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Public Servants involved in Politics……. Grounds for dismissal.

Choose the right party, Lt-Col Rika tells Lauans

January 20, 2014 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by:

The Commissioner Eastern, Lieutenant-Colonel Netani Rika (third from left), touring the Lau Group. Photo: LOSALINI RASOQOSOQO.

By LOSALINI RASOQOSOQO reporting from Lau

People in the islands of Lau have been advised not to be easily influenced by political parties. The Commissioner Eastern, Lieutenant- Colonel Netani Rika, stressed this point as he went on with his two- week tour of the Lau Group. He reminded the people that leading up to the general elections this year there would be candidates coming around to campaign. However, he said, people should not be led astray by false promises and negative campaigning which was the ploy of politicians in the past. “Election is coming up and by now some of the politicians or those wishing to stand in the elections will be coming around,” Lt Col Rika reminded them. “You should not be easily influenced. Some will come with many promises and some would rubbish others. “However, you should not be influenced by them but you should look at the bigger picture and the reality,” he said. He said the Government was doing the best it could to bring out the best for the people and serving the people was its priority. He reminded people to vote for the party that would bring them the best. Four parties have so far registered. Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has revealed he will announce his political party on March 1. Meanwhile, most of the islanders are happy with what the Government is doing. They say they are able to access services that were hard to access before. They also say that former governments had failed to visit them and to hear their grievances and failed to keep their promises.

30 thoughts on “Public Servants involved in Politics……. Grounds for dismissal.

  1. how has a military man like Lt Col Netani Tika become commissioner eastern?
    wasn’t it a political appointment made by the Bainimarama military government?
    how can people like these talk about public servants needing to be politically neutral?

  2. The audacity of these military thugs never never ceases to amaze me: Such incredible hypocrisy can only fly with an electorate that has has neither an education nor some common sense.

  3. Lets face it the average Fijian can hardly think for themselves can they, someone has to explain the obvious to them.

  4. Fiji is paying a heavy price for the behaviour of its moronic thug military. It is even worse than the GCC and the Methodist church. What fools the indo-Fijians were to support this thug regime. In the long run they will suffer the most for their lack of courage in standing up to these thugs.

  5. “…he said, people should not be led astray by false promises and negative campaigning which was the ploy of politicians in the past”

    This idiot is the undisputed king of false promises and the master of negative campaigning.

    The lies he and Aiyaz have made to the people of Fiji are too numerous to count and too obvious to hide from.

    The assaults, thuggery, threats and never ending supply of bullshit have made them famous in the pacific.

  6. Mr. Rika you are a civil servant, are you all right. Just look read and give thought to your verbal diarrhoea. Please, the Fijians are smarter then you perceive them to be.

    Bainimarama your hero, when if becomes a PM, he will have lost all those dictatorial powers, the next commander will have that, he will tow the line. Monkey see,monkey do.

    So why vote him in,because he can not do anything, it will all false promises all over again. Even during this dictatorial years he has lied so much.

    Vote for career politician not those bumbs up the coup headquarters with their coup leaders.

  7. By MAIKA BOLATIKI, Managing Editor/News

    Prime Minister and Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, looked relaxed when he spoke to members of the forces yesterday in Nabua, Suva, yesterday.
    On February 28 he steps down as Commander and embarks on a political career, carrying with him the expectations of many people that he will find success in championing the cause his Government has chartered for the new Fiji.
    Under his watch, the RFMF has grown from the political turmoil of 2000 to a robust organisation with a crucial role in national development.
    Its younger officers are now well trained to be able to handle issues outside of the military. Military engineers have become the unsung heroes, working with various communities to help build roads, bridges, footpaths, homes, schools, nursing stations, health centres, churches and community halls.
    Military personnel also serve in important positions in Governmnent and their influence is evident in the efficient way projects are being completed. Discipline and no-nonsense focus have driven many projects from start to finish. The completion rate of many of these developments is remarkable given the challenges like unfavourable weather and tight budgets.
    Fiji’s contribution to the United Nations peacekeeping commitments is widely recognised. It continues to grow.
    He should look back with satisfaction with his achievements. And he would not have been able to do it without the support of his wife, Mary, and their children. Commodore Bainimarama is a devoted family man.
    This was reflected in his address to the RFMF members yesterday. He told them to use their money wisely for the benefit of their families.
    Stressing the importance of family wellbeing he said: “School is restarting and I am hoping that our children are being prepared well to begin school this year. We all know that Government will pay for the school fees. But the parents are responsible for nurturing the children at home.”
    His simple and down-to-earth approach to life, reinforced by strong family values, makes him an excellent leader.
    He is going to be missed by the RFMF, and the families of all who serve, when he hands over the reins to his successor.

  8. Officers praise Commander
    January 21, 2014 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom


    The Commander of the Fiji Military Forces will step down on February 28 but military officers are sad to see him go.
    Sergeant Kameli Radoa said they would miss his leadership because he treated everyone equally and was always there to help them.
    “He is a good man and he is the first commander who thinks about our welfare and continuously reminds us of the importance of families.”
    “He emphasises the truth and transparency of our service and now that he is about to leave, we wish for a Constitution that states he can be the Commander and at the same time the Prime Minister.”
    The Commissioner of Corrections, Lieutenant- Colonel Ifereimi Vasu, said Commodore Bainimarama gave his time to enhance the military.
    “He always comes to the members and tries to improve the military and he always does what he says, he walks the talk.”
    “I always admire him because he always wants us to put our families first and he gave his time to the force.”
    Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga, said Commodore Bainimarama did not only have good manners but had been an outstanding leader.
    “He has kept the RFMF together in difficult times and the fact that he maintained the cohesion of the RFMF to what it is today is a testimony to that type of leadership”
    “He has very good leadership; very honest, transparency is a trademark of a good commander and he loves his people.”
    The RFMF’s chief operations officer, Lieutenant- Colonel Amani Suliano, said he was a good leader and treated everyone equally.

  9. arse licker Maika Bolatiki says the Prime Minister and Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama “looked relaxed” when he spoke to members of the force yesterday.
    Bainimarama is one lucky bastard the democratic opposition in Fiji did not do a Ukraine on him!
    In Ukraine when the State imposed restrictions on the rights and freedoms of the people the people took to the streets and fought back to reclaim their rights and freedom.
    that fight is still on as I post this comment.
    Bainimarama imposed the same kind of restrictions but the people of Fiji did not fight back the Ukrainian way.
    If they had Bainimarama won’t be looking relaxed.
    But his wrong doings against the people will eventually catch up with him.
    We’ll see how he looks then.
    Remember the dictator Gaddafi ?
    He was looking relaxed even as the people were uprising against him!!
    Remember how he looked when he was pulled out of the sewerage drain?

  10. Usual masi polo comments from within ,,,,,,,,,,,,all saying very stupid things which doesnt make sense to we the sufferers of this lousy leadership low class lasulasu anti kai viti

  11. “He always comes to the members and tries to improve the military and he always does what he says, he walks the talk.”

    What a hogwash when we all know how the traitor iPM sprinted through the cassava patch and left the soldiers to defend themselves and their barracks. Walk the talk! Boidada la…

  12. ” transparency is a trademark of a good commander and he loves his people.”

    Another hogwash. How about the unaudited Regimental Fund and now 8 years of unaccounted public spending under his watch? Lailai na dina!

  13. Let us be fair to Ratu Voreqe .

    He is a human being just like everyone else . He is accountable to GOD for the things he has done and will do in future.

    All human beings will be judged by GOD one day .All are sinners , have weaknesses .

    Rt Voreqe have done both good and bad so fair and balance reporting is required.

    I disagreed with him using the gun to topple a elected government.

    He told lies like no one in army will benefit from coup. we see many officers benefitting ,one of them is his brother in law.

    One good thing he has done is to try and remove racial discrimination.

    Another is to re-distribute wealth .eg. lease money from chiefs to members of lou.

    He has not helped the transfer of qoliqoli to lou so he will lose many I-taukei votes in election.

    Tavarua and cloudbreak is good example where qoliqoli owners benefits were removed by Kayum.

    so rt voreqe is a mere human being and has done both good and bad .

    all humans have done good and bad but at different levels .


  14. now I must wait with abated breath to see how many civil servants are dismissed for political involvement!
    Any dismissed yet on THAT ground since 1987 when the military first politicised the civil service?

  15. Lol! Fijians are too fickle minded an easily swayed. Why Cant Netani Rika say to the people in the Lau group – just vote for Bainimarama’s party. In fact thats what he was implying. He is a confused publicservant who thinks his role gives him the right to speak politics.

  16. Nagatalevu you should realise that VB committed treason and is considered a criminal and anything he has done for the country is considered illegal because the people of Fiji did not give him the mandate do so. The problem with your kind you think God will come down to earth and bring justice to this type of crime. No God uses good principled people to bring to justice this type of criminal and this is the time to act. You faith and action must work together otherwise your opinion is just meaningless.

  17. in a military dictatorship the cronies of the dictator always take it they have the right to say what will please the dictator – never mind the rules!
    what rules for the dictator and his buddies?
    rules only for the common folks and opponents of the regime!!

  18. Tamai Miller . VB is not the first to do treason – look at Fiji’s track record -rabuka, speight, then VB.

    I agree with you on the treason but what has history revealed? we need to be practical , be real.

    Look at history and see that it takes years for justice to be done .eg Sadam, Gadaffi, Amin, and lately a dictator in Africa -Taylor .

    GOD is real and will deal with our situation on His own time , not yours or mine . I therefore pray for judgements as soon as practical.

    For 7 years VB is ruling Fiji and there is a term in legal and judicial ( acquisiance ? ) cant spell this right.

    So my contribution so far during the last 7 yrs is praying,praying for GOD to act.

  19. @ Nagatalevu

    First and foremost Bainimarama should be prosecuted for all the crimes he has committed. We should not be thanking him for anything because he chose to take over, through the barrel of a gun, the responsibilities of an elected government. To say he has removed racial discrimination is laughable. On paper it is; in reality it is false. He did this thinking he can fool the international community.

  20. I agree with Tamai Miller

    There was a man trapped in the snow miles from civilization. He prayed for God to deliver him and save him. Within 1 hour a helicopter hovered above him and a rescue worker descended on a rope ladder. The rescuer asked the man if he needed help. The man said “no thanks I am waiting for God to help me”.

    Good people of Fiji it is time you started to put your faith into action. God will not appear in person to help you. He will wait until His people get up off their arses and move. Then his strength and guidance will come. God will help those who are prepared to help themselves. We must start. Then He takes over.

    Good people must rise. The military will then follow. You cannot expect the military to start the ball rolling. It must be people power.

    Who will put their hand up. Who will risk everything to lead Fiji?

    Prayer without action is useless. The two go hand in glove.

    @ Nagatalevu

    You must read a different Bible to the one I read. Prayer is critical I agree. So is action. Jesus said to the lame man to rise up and walk. The man had to make the first move. Again the man with the withered hand was told by Jesus to stretch out his hand. The man had to make the first move in order to be healed.

    Nagatalevu. Make the first move.

  21. Man of war and peace – Be real please , don’t tell me man trapped and refused helicopter – this is not a true story.

    As for the WORD of GOD – yes people responded to Jesus and got their miracles . these are true stories as recorded in bible.

    The minimum I can do to act on my faith is through prayer. remember the government of the day have guns and bullets . I don’t. when the bible teaches for me to put my trust in GOD and pray to HIM ,that is what I am doing now . I am sure other believers are praying . and we will see in future what GOD will do


    above is from the bible .

    Just imagine if at least 500,000 of Fiji people will pray ? to GOD YAHWEH and YAHSHUA and HOLY SPIRIT .


  22. 0ne million prayers will not make an iota of difference in Viti. People have to learn to act, speak out, buck the trend, march or whatever. If you fail to take the initiative you can pray until you drop dead.

  23. Ratu Sai, I also agree with your views but Fijians have choices to make . some are praying to GOD , others are watching from sideline ready to pounch at right moment. Some are enjoying the services of military government eg. villages getting roads, water supply , schools, health centre,etc

    Don’t forget the lease money enjoyed by few chiefs now going to members of clan

    Qoliqoli is one issue that I-taukei will not vote for Rt Voreqe as the surfing decree removed $m enjoyed by some like momi and Nabila .

    otherwise time will tell on what will happen

    each dog will always have his or her day

  24. Nagatalevu – your dribble says a lot about your faith and your antics reveal you are not a worthy enough. The world will not change with man of words alone but man of action. I can recall a story that saw a man go to heaven and was asked by the Lord – why did you not do what I wanted you to do and bring righteousness and justice on earth when I had already given you the power to do so? The man answered ” I was praying to you Lord”. The man was told – well you should have known better and understand that not all man that call me master are worthy of the kingdom but those that do my will!

    The duty to uphold righteousness and justice referred to here does not come by itself but to men who in practice have the character to obey the author of righteousness and justice. This I suppose demonstrates reality, not theory of carrying the cross and following the Lord? Its undeniable that Fiji through Bainmarama was been led to the path of injustice and unrighteousness. The record of his reign speaks for itself and it is not my role to point them out again. What matters is putting Fiji back on the path of righteousness and justice so that all things can return to normalcy. Without the practical will to do that, all is just a waste of time and space!

    I don’t need to overemphasize that roads, schools, water supplies and health centers from the regime are fruits of an unlawful government. It is worse when people don’t know how it is funded or who will pay for it. Are they told not to worry, it is manna from heaven? Its the kind of enticement you get from criminals when you are cajoled to share the proceeds of looting – just enjoy, don’t worry how I got them! This is the sort of governance we have in Fiji – criminals overthrowing government, looting public coffers and whatever wealth they lay their hands on and sharing it with citizens to buy their support! It is a simple simple example of why we should get Fiji back on the path of righteousness and justice. What is happening now will be corrected when we stand up to change it, not just praying saying – master, master!! The power is already given you.

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