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UFDF PRESS RELEASE – One law for the nation, another for the Military




[No 7/2014]

[Jan 21, 2014]

The UFDF said today that statements attributed to Lt Col Netani Rika as reported by the Fiji Sun and Frank Bainimarama as reported by Vijay Narayan and Mohammed Feroz show clear breaches of the Civil Service Standing Orders [2011 revision] and abuse of office.

The UFDF says the Civil Service Standing Orders on Campaigning Sec 1222 states quote ‘  Campaigning or political activity by a Civil Servant while on duty is forbidden. Civil Servants must not be canvassing or by any other means attempt publicly to further the activities or aspirations of a political party, or the election or return of an individual (whether a member of a political party or not) in any election to the House of Representatives or to a local Government body including Provincial Councils unquote

The UFDF says Lt Col Rika’s comments are political in nature and breach The Civil Service Standing orders 1222 that disallow quote ‘canvassing or by any other means attempt publicly to further the activities or aspirations of a political party’ unquote. There can be no doubt that Lt Col Rika was canvassing for Bainimarama’s party and as Commissioner Eastern he is abusing the privileges of his office as well as Sec 14 (1) (c) (d) of Decree 4 of 2013.

The UFDF says in the case of Frank Bainimarama he remains Commander of the Military and according to his Regimes own decree No 4 of 2013 he is in breach of the following provisions-


Restrictions on public officers in a political party

Sec 14    (1)          A public officer shall not-

(c)           Engage in political activity that may compromise or be seen to compromise the political neutrality of that person’s office; or

(d)           Publicly indicate support for or opposition to any proposed political party or a political party registered under this decree or candidate in an election

(2)           For the purposes of this section, ‘public officer’ means any person-

(c)           Holding any office in the public service, the Fiji Police, Fiji Corrections Services or the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.

(4)           Any public officer who intends to be an applicant or a member of, or hold office in, a proposed political party or a political party registered under this decree, must resign from the respective public office prior to applying to become an applicant or a member of, or hold office in, a proposed political party or a political party registered under this decree.

(5)           A public officer is deemed to have vacated his or her office mentioned in subsection 2 immediately before the time at which he or she applies to become and applicant or a member of. Or hold office in, a proposed political party or a [political party registered under this decree.

The UFDF says the Commander’s repeated statements about forming his own party and contesting elections is in clear breach of Sec 14 (1) (c), (d), (2) (c) and (4) and (5) of Decree 4 of 2013. Just as Lt Col Rika’s statements are in breach of the Civil Service Standing Orders.

The UFDF says Lt Col Rika and Commodore Bainimarama have broken the law and the Acting Commissioner of Police and the Civil Service Commission are obliged to uphold the laws that govern these public office holders and appropriate and immediate action should be taken against them just as they would apply it to any other citizen.

The UFDF says if the newly elected Electoral Commission is serious about ensuring free and fair elections  and remaining impartial and independent then it cannot ‘look the other way’ when clear abuse of office and breaches of the law as reported are committed by their employer.

Authorized By                       UFDF

22 thoughts on “UFDF PRESS RELEASE – One law for the nation, another for the Military

  1. No other way, should press Rika to court and be dismissed from his Civil Service job. Although what we expect from self elected illegal PM is to stand up for his boys and his supporters.

    In other words all the high polluting advice he has been burdening all of us with are all insincere, lies and self destructive….how do we trust such a lying bafoon.


  2. The UFDF is an arse if they consider such words as reported were canvassing. This bunch of idiots are doing nothing but playing into the hands of those they are so against. This is not what Fiji needs.

  3. They have made a lot changes, but all under the rule of the gun.
    Yes Fiji has developed made to compromise the beauty, the drama, the theatrics of what a democratic voted MP do in the House of Parliament.
    The current government, IS full of band-aid solutions to get them voted in is definitely informing all able-minded citizen NOT TO VOTE FOR THEM.
    They broken all conventions, broken all PSC REGULATION, broken their own charter and have left the country broke.
    We do favour such records.

    SDL was great, if was legal, democratic and freedom of speech and ideas and expression.

  4. No one is above the law . If Rika has broken the PSC law then Parmesh and team need to act as they are being paid by the people of Fiji to do their jobs.

    No one is above the law . Those making press release and talking big must realize that the people of Fiji are now educated , enlighten and will make their choices and decisions freely.


  5. @Nagatalevu
    If you think” Parmesh and team” will act against a pro-regime state functionary you are gravely mistaken. Parmesh himself is a regime lackey. Planted in the Public Service Commission to do the regime’s bidding.
    Can you guess who “apolitical” and “neutral” civil servant Parmesh will vote for and even campaign for?
    Now you know also who Lt Col Rika wil vote for and campaign for, yes campaign for!

  6. As someone who worked in the Fiji public service at the time of the first military coup of 1987 and saw through all the subsequent coups I can tell you – from very direct experience – Fiji has long ceased to have a political neutral, impartial and apolitical civil service.
    If civil servants are not blatantly and overtly politically aligned and canvasing for their political leader or party then they do their political mischief covertly.
    That has become something of an acceptable norm in post coup Fiji especially on the part of the people in power. They have manipulated and used the civil servants to hang onto power and to serve their political agenda. And civil servants like to suck up and be seen to be politically onside.
    Anyone who tells you this is not true is a liar.
    And, we have many liars who are top dogs in the Fiji public service.

  7. @ rajend naidu
    what you say is true with one difference : Bainimarama has taken the politicisation of the public service to a never seen before level. – the judiciary, the police, the army, the civil service and the district administration and the provincial councils and the local town and city councils. you name it he has got his men and women there. having done that he has now decided everything is in place for him to “contest” an election!
    the election is a farce
    Fiji has fallen into thug rule since the Bainimarama takeover and he has plans to keep it that way.
    the election is part of that plan
    BUT that is not the only plan
    every good plan has a back up plan
    guess what this thug ruler’s back up plan is?

  8. The reality in Fiji

    Relaxing under the proverbial mango tree in Fiji a company executive

    provided the most succinct summary of the state of affairs in respect to the

    government and political system in one sentence. Unfortunately

    it was in Fijian and I struggle to translate it into English. Cynicism

    aside he stated that to succeed in the current climate you have to ingratiate

    yourself to those in authority. However the hands of aspiring individuals intent on

    currying favors is often met with a melee of jaws.

  9. It’s the people that make a country not the government. The government is simply a small reflection of the ways of the majority of it’s people and Fiji is one of the worlds best examples.

  10. UFDF spills more delusional nonsense. What do they not understand about the “rule of law” in Fiji. They seem to believe that they can hold Khaiyum to his own decrees. In a dictatorship the principle of the tyrant is: For my enemies the LAW, for my friends ANYTHING. It is about time these girls grow out of puberty and realise what they are dealing with in Fiji.

  11. what the people of Fiji are dealing with is a military dictatorship PRETENDING to be a civilian government
    many in Fiji have been conned by the pretense
    and many in the international community have been conned as well
    so what lessons have we learned about dictatorships – anywhere
    they don’t relinquish power
    they masquerade under the pretense of carrying out “democratic reforms” when pressure mounts against them
    Dictators do NOT believe in any democratic ideals
    Democratic ideals are an anathema to them.
    The only think they believe in is power
    and holding onto it
    by hook or by crook
    mostly by crook
    now you know what kind of election Fiji is likely to have under a dictatorship

  12. The Politicisation of the Fiji Public Service
    1. under the Rabuka government after the 1987 military coup. Civil servants were required to sign an Oath of Allegiance to the Fiji Military Government . When I had not signed because as a confirmed civil servant there was no need under the regulations governing my employment for me to sign any phoney oath but simply to abide by the Public Service Regulations – a junior officer, in fact a clerk, who was a army reservist “reminded” me to sign.
    Rabuka was the first military general responsible for the political prostitution of the civil service.
    2. under the Labour government of Mahendra Chaudry they were doing the same thing by using their cronies in the public service. And labour party officials were trying to extract political mileage whilst in power. If you have any doubt ask Hikmat Singh Verma .
    3. under the Speight government operating from the Parliament!! Racists and nationalist civil servants were flocking to Parliament left right and centre in the hope of acquiring high posts by showing their allegiance to the Speight “government”.
    4. under the Qarase government. Qarase took over from where Speight left off . He pursued the same ethno-nationalist agenda. Nationalist civil servants were bending over backwards to do the Qarase governments bidding again mostly in the hope of acquiring higher positions. Opportunistic Indian civil servants too were not averse to setting their political neutrality aside to suck up to the Qarase government in the hope of gaining promotions. The use that the Qarase government made of the supposedly “apolitical” civil servants to win elections is of course common knowledge.
    5. under the Bainimarama government-does anyone believe the civil service has not been politicised? just look at all the regime appointed post holders and you’d know the answer.

  13. @ Aussi

    So what should UFDF do? Just keep quiet and do nothing? If you have a better solution than UFDF, please let us know.

  14. The UFDF are having a bet each-way. They play by the rules then criticise the rules. By making these innocuous and inane public statements they are, in fact, legitimising the current military dictatorship and the entire election process.

    They should come out and attack this government and all its proposals.

    United Federation of Dumb Fucks

  15. For once I agree with rajend naidu about the previous govt and how they politicise govt, including FLP, SDL and SVt.

    Thanks rajend and normally don’t agree with you but on this issue you were spot on

  16. Predatory Local Elites
    See if you don’t see any parallels with our own local elites in this Chinese story :
    *The Chinese government condemned on Wednesday a report on the wealth of the country’s elite being hidden in overseas tax havens as illogical and having ulterior motives as the government blocked websites and censored mention of the story online.The report the result of an investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists was published in newspapers, including Britain’s Guardian and Spain’s EL Pais.
    It said that the relatives of top Chinese leaders including President Xi Jinping and the former premier Wen Jiabao were among members of China’s elite making use of offshore haven’s like the British Virgin Islands.
    Read the whole story in :
    China leaders’ kin ‘stash riches in offshore tax havens’.
    Our own top leaders (the self appointed mob) we know have been very matey with the top Chinese leaders. I wonder if they too picked up a tip or two on how to do the dirty on their own people and their country?

  17. Read alongside the story mentioned above the article in today’s The Australian (23/1) titled
    ‘Chinese activist stays mum in court’.
    And this is an activist who exposes corruption in China which is a purported objective of the Chinese Communist Party !!

  18. After reading Mich Beddoes’s response (FS 24/1) to the snide comments made against the UFDF in the Fiji Sun’s Coconut Wireless column of Monday 20/1 I looked it up to see for myself what had been said. (Usually I give it a skip because there are far better things to read elsewhere !)
    The relevant column in the “Dictator’s paper” by regime propagandist Jyoti Pratibha is a good example of the kind of juvenile journalism one can expect from such a paper.
    She made a pathetic attempt at belittling the UFDF by claiming it was a “so-called” pressure group and its officially designated spokesman Mich Beddoes a “megaphone man”.
    If international media outlets like Radio Australia and Radio New Zealand are taking the UFDF and its spokesman seriously than that surely must be a statement for the standing of the UFDF as a true representative of the pro-democracy movement in Fiji.
    Unlike the mediocre media mob at the Fiji Sun these are as Mr Beddoes points out ” professional media people”.
    But we know where the Fiji Sun and its reporters like Jyoti Pratibha are coming from. Like their political masters in the Fiji military dictatorship they wish pro-democracy forces like the UFDF did not exist at all !
    But the UFDF is evidence that that is wishful thinking.
    Again, the Fiji Sun tried to belittle Mr Beddoes response with the Editor’s note that his edited letter is ‘the crux of a long statement circulated by Mr Beddoes in response to a brief Coconut Wireless item published on Monday”.
    It was not only brief it was bullshit as well.
    The Fiji Sun has no problem publishing any “long statement” supplied by the Ministry of Information /Propaganda.
    No marks for guessing why!

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