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Seven and a half months remain until the elections in September.

$44m poll budget

Shalveen Chand Friday, January 17, 2014

A BUDGET of $44million is being looked at for the election in September and work leading up to it.

According to the Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, most of it will be given by donors.

Government has allocated $17.9m for the elections in the 2014 Budget and Papua New Guinea is expected to give another $18m to $19m in March this year.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said donor nations have put their hands up on how they would like to help Fiji.

He said not everybody would be giving financial aid.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said India had given an undertaking for providing indelible ink while another nation would be providing voting booths.

The Electoral Commission yesterday said the budget for their operations and the elections as a whole would only be known after some more work were done.

Commission chair Chen Bunn Young said a lot of work was still left to be done and things happened on a step by step basis.

Meanwhile, the commission and Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the election was not being rushed. They stated that everything was being done to ensure transparency that would lead to a fair and credible election.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum had earlier said the election ballot would be held over one day and for this purpose would employ about to 19,000 for that day.

Logistics for this is also being done. There is also the issue of voter education.

According to Mr Young, all this will take due time.

Seven and a half months remain until the elections in September.


37 thoughts on “Seven and a half months remain until the elections in September.

  1. “,,, the commission and Mr sayed kaiyum said the elections was not being rushed”
    don’t we know that already ?
    when did we last have an election to decide who should govern us?
    what is the basis and authority of Mr Sayed khaiyum’s rule?
    who elected him?
    the man is lying through the skin of his teeth when talks about transparency.
    I don’t thing he knows what it means.
    we certainly haven’t seen any transparency in his self-appointed style of leadership in the Fijian dictatorship

  2. Under what mandate does khaiyum decide the future of Fiji? The mandate of the gun? As for Bumm Young and his sham electoral commissioners – nothing but scumbag junta parasites hiding behind guns and military thugs. Like the junta judiciary – no credibility.




  4. I wonder if the great new friends from Franks “Look North” policy will donate anything? Or just give Frank a pair of new toothbrushes for Naboro?

  5. As with the Gai constitution, bai-ni-marama and kai-yum can just rubbish all the work of this commission and put into place their own version. They have done it before and may just do it again. Not surprised if they already have a draft of their own in case what turns out is not to their liking.

  6. To state the obvious, this talk about transparency etc.. is for international window dressing. The only way these criminals can remain at liberty is to “win” the election and tell the international community that it was all done fairly and Bai now has a mandate from the people.

    Richard Naidu (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kv_cLZ9WchQ) summarised the new Constitution and its impact on the judiciary, very simply and accurately. Under this new constitution the rule of law will be lost.

    If Bai is elected (by hook or by crook) the people of Fiji will be denied access to justice. Khaiyum, with much help from Gates and Shameem, has destroyed the rule of law in Fiji.

    The people of Fiji will continue to live under Khaiyum’s Law long after the elections.

    What can we do to stop this?

  7. I find it a bit amusing that whilst many countries fork in millions of dollars in assistance towards elections India is offering indelible ink. With powerful economy and close ties I am sure they can do more than that. PNG which is an aid dependent country is offering $20m which is more than Fiji is allocating. And here they are putting the cart before the horse since they do not have the rules of the elections as yet. As usual the regime is doing things as it goes along chopping and changing to fit into its objectives.

  8. Khaiyum will win and he and his clan will rule Fiji for decades to come. This was the plan from the word go in 2006 and anyone who believes that there will be anything free or fair in the elections need to wake up. The international community gives a rats ass about this, they want to move on as they have noticed that Fijians want to be ruled by Khaiyum.

  9. Josua Tuwere the Managing editor/Production of the regime mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun waxes lyrically on “the changing political climate in Canberra under the Tony Abbot led Government” (FS 18/1)
    Here is something for him to reflect on :
    This is a letter to editor by Andreas Loewe, dean of Melbourne, St Paul’s Cathedral in the Age (18/1).
    ” Asylum seekers have made credible claims they were picked up by an Australian naval vessel and told they would be transferred to Christmas Island (Age 17/1). Instead they were placed in a lifeboat with written instruction to return to Indonesia. The claims have not been denied by the Immigration Minister.
    Future generations will judge this policy as inhumane to those seeking our protection and demeaning to Australia. The Prime Minister professes to share my conviction that God will judge our actions.
    Christ’s judgement will be based on a simple measure: what you have done to the least of my brothers and sisters ,you have done to me (St Mathew 25.40)”
    There are many other letters in the same vein in the newspapers in Australia if Tuwere wants to better educate himself about the “Tony Abbot led Government”.
    But we know where Tuwere, the Fiji Sun and other pro-regime mob are coming from.
    It is a self-serving agenda to talk about “the changing political climate in Canberra under the Tony Abbot led Government”.

  10. @ Rajend

    Unfortunately Rajend, you and I both know that the current Aus government are only interested in surface issues and not substance. If Bai/Khai win the election that will be enough to appease them. They will consider Bai legitimate after the elections and the last 8 years will be forgotten.

    They have no concern for true democracy or human rights issues. The USA have told them restore relations asap after the elections. Fiji is a strategic part of the South Pacific. The Chinese influence was enough to send Hillary into a spin a few years back The USA have TOLD aus, fix your diplomatic ties with Fiji. They are a significant pawn in our chess game.

    Foreign aid etc.. will become a Dutch auction after the elections no matter how corrupt it is.

    Every Government is more concerned with window dressing than substance.

    If people power does not remove Bai and the 1987 Constitution, (with all its shortcomings) is not restored then Fiji will be more corrupt than ever and the Rule of Law will take many years to restore.

    Anyone who missed Richard Naidu’s address should watch it on the link above. It is accurate and simple. It summarises the future under Bai and a Gates/Shameem drafted Constitution.

  11. Being matey with dictators and tyrants because it suits the strategic interests of the great democracies of the world is a well documented old story.
    One of my best is captured in Raymond Bonner’s Waltzing with a Dictator : The Marcoses and the Making of American Policy.
    Anyone interested in a quick insight into this politically expedient foreign policy outlook on the part of the world’s leading democracy should read the excellent book review in the Los Angeles Times May 10.1987.
    You’d get the picture in a jiffy!

  12. @ No Action

    Your name suits you loser. I am an Australian lawyer and Richard Naidu’s summary is spot on. Who are you? some junta ball licking dickwad. Go kiss B’s ass and Kaiyum’s balls. Read the Sun if you need information. You get NO ACTION except from your sleeping grandmother.

  13. Thanks Rajend. I will look at “Waltzing” . Keep agitating. You may cop some flack but it is worth it. Bloggers like “No Action” are on the Qorvis/Kai payroll. The pro-gov bloggers are earning money the easy way. All they need to do is slip their tongue up Bai’s arse and they earn their pay. They can have it.

  14. If we talk about democracy, we must also allow freedom of speech on this forum.

    People are entitle to their views.

    For me, the rot started with rabuka. The itaukei saw him as God sent similar to Speight with his hidden plotters.

    This coup became successful because MPC and his FLP gave support.

    Similar to other coups, we move forward with elections.

    As for Richard, he is a smart guy. His comments does give the impression of his pain given by Driti and Roko ului.

  15. @ Fark U 2 & 3

    Your name eminently suits you.

    Cant expect any better from an Aussie bushlawyer on the dole.

    Come September, Bai will be the elected PM. You of course will choke on your taxpayer funded cereals when that happens.

  16. In my conversation with indo-fijians, it is apparent that majority will vote for FB and his party. For them, NFP is dead and MPC led FLP is no longer to be trusted. On the other hand, the choice between FB and Sodelpa is an easy one between a moderate and nationalist.

    However what surprised me was an itaukei colleague returning from his village after x-mas and new year that majority of his village and island residents will vote for FB as they have witnessed a lot of development.

    Let’s all vote and make a difference.

  17. since time immemorial truth has not sat well with some sections of the human community everywhere often because they felt it posed a threat to their own vested interest.
    the truth deniers then often took violent action against the messengers of truth to remove the perceived threat. history has a good record of the violent persecution of truth seekers.
    the utterances of people like “No Action” against Rajen Naidu and Richard Naidu must be understand in this context.
    they are the type who have been organizing the lynch mob throughout human history.

  18. If the majority of the people vote for FB, then do we accept it as the voice of the people and democracy?

    This is the question we will have to answer to grapple with very soon.

    While the infor age has enabled people to voice and share the anger, hatred against the IG, it has survived as there is no viable alternative. The avaible alternative if any would lead to more uncertainity and racial tension.
    If only people had raised similar voice in 87 and 2000. Let’s be honest and fear god that we christains did not follow the teachings of jesus and the bible.

    Even now, while the fight for democracy is right, the method and tone proposed by some is not.

    Let’s pray for peace and a better fiji.
    Its clear also that Aust, NZ, US are all changing their tune. We will have no one to seek assistance post elections.

  19. Shit happens and can happen anywhere including in modern western democracies. But you know what I like about Australian democracy?It’s the fact that an ordinary citizen can openly write a letter like the one below and a national newspaper can openly publish it.
    “Simple courtesy
    The Attorney General should be ashamed of himself if he can’t even give reasons for denying compensation to a wrongfully imprisoned man who spent nearly seven years in a jail for a crime he didn’t commit (“Life interrupted” Extra,12/1). Douglas Jensen deserves at least the courtesy of an explanation, if there could be one. This is a disgrace and we all should be outraged and scared because it could happen to anyone
    – Rupert Steiner, Balnarring” (the Age 19/1).
    Can this open criticism of the conduct of a State official happen in a banana republic or a military dictatorship?
    Not if you keen to avoid a visit by the military police!!

  20. @anon ( is it Fark U 4 now ?)

    Freedom of speech does not include the freedom to be “untruthful..

    This is what someone else posted about Richard Naidu:.

    ” Richard Naidu is anti the government not because of some high ideals, but because he and his law company got huge fees from the Qarase government, and because that oasis has now dried up. One of the things he did for Qarase was to form the Duavata Initiatives, s slush fund of the SDL party set up to receive “donations” from rich businessmen. In return for kickbacks!”

    I have no vested interest in present govt, are you an ex-gravy train passenger from Qarase’s train ?

  21. @ No Action
    You say Richard Naidu is anti-Bainimarama government not because of some high ideals but because his law firm was profiting from the Qarase government. You might be right.
    And you claim you “have no vested interest in present govt.”
    Can you tell us who you are so that we can decide for ourselves where you might be coming from?
    Richard Naidu is not anonymous so people can form an opinion about him and his motivations but you are anonymous and that makes us wonder why want to hide your identity?

  22. @ Albert
    can you tell us how many indo-fijians you talked with to arrive at your conclusions about how the indo-fijians will vote?

  23. Is it only me or 44million for a population of about 1.5 million people, It that abit much ?
    That like around 30 thousand dollars for 1 vote !
    Take out the people under the voting age (kids) sick and elderly , those that don’t bother to vote , lucky if its 750thousans people !

    If they set up voting booths in each town and paid the people $1000 for voting , people would come from all corners of the world to vote.

  24. @no action

    If you call the Qarase gov gravy train then this Banivowaka gov has to be Santa and his merry helpers !

    I’m sure your know why ? One simple word from the pig himself Transparency ! wages, gov tenders, job for the boys or children , family

  25. Interesting xchange above.

    @ No Action

    Strange that you think Richard Naidu doesn’t stand for high ideals when we all know he almost got killed doing his job as a journalist in 1987 and I haven’t seen him change his stance since throughout all the coups. Same thing I saw with Imrana Jalal. Both paid heavily for their stance. Speaking of ‘truthfuls’, so where did you read that post re Munro leys? And don’t bother trying to clutch a loose straw and accuse me of working for ML.

    Everyone was profiting from the coalition govt including Gates, Nazat et al who were on the payroll yet are believed to have been behind the 2006 coup. Sabotage from within? And what’s the difference with what you accuse Richard Naidu of and the likes of Nazat’s ‘govt’ consultancy except that the latter is propping up a dictatorship. lol.

  26. Vote for Banimarma is a vote to Khayium.

    Khayium is master minding from the back.

    i taukei and Hindus never vote for Bainimarma.

    Otherwise Muslim rule will continue in Fiji.

  27. 2 people are spitting venom in all their posts against muslim. Rajesh the liar assistant minister and Rajend Chaudary on Facebook.

    If they hate ASk so much, why blame all muslims.

    Rajesh singhs niece actually ran away with a muslim. His sister is begging the PM and ASk everyday to save her house which is mortgaged to HA.

    Rajend chaudary is trying to entice the fijians that he is one their side but will kick them to save his father and himself. For someone to pocket $3.5m for the poor, how can we trust his family to serve the poor.

    Why doesnt he talk about his own family that was sleeping with the IG. Firstly his father, MPC.

    Rajend’s own family members include his own bro in law working for a private company that is linked with Govt. And then he himself acknowledged that the SG is his relative.

    Rajend himself was appointed by his father in one of the biggest unethical appointed ever seen in fiji.

  28. Here’s another one for the education of the Fiji Sun man Josua Tuwere who wrote approvingly of “the changing political climate in Canberra under the Tony Abbot led Government” :
    Drifting outside the borders on morality
    How has the Abbot government sailed so far away from the 1951 Geneva Convention? As Mark Baker states,” The convention compels the 145 ratifying nations to assist those who reach their territory claiming to be refugees and not forcibly return those found to be refugees” (“The human tide”,18/1).It seems we have drifted outside the borders when it comes to human rights too. In 2013 about 20.000 asylum seekers arrived by boat to Australia. We are talking about a relatively small number so to turn back the boats is shameful. When the government starts to overlook the Geneva Convention,it starts to lose its moral compass”
    – Megan Edleston, Mount Martha
    (the Age 20/1/2014).
    It’s not hard to see why a pro-Bainimarama regime propaganda paper like the Fiji Sun would find a Geneva Convention breaching and moral compass losing Abbot government appealing.

  29. Well said Tic Toc.

    The facts remain the same, as does my empathy and respect for Richard Naidu’s stance in this whole shameful history.

    So many others, who I once admired, were willing to accept less and debase themselves for Frank and Aiyaz’s perverted lies.

    They learned their lessons too little and too late.

    Noone believes Frank or Aiyaz’s lies for this election.

  30. People of Fiji – listen up . Let us all pray to GOD for His WILL to be done in Fiji where justice , goodness and truth will prevail. Wealth re-distribution and equal opportunity for all races.

    As for those stealing , doing injustice and getting away with corruption , GOD is watching your everyday affairs and their day of judgement is upto GOD himself.

    As a follower of Christ the YAHSHUA , I pray for his blessings and peace on all Fijians.


  31. Transparency by whose standard? Fiji Govt standard? The last 6 years had demonstrated enough of their ( FB & kHAIYUM govt) definition of transparency, “nothing much”. In fact, they are no different to any former politician – Thye’re a cheat and a liar- If theyre not kissing Children, they’re stealing their lollies”. You can’t be a liar then expect everyone to trust you with their future. the 2 most willing Donors to this elections ( thus far) that FB & Khaiyum had willingly accepted, have very poor/ low ratings on the Transparency International indicator. If they say that other Donor have vested interst in Fiji, then why would poor countries who cant afford to rid its soaring level of poverty themselves afford to be paying millions to other countries?.

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