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Delay used again as a weapon of oppression

Samisoni on campaign trail, court told

Shalveen Chand Tuesday

THE State has been given more time by the Suva Magistrates Court to file affidavits in response to former senator Mere Samisoni’s application to change her bail conditions.

Ms Samisoni wanted the change because she was travelling around the nation campaigning for the elections.

Ms Samisoni is charged with urging political violence along with Apete Vereti and Semi Nasike.

The case was listed for a hearing today, however the State said they needed more time as their investigator was away in the North.

Ms Samisoni’s lawyer Samanunu Vaniqi told the court this was a similar excuse given by the State during the last hearing.

She said in this day and time, people could easily use technology to text or email information.

However, the State was allowed more time. They have until next Monday to file in their affidavit while the defence has been allowed until Friday to respond.

The application for the changes in the bail condition was made by Ms Vaniqi, who said Ms Samisoni was travelling to different parts of Fiji as part of her election campaign.

She said changes to the electoral system meant Ms Samisoni would have to go to not one but all constituencies. The court was told the current conditions interfered with Ms Samisoni’s campaign plan.

3 thoughts on “Delay used again as a weapon of oppression

  1. If the State has brought charges against a citizen the onus is on the State to prosecute the case in court without delay because justice delayed is justice denied.
    Now if the State fails to get on with the business of prosecuting an independent, impartial court would throw the case out.
    That would be the right thing to do – for the accused citizen who is innocent until proven guilty.
    Question is whether the courts in Fiji have the freedom and the integrity to what’s right for the citizens?
    Or, is it just doing the bidding of the military State?

  2. The Dictastor and his AG just want to make sure that all of their most feared opponents are either in Jail, in Court or out of action – then they can try to pretend that they won the elections fair and square.

    This is the forceline way that Emperor Bainimarama wants to play it.

  3. Anon – the answer to your question is simple. The court in Fiji has no integrity. It is not independent and primarily adjudicates for the junta rather than the citizens. There are to many evidences to support this shambolic state of affairs!

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