruption and abuse in Fiji?
    If that is the case how can anyone – least of all a purportedly independent media wallah – advocate that the entire country rally behind Khaiyum – 7 months out from elections?
    But we all know where the likes of Delaibatiki and the Fiji Sun are coming from : they are Bainimarama – Khaiyum regime mouthpiece and propagandist. And this opinion piece is their way of canvassing for the regime.
    That is now no longer a secret!

  12. In her bogus article “It’s all about giving everyone a fair go’ the regime mouthpiece journalist Jyoti Pratibha tries to deflect attention away from the main actors likely to manipulate the elections by focusing on the financial funding of NGOs and their role in the elections.
    The NGOs at best will have a peripheral role and impact. It is the Bainimarama regime and its military backing that will have a pivotal role in the elections.
    And the indications from seven years of Bainimarama government rule is that “everyone ” and every political party will NOT get a “fair go”.
    In fact the Fiji Sun and its pro-regime journalist like Jyoti Pratibha have openly ensured that every political did not get a fair go. It’s support has unashamedly been for the Bainimarama regime without taking cognizance of journalistic independence, impartiality and professional ethics.
    Jyoti Pratibha mischievously talks about political parties positioning themselves to capture the funding and support of NGOs by singing the right tune.
    Jyoti Pratibha is amply qualified to talk about singing the right tune!
    She has been doing that for a long time now for the Bainimarama regime.
    And she will continue to do that right up to election day!

  13. We read in the article ‘Peter Greste declares battle for freedom of speech in Egypt after prolonged detention’ (ABC Jan 26) that the award-winning Al Jazeera reporter Peter Greste who has been arrested together with two colleagues and detained in prison by Egypt’s military installed leaders for reporting on the unrest in the country has released a letter vowing to fight for freedom of speech in Egypt.
    Egypt’s military leadership has accused Al Jazeera of pro- Muslim Brotherhood coverage but Al Jazeera has defended its reporters saying “they were doing their job by reporting objectively”.
    Peter Greste says Egyptian authorities are cracking down on anyone “who refuses to applaud the institution”.
    He says ” But as a journalist I am committed to defending a fundamental freedom of the press that no-one in my profession can credibly work without. One that is deemed vital to the proper functioning of any open democracy,including Egypt’s with its new constitution”.
    You have journalists like Peter Greste who are prepared to fight to uphold the integrity of their profession at great personal cost – because they believe that is the right thing to do and then you have journalist like Jyoti Pratibha and Maika Bolatiki of the Fiji Sun newspaper who have no qualms about setting aside the ethics of good journalism and applauding the Fiji military regime – because that is the convenient thing to do to curry favour with the regime.
    Only journalists of Peter Greste’s mould command respect.
    The variety represented by Pratibha and Bolatiki are a disgrace to journalism.

  14. maika bolatikivanonasonaduanaivbaci had incest with his mother and sister. And likewise Leone Cabenatabuanonaicici. these are scum of the earth we should not waste our spit on….drau yavu veitonosona kei matai akaolatadolanasona

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